Will The U.S. Dollar Collapse As a Reserve Currency? – History of World Currency Explained

Do you think the U.S. dollar will collapse? Social media and geopolitical developments fuel the future of the U.S. dollar as the world’s currency. Will it remain dominant, or will it be replaced? Only time will tell. In this video, Patrick Bet-David predicts the future of the U.S. dollar. Skip the waitlist and invest in blue-chip art for the very first time by signing up for Masterworks: Purchase shares in great masterpieces from artists like Pablo Picasso, Banksy, Andy Warhol, and more. See important Masterworks disclosures: masterworks.com/cd

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Will the U.S dollar collapse it's a Question a lot of people are asking a Lot of videos are going viral on Instagram Tick Tock oh my God what would Happen if the US dollar as a currency World currency is replaced with somebody Else because what's going on with bricks You're seeing China and Russia become Best friends you've seen a potential Peace deal Iran and Saudi Arabia Brazil Is there with Lula with these guys what Would happen if they start buying oil Through one and this is going to be bad For America I'm telling you this is what We have to worry about well who's right Who's wrong we don't know here's what we Do know since 1450 there's only been six Different world currencies and when you Find the data you can easily make the Argument why the US dollar will be Replaced or you can also make the Argument to say not anytime soon let's Get right into it Thank you Okay so if you get value from this video Give it a thumbs up and subscribe to the Channel let's get right into a couple Different things what is a world Reserve Currency when you hear about this what Does this really mean what that is is It's the currency that is held in Significant quantities by governments Institutions as a means of international Payments foreign exchange reserves and

Investments so in other words it's the Most liquid Capital that's available in The international market for people to Use in exchange for whatever it may be And that happens to be today the US Dollar so you know the whole thing about Currency like what happens if the US Dollar collapses and we're using a Different currency what's gonna maintain Their value anything that's a Non-duplicatable asset such as What Alternative Investments right such as Art because when you look at Art last Year did you know last year the three Auction houses had a record break in Europe 18 billion dollars of art sold Last year and so many companies like Goldman Morgan all these other companies Are sitting there recommending their Clients to look at alternative Investments so specifically within the Art space and a one company that's Disrupting this industry right now is Masterworks and here's how they're doing It the average person cannot go buy a Picasso cannot go buy a Banksy or a Warhol and say oh my God I can't buy Something like that's three million Dollars I can't buy something like that Is 2.8 million dollars but anybody can Go buy a share of it and that's what Happens with Masterworks they now have Over 700 000 users that are part of Masterworks and anybody can go buy a

Shirt and it's just like stock you're Buying within a company it's all Regulated it's all through SEC and by The way two things you need to talk About Masterworks every single piece of Art that they sold they provided net Profits to investors and last year alone 2022 they paid 25 million dollars to Their investors so if you want to Participate with what Masterworks that's Going on click on the link below go get Registered or learn for yourself and you Feel comfortable start diversifying by Investing in alternative assets with Masterworks okay so let's take a look at The six major world currencies we've had Since 1850 believe it or not the first One was Portugal from 4 1450 to 50 30 Lasted 80 years this is during the Age Of Exploration Portugal created a Dominant Global Empire Ottoman Empire closed off the Traditional trade route to Asia forced Innovation through advanced and Navigational technology the Portuguese Were able to reach Africa Asia and the New world Portuguese currency became the Primary currency used in global trade And it established military outposts Along the coast of Africa India Malaysia Japan and China they became overextended The Empire eventually declined due to Attacks and competition from other Countries mainly the Dutch British and

The French you would never guessed Portugal would you have but they would Have first second of Spain which by the Way lasted the longest 110 years from 1530 to 1640 combined forces with Portugal to form the Iberian Union Spanish silver coins were the first Global Reserve currency recognized in Europe Asia and Americas and this Happened due to Abundant silver supplies From Spanish South America eventually They collapsed through Wars and Revolutions by the mid 1600s next one is Netherlands which lasts 80 years from 1640 to 720 they had their rights to Global power resulted from creation of The Dutch East India Company first Publicly traded multi-international Corporation in the world founded to Protect that state-spice trait in the Indian Ocean and to assist in the Dutch War of independence from Spain the Dutch Defeated Portugal and Spain economically By positioning themselves to profit from European demands for spices France and England started their own spice trading Companies and went to war with the Dutch Saturated Spice Market and the costly Wars destroyed the Dutch as a Global Currency next is France which lasted 95 Years from 1720 to 1815 France was best Positioned to be the next Reserve Currency achieve European dominance Under Louis XIV but he put France and

Massive debt caused by War and Extravagance parties implemented heavy Taxes something were similar with here In the states the 1789 French Revolution Was caused by an economic turmoil and Public outrage after a decade of Civil War Napoleon takes over so this guy Trying to pull you'll like a lot of Words obviously we know about that but It lasted from 1803 to 1815 conquered a Lot of territory eventually overextended Himself and now comes a new currency Great Britain next one the financial cap Of the world London 105 years from 1815 To 1920 after Napoleon's defeat at the Battle of Waterloo in 1815 England Dominates global trade for 105 years Industrial Revolution combined with Advanced shipbuilding capabilities to Being an island nation made them the Most dominant maybe in the world Dominant Navy equals dominant global Trade the Sun never set on Great Britain Was a saying they said for decades During that time and then eventually World War One destroyed Great Britain's Economy and position as a reserve Currency took on a massive amount of Debt to win the war the U.S benefited Massively from World War one and every Country from both sides of World War One Were borrowing money from the U.S to pay The U.S to build things for them and During World War One the U.S started

Transitioning from a under Industrialized Agri agricultural economy To the industrial manufacturing Powerhouse it eventually became so then Comes the United States which is kind of Tricky because some states started in 1920 which means the U.S currency has Been the world currency for 103 years But some say it happened in 45 which is Only 78 years let me tell you why you Know those that say became the world Currency in 1921 it was because we had The healthiest economy in the world During the World War one that was taking Place so automatically it's like well we Think U.S dollar is going to be the Currency however technically the dollar Did not become the official Reserve Currency until the post 1944 Bretton Woods agreement and after World War II The U.S basically had all the gold in The world and because of that countries Around the world agreed to treat the US Dollar as an equivalent to gold and the Dollar was redeemable in Gold until 1971. which kind of changed the game and That's why a lot of people are saying What is the dollar backpack today at Least in 1970 was a dollar was backed by Gold but how about today it's more risky It's more fragile it is a very good Argument a lot of people people make the Dollar has been the reserved currency Enough for either 102 years or 79 years

Depending on how you look at the start Date so for the people that say this Will never happen to the dollar what Makes the dollar so much more powerful That it'll never happen to this they'll Say well the infrastructure that we Spend decades building or we have the Most money circulating or most goods are Priced out by the US dollar or the fact That we've had a lot of momentum and all These momentum year after year after Year and it's a habitual thing that We've been doing it's like listen I'm Just using a US dollar it's gonna be so Hard to get away from it but as we know Innovation Works think about an app use Five years ago you're not even thinking About it today Groupon let's just say You know everybody was on Snapchat and Then there was something everybody was Using us the change is so quick with Technology so what needs to happen for Us to move on to a new currency so you Would need a currency capable of Handling trillions of dollars of trade Per day several hundred thousand Transactions per second and even bigger Than that a government that others would Trust so if you know we're going to go To one you trust China but we're gonna Have a new world currency that Everyone's going to be using do you Trust or all governments coming together To use one is their trust level high for

Somebody who want to do that by the way One of the things that we did think About for for those that say it'll never Happen it's not going to happen during My lifetime I'm only 28 years old it Happens seven years from now maybe but Not right now okay what did we learn During covet we learned how much we Relied on Taiwan for chips we learned How much we relied on China for our Pharmaceuticals manufacturing China if There was anything that happened during Covet it was a big commercial to the World to say you rely on China okay we All felt it and they stood up tall and Said hey you need us you made a mistake Years ago doing all this stuff for us And we were winning on the backs of use At U.S but too late now because you know You need us I was like Hey Apple's Moving away from China to go to India Well there's some reliability we're Leaning on China for some of this stuff So again whether that causes anything or Not is irrelevant but one has to to be Paranoid to think that there is a Possibility because during covet we were Definitely relying on China a lot I may Just convince you to say well Pat that's The case we're definitely going to go to One well let's argue myself on what is The global one reserves worldwide Comparable to the US dollar Reserve Worldwide this is what it's looking like

So if you look at the global Reserve Currency you'll see US dollar all the Way at the top at around 60 percent then You have the Euro then you got the Yen And all the way at the bottom you see What that is Brandman b r b it's what The one is for China it's not even close So for that to happen a lot would need To change but some people say well Pat The US dollar share of global central Bank reserve is the lowest we've had in 30 years we can look at that as well and If you see this charge with a lot of Panic of where we are today you would See that from 1979 to 1996 it was lower Than what it is today but if we go back And think about when we were the Strongest it's all the way back from 70 To around 78 until the president the guy Named Jimmy Carter showed up was the Closest president we've ever had to Jimmy Carter was a guy named Joe Biden So that's another fear a lot of people Are having on what's going to happen to Our currency I want to show you these Two charts just for you to look at see On what the dollar the power of the Dollar is today if you look at this one Here it shows the sheriff Over-the-counter foreign exchange Transactions you see the blue that's U.S Look what percentage of it is blue U.S Orange is Euro then you have the pound Which is green then the light blue is

The Yen the pink is other you see that Small little yellow right there that's The Chinese one see how small it is it Ain't that big then look at this other Chart when it comes down to share of Export invoicing in Americas it's pretty Much the US dollar in Asia Pacific it's Again pretty much a US dollar 70 Something percent of the time a small Percentage is Euro pink is other in Europe they pretty much use the euro Orange is Europe but if you look at also The rest of the world eighty percent of Time is a US dollar so the US dollar as Of today it's still the main currency Everybody use it closing thoughts Henry Kissinger once said the following who Controls the food supply controls the People who controls the energy can Control the whole continent who controls Money can control the whole world and You know who controls money U.S controls Money now sometimes when you have a lot Of power and it's been around for a While you become entitled you become Arrogant you become soft you create Blind spot you start looking at the Outside as the enemies Vanderbilts had a Lot of money all their money you know How long they lasted two generations you Know why because one of the sons all he Wanted to do was spend the money and Party and us right now spending money as If we have money forever and if I the

Enemy is looking at us if there's ever Been an opportunity to go in there in a Creative way whether it's Global cbdc Whether it's buying some U.S politicians And leaders whether it's dividing America internally whether it's any of Those manipulative ways to hurt America This is a great season for it am I Saying it can have the next 12 months 24 Months 36 months five years ten years no But can it happen next 10 15 20 years Yes if the US gets too cocky and Comfortable somebody else can come and Take our lunch and then all of a sudden Everyone's looking around saying what Happened to the US it can happen that Quickly because technology moves very Quickly having said that if you got Value from this video give it a thumbs Up and subscribe to the channel I got Another video I want you to watch about Cbdc if you've never seen it click here To watch it take care everybody bye Bye-bye Foreign

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