Why You Shouldn’t Try The Carnivore Diet

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Your bowel doesn't particularly like red Meat it certainly doesn't like processed Meat so the data on process meat says Little if any processed meat for Protection of bowel cancers any animal Proteins our bowel can quickly find that Too much if you ate like a meat Feast Pizza usually your gas the next day or Later that evening is going to be pretty Foul smelling and that's because when we Have too much animal protein in Particular some of that leftover protein That we can't absorb and digest is being Fermented by really bad types of Bacteria and when they ferment stuff They release methane and sulfur and These bad smelling gases so if you're Having really fast money when the Chances are you might be over feeding Those guys you don't want to be feeding Them too much so we can help to balance That out clinically and in with Treatment excess protein from any Source Excess animal protein from any source is Not ideal for people so your gut Bacteria also really like plant protein So things like soya and tofu that kind Of thing ultimately it's about getting That balance right and if you're someone Who is having meat for lunch like twice A day you're probably having too much Meat

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