Why Your Gut Is Your Second Brain

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So because your gut is constantly Communicating with your brain again if Your gut is not happy things are Communicating differently but also you Could just not be producing enough Serotonin for various different reasons Or your gut might not be sending the Right signals up to your brain so you Might have if we looked at your Microbiome and it's certainly not Necessary to do that we can do this in Clinic without testing if we looked at Your microbiome we might find that You've just not got enough of these Bacteria that are doing this particular Important job with brain connection Stuff Um so what we would suggest then is to Really optimize the gut and you know What happens Ali as you know is when People are busy and they're working too Hard and they're doing a side hustle and Everything else is high pressure or They've got a family and everything else People tend to make their diet quite Small in not necessarily in terms of Volume but the types of foods that They're eating so they might end up Eating the same types of foods on repeat What I see is people there's kind of two Camps here the people who do like the Meal prep stuff and they eat the same Foods five days a week and they think They're being super healthy eating sweet

Potato and broccoli every day or you Have the people who are just living meal To meal prep you know Etsy wherever They're going every day the same sort of Of things but just various different Places and nothing's particularly Planned or thought through and Inevitably both of those ways of eating Have an impact on your gut health Whether you feel it in your gut or not So that way of eating limits the types Of fibers that you'll get bacteria being Fed and the most important thing for Your gut health is that you're eating 30 Different plants a week so trying to eat Loads of variety of different types of Plants that includes fruit and Vegetables so nuts and whole grains Different types of grains we're super Fixated in this country on like oats and Wheat but actually there's so many Different types of grains that our gut Really benefits from So when you're busy and you're Struggling and you're eating meal to Meal or you're eating the same Foods on Repeat what happens is you've got Health You've got sort of function might not Change but your gut health is inevitably Not optimized and that's when you can Have these problems with lack of Concentration Focus energy getting bugs All the time that kind of stuff and Really interestingly your gut bacteria

Communicate with your hypothalamus so That bit of your brain that controls Things like cortisol production so Really early in your life your gut Bacteria dictate where your sort of HPA Axis is set so how much cholesterol you Release in under given circumstances and We all need some cortisol right but we Don't want loads and loads of cortisol Because we've got loads of anxiety and Stress all the time we can really Struggle to concentrate and to focus so We can use our gut bacteria to try and Reduce that and make things a little bit Better in that department we can use Them and harness their powers to get More serotonin which helps us with Better sleep and concentration and focus And all those important things those Happy hormones and we can also just try And calm down those messages from our Gut to our brain which are distracting Our brain all the time and your gut Bacteria are going to be saying we need More plants and you're going to be not Reading that properly and giving them More Sushi and that's not quite what They want wow so It sounds like you're saying please Correct me if this is an Oversimplification that changing up what You eat can have a massive impact on Your Focus productivity performance Happiness absolutely because all of

Those things are linked gut brain Everything yeah fundamentally I mean and Proven in amazing research in science Yeah what kind of research has been done On this I guess I'm I'm thinking healthy People rather than people with official Gut problems yeah so uh the amazing work Of John cryen is a really good place to To start looking at this stuff if people Are interested and he's written an Amazing book called The psychobiotic Revolution so psychobiotics are these Gut bacteria that communicate with our Brain so they're the ones that we're Particularly interested in when we Develop the height smart probiotic for Example so work that's been done in that Area to start within rodent models they Used a model of an autistic mouse and a Model of a non-autistic mouse or Sociable Mouse and they took the Microbiome so they took a sample and and Gave the microbiome of the autistic Mouse to the sociable Mouse and the Sociable Mouse starts to show autistic Traits okay and when they swap them over The autistic Mouse starts to become a Sociable Mouse just because it's got Microbiomass changed yeah so that was The early work that they did trying to Understand how much our gut microbiome Is impacted impacting our mental health Our mental performance how our brain is Working so similar studies to that have

Then been replicated in humans in other Places and to be clear that autistic Spectrum Disorder stuff in humans is so Complex and we can't replicate that Exactly in humans as yet but there's Certainly something going on there which Is what we generally learn from rodent Studies we've also got some great data Showing things like increase in Production of Serotonin when we use Particular probiotic species there's Great data showing that using particular Probiotic species within treatment diets And things like that so within treatment Within studies in controlled studies Improves anxiety depression all of these Kinds of symptoms and wider nutrients Within this world if we think about Things like Omega-3s and B vitamins They've been used in place of anxiety And depression medications ssris that Kind of stuff and they work as Effectively in some people some of the Time in study so we can use all of these Things and a similar work has been done With the two straight one two of the Strains we use in the smart probiotic In terms of seeing whether they work as Effectively as common anti-depression Anti-anxiety medications and they do so Much so that there's Health claims on Them in Canada that people can say these Are definitely shown to improve anxiety And depression

So there's great data it's a young field Of research but it's super exciting and It's very solid research just showing That the magic that we can harness from Our gut hey friends thank you so much For watching if you enjoyed this clip Then click here for the full unedited Episode and if you like that then do Please consider subscribing to the Channel it means a lot thank you so much And have a great day bye

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