Woke U.S. Military Crisis: Worst Recruiting Year Since 1973

In this episode, Patrick explains Woke U.S. Military Crisis: Worst Recruiting Year Since 1973

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I got some good news for you some bad News for you about the military in America the good news is we are so much Nicer in the Army we are no longer mean Challenging people telling them to Toughen up because we care so much about Your well-being but the bad part about The military is we got weaker matter of Fact here's a recent article that came From Wall Street Journal stating in 2022 The U.S military had its toughest Recruiting year since we were doing an All-volunteer military in 1973 here's The shortfall Army's goal for 2022 for Recruiting was 65 000. they fell short By 15 000 people that's 23 Navy's goal Was 38 they fell short by 10 000 that's Minus 26 percent Air Force was 27. they Fell short by 3 minus 11 Marines were The only ones that had a goal and they Hit it and when I share with you the Data today I'll give you one and that's Going to drive you crazy did you know we Spend the same amount of money to Ukraine already in the fight against Russia as Russia's entire military Budget was last year wait TC some of This data you're gonna say what the hell Are we doing in America let's get right Into it Foreign Would say if you give value out of this Video give it a thumbs up and subscribe To the channel I should probably say if

This thing pisses you off give it a Thumbs up and subscribe to the channel Let's get right into a look there's a Lot of things going on right now so well Because recruiting is Downers because Military's gone woke and then Kirby Million blink can say no that's not the Reason there's no real correlation Between the two so we said listen why Don't we look at some of the numbers see What we kind of noticing that's going on Within our military because Safety and Security is very important to you too I I got a family I'm sure you want to be Safe as well so let's see what's really Going on here all right so let's first Take a look at how big our military is Today versus in the past before if you Look at this chart here this goes from 50s till today of course we don't want To look at World War II because I think We had a high of 16 million total Obviously some of it you were drafted You didn't have a choice but I'm looking At the era that is volunteer air and Slightly prior to that if you look at This chart in the 50s during Korean War We had a little over 3 million soldiers In the military that's between 1950 to 53 a little over 3 million then if you Notice the 70s we went back above 3 Million again that's three and a half Million that's the war that was going on With Vietnam Vietnam

1955-75 and then it dropped off and then We go into the 80s 90s you're dealing With the Persian Gulf we had roughly 2 Million people in the military and then Today we're the lowest we've ever been We're at roughly 1.35 million people in The Air Force Marine Corps Navy and army Combined this is all active duty so you May say pal I don't know if that's a big Is that a big number compared to what Let's look at a competitors China China's got 2 million India's Got 1.45 Million we have 1.3 million North Korea Is 1.2 million Russia's got 850 000 then It's Pakistan at 640. Iran's got 575 South Korea's got 555 Vietnam's got 470 And Egypt has 450. by the way for some Of you that want some fun fact type of Thing active and Reserve Vietnam's the Most with around five and a half million They're really concerned if another Hiroshima happens again so they want to Make sure they stay paranoid now let's Look at some stats here today nearly 80 Percent of all Army recruits have a Family member who serve meanings if I Join maybe it's like my dad served I Want to do the same my uncle sir I want To do the same at the same time the the Department of Defense said that 77 Percent of American Youth are Disqualified for military due to a lack Of physical fitness low test scores Criminal records including drug use or

Other problems so if you don't have that Big of an inventory and they're not Qualified what do you have to do you Either have to keep the standards the Waiters or say well why don't we just Lower the standards to get more people That get in and then at the same time in 2021 only nine percent of young people Ages 16 to 21 said they would ever Consider joining the military now let's Take a look at what's happened in America with different policy changes Since 2011 to today 2011. U.S repealed The don't ask don't tell policy Prohibiting gay recruits from serving Openly in the military 2013 U.S lifts Ban on women serving in combat roles There's a big thing that happens in 2013 When they said women can go into combat Wait to see the state of here according To the Center for a new American Security CNAs the number of women Serving in combat occupations increased Over 60 percent between 2013 to 2018 but But what else increased let me show you Sexual assault reports made to Department of Defense skyrocketed right After 2013. when you look at this here Notice that from 2007 to 2012 it's flat 2013. combat takes place look at the Reports all the way at the top in total Reports from 3 604 reports to next year 5518 and it's climbed all over seven Eight thousand today so you may say wait

A minute so what are you saying you know That's okay I'm not saying it's okay all I'm saying is when you send thousands of Men who are 18 to 25 years old with the Testosterone level here and the ratio For soldiers in active duty not in Combat is for every five male active Duty there's one female so out of six One is a female five is a male and in Combat the ratios are astronomically Higher you're you're putting these men In a bad situation but that's an excuse You're making for them I'm not telling Them don't put people in a bad situation To do something bad these numbers tell Us it's not a good thing that has Happened again bad policies have Consequences this is showing this was a Bad policy November 2017 this was the First time the defense health agency Approved payments for sex reassignment Surgery for active duty U.S military Service members matter of fact Pentagon Spent 15 million dollars between 2017 to 2021 treating 1892 transgender troops including 11.5 Million dollars for Psychotherapy and 3.1 million dollars for surgeries According to the defense department data Provided to military.com I want you to Think about in Russia in China in Iran They're getting a report did you know America spent 15 million dollars for Surgery Pentagon 1890 what do you think

The enemy's thinking oh my God we're Going to go against transgenders we have To be very careful because this is like A level above Navy SEAL or do you think They're laughing saying what the hell Happened to the most feared military in The world is that really with the Pentagon who the hell is running the Pentagon to prove numbers like this how Would you look at it if the military Said it by the way you can talk about Work policies maybe in business and Other places and sell it in war were Your safeties on the line this sounds Ludicrous to me I don't know if it does To you as well and so if you're my age In your 40s you're going to look at this One and say what are these guys talking About here but today remember we're Nicer today we're more pleasant today we We do woosa today in the military and we Do yoga because that's how we defend our Country by being peaceful and telling The enemy hey China before you kill us Why don't we do yoga together so we can Have more peace what do you think about That China's going to be like you're out Of your flip of mine Mr enemy boom we Win 2018 big change big policy change Ready harassment prevention and response In the armed forces policy created under Direction of Defense secretary Jim Mattis so in 2018 Jim Mattis came up With a policy here the whole thing was

Around anti-bullying policies which he Came up with and they defined bullion as Offensive jokes epithets ridicule or Mockery insults or put Downs displays of Offensive objects or imagery Stereotyping intimidating acts Veil Threats of violence threatening or Provoking remarks slurs derogatory Remarks about a person's accent displays Of racially offensive symbols sounds Like the last dance with the Chicago Bulls when you play with Michael because Sounds like all that stuff was Michael Doing that when he was challenging his People and we come the greatest of all Time I understand some of these things May be harmful hurtful hurt someone's Feelings but you're you're defending a Nation maybe in third grade I understand These things maybe in fifth grade maybe In a church okay you can't cross the Line with this stuff but you're being Mentally toughened up to imagine what The enemy is going to tell you if you Can't take something from a peer how are You gonna do you see the logic behind or Not the next one I understand Discrimination based on race color Religion sex national origin sexual Orientation but even with that do you Want more women in war in combat than These are questions we have to be asking Because it's not working and in sexual Unwanted sexual advances requests for

Sexual favors offensive comments or Gestures of a sexual nature and then a Couple other things they have here Obviously hazing and retaliation I get The whole retaliation code red you know You can't handle the truth totally get It now all that stuff is fine but let's See what this did what was the impact of This in different services that we have So now what is the punishment if you do Something like that let me read you Exactly what the punishment was for Doing this number one a court-martial Conviction for hazing can result in a Maximum sentence of one year of Confinement a dishonorable discharge and Forfeiture of all paid and allowances That's probably going to scare the crap Of half the military leaders saying whoa I don't even want to deal with the Second one a non-judicial punishment for Hazing can result in a reprimand loss of Rank extra Duty restriction to quarters Or a combination of these punishments a Victim of haze can also file a civil Lawsuit against the perpetrators now you And I may have a different opinion you May some of you guys might say Pat What's wrong with that we should have That totally fine is it working and if We're mentally and emotionally preparing You to do what to go shoot the last shot And while you're shooting the free throw The player shouldn't say anything bad to

You because it's going to hurt your Feelings okay fine you want to put that In your little league do it you think The enemy is going to go by the same Guideline you think the enemy is going To be like I can't say bad words about You you little shorty I can't say Anything bad about you you little fatty But you think they're going to come at You and emotionally try to like this is Either gonna work or it's not gonna work But just think about from the enemy Standpoint the enemy is looking at the Same what a bunch of mentally and Emotionally weak people Americans have Become this next one's pretty wild and 2020 Army replaced a shark attack with Team events called the Thunder Run Meaning shark attack if you don't know What they don't say go swimming with Sharks shark attack in the military is When drill sergeant screaming and Training these faces as they stepped off The buses ordering them to perform Exercise exercises using loaded duffel Bags I clearly did this in 1997 when the Drill sergeant was hitting me with his Hat go ahead hey private get your duffel Back I remember that drill sergeant were Charged with assessing the trainee's Ability to handle stress single enough To perceive undesirables by enveloping Them in a manner that emulated a shark Attack so that's what they did before by

The way they replaced that with Thunder Run which is incredibly nice okay very Nice let me share with you team building Exercises that aims to build trust and Recruits are penalized with physical Exercises instead of getting screamed at What a what a generous climate to Prepare these young soldiers to protect Our country because the enemy is getting Nicer we have to definitely consider Getting nicer August 2021 The Botch Would draw from Afghanistan we left 80 Plus billion dollars of equipment There's not a big deal we can make that Again and sell it again just come back Guys then in May 13 2021 the woke Recruiting cartoon Emma with two moms I Don't know if you've seen that if you've Not seen it this is when they started Saying we have to kind of inject woke in Military now it's in front of all of us We're seeing it October 2021 maybe Emotional for some you ready Not a general patent something better Than Patton a four-star transgeneral Imagine when the enemy hears about that Can you imagine she is like guys it's Over we're shivering we're gonna face a Four-star transgeneral this person is Going to have strategies better than Napoleon better than patent better than All of these guys combined it's game Over let's just kind of surrender and Say you know what U.S you guys got it

You'll win next November 2021 DOD Mandates covet vaccines for all service Members by 2020 roughly 40 000 National Guard and 22 000 Reserve soldiers who Refuse to take the vaccine have been cut Off from military benefits according to The US Army and more than 8 400 service Members were discharged for refusing the Shot April 2023 you ready for this one Air Force will allow more body fat for Recruits as service struggles to find New Airmen male recruits are now allowed To have up to 26 body fat used to be 20 And women are allowed to be 36 percent Body fat it used to be 28 and body fat So let's talk about the problems why is Only nine percent of kids 16 to 21 Thinking about joining the military do They love their country do they have Pride in America let me share with you Some statistics here here's Americans on Being proud to live in the United States In 2022 by Generations Baby Boomers 73 Percent of boomers are proud to be Americans Gen X My Generation 54 are Proud Millennials 36 percent are proud But gen Z only 16 of them are proud to Be Americans by the way who does gen Z Spend a lot of time around schools oh What are you saying Pat yeah they're in High school they're they're in middle School they're in junior high school are You saying teachers are now proud to be Americans why else would they not be

Proud to be Americans they spend more Time around teachers than they do around Their parents who else would inject not Being proud of being an American mom and Dad mom and dad are working from eight To six o'clock in the afternoon you know Evening five o'clock and then they come Home and they're watching TV but they're Around teachers all day long saying well America is not what it used to be America's capitalist America rich people And I hate America America sucks that's Why we have these numbers by the way in China are you ready 2023 Global public Opinion index showed 80 percent of Respondents are honored to be Chinese And 85 percent often proud of the Country's achievement Russia 67 to 83 Percent are proud Iran 67 proud U.S gen Z 16 proud let me show you this other Charge by statista take a look at this Here the red says extremely proud very Proud and the blue is just extremely Proud okay it used to be 90 in the early 2000s we're at 65 percent and the blue Used to be in the 70 in the early 2000s We're at the lowest we've ever been 38 Is how proud We Are to be American Interesting greatest country in the World creates tens of millions of jobs Worldwide has done so much good for Society but we're not proud to be Americans why would anybody join the Military that they're not proud of their

Country and who are they spending time With school teachers who are also not Proud not all of them not all of them But this ratio only tells us someone's Got influence over them I'm saying Teachers have major influence over this Issue here so this whole thing about What why would the military go walk Right you would say I understand why Anheuser-Busch would go woke I Understand why Disney why Netflix stock Market billion dollar companies you know S P 500 you know BlackRock and these Guys can get a hold of them right I Totally get that but military come on Pat what are you talking about well Here's some data you need to know about Of what's happened since 2001 till today Pentagon has spent 15 trillion dollars Let me say that one more time 15 Trillion dollars of which 54 that's 8 Trillion went to private sector Companies private sector companies Report and are held accountable to who ESG numbers aren't they oh shoot you're Kidding me now let me go a little deeper For you if you're liking this stuff According to DOD today 71 percent of the U.S military budget goes to private Defense contractors let me give you some Of these numbers here you ready number One Lockheed Martin 39.2 billion number Two Boeing 23.6 billion number three Raytheon then General Dynamics then

North of Grumman number six is how the Hell is Pfizer on this list 13.3 billion For what Pfizer's even making money off The military for the vaccine then you Got L3 Harris Technologies then it's Humana then he got Huntington Ingalls And then number 10 is moderna got 7 Billion from who are you serious yes who Controls that the same ESG folks and by The way you want to look at lobbyists Where they rank how much money they're Spending on this let me just give you The leaders bulletin on Lobby so what These guys are doing and FYI you know How typically it's always been well you Know Republicans are all about the war And that we can buy Republican Senators And Republican congressmen and Republican this but Democrats you know Democrats they're typically bought by Pfizer and big Pharma but Republicans in The military people are buying with These big military contractors today Both Republicans and Democrats are for War take a look at this data here so by The way here's an overview from 2015 to 22 of Defense Aerospace Lobby and it Shows the company's Lockheed Martin Boeing Northrop Grumman United Technologies Electro impact then how Much money they give to Dems versus Republicans do you see that so at the Top of 2015-16 Lockheed was 1-5 to Democrats 2.2 Republicans

1616-1318 if you notice Republicans were Getting more money even in 2017 and 2018 Republicans were getting more money than Dems in 2019-2020 still Republicans were Getting more money on the Lockheed Martin cyber watch who flips Northrop Grumman gave more money to Dems than it Gave to Republicans and then at the Bottom if you look at Lockheed Martin 2122 more to Democrats north of Grumman More to Democrats than the smaller ones They're brought even to each other but Democrats are not getting more money From Lockheed Martin and Northrop Grumman than Republicans are we've Always been told Pat Democrats are not For war but not according to the money That's being given to the Dems today Maybe parties have changed a little bit Let's talk about solution remember Earlier I said you know if this thing Pisses you off give it a thumbs up and Subscribe to the channel are you pissed Off yet but let me give you the solution Right so for me here's where the buck Stops where the problem is what happens Have you ever had a job when you went to Orientation or have you gone to college When you go to an orientation or have You ever played for a sports team and You got to order or joined the church And you go to orientation 101 what do They sell you they sell you the company Wow you know let me tell you Xerox was

First founded in companies and was Hallowed and the founder was this and Our pride in the company is this you Work at Apple Steve Jobs and Steve Woznak had an idea back in 1976 when They noticed Bill Gates was doing this Man they said they're going to build a Computer the PC personal computer oh wow What a great history and Notre Dame is Known for it before Lou Holtz another The New York Yankees George Steinbrenner And Babe Ruth and man I'm so proud to be A Yankee every school year should start With every teacher in every class for The entire week selling America on on Why it's the greatest country in the World every kid in orientation first Week needs to be sold on the greatness Of America the positive impact it's had In the world where you and I whatever Religion we are whatever color we are Whatever part of the world we are we can Coexist you like the Red Sox I like the Yankees you like the Lakers I like the Clippers you're a Muslim I'm a Christian You're an atheist I'm a Scientologist it Doesn't matter we can coexist because This is the greatest country in the World where 40 million immigrants are Here they can go to any other country in The world they can go to China they can Go to India they can go to Russia they Can go to Iran they can go to Colombia They can go to Cuba they can go to

Venezuela they can go to Germany but They chose America why did you choose America it's on an island of its own you Gotta fly from China to come you got to Fly from Middle East to come you got to Fly from Europe to come here why are you Coming here why don't you go through the Surrounding countries because this is The greatest country in the world and we Have to be proud when I joined the army I'll never forget I'm in Fort Jackson South Carolina I joined April 15th of 1997. Memorial Day came I'm in formation Looking at grown men and women E8 Sergeant majors first sergeant E8 Captains Colonels generals tears and We're looking at them proud to be an American they sold you on the greatness Of this country and you have to be proud About it if we do that kids are going to Say I love America I love America I love America Prime Star said when we took out The Pledge of Allegiance last one was June you know what we do in America in June pride month what do you see Everywhere you see the rainbow flag Everywhere for the entire month we Dedicate to a small community an entire Month but the majority of Americans get One day and that's Fourth of July what No pride month to celebrate maybe a Community maybe a day maybe a half a day Proud to be an American every day every Day you and I need to be proud to be

Americans not one day every day we need To sell our story to the kids early on I Definitely don't think we're doing that My second concern is I don't know how we Do this but companies that are able to Leverage the military to make a lot of Money and they get the government Contracts north of Grumman rate down all This stuff they have to be either Excluded from ESG guidelines because Then that officially means that BlackRock Vanguard and State Street are Running the military who the hell are You to be you officially are more Powerful than a commander-in-chief what Are we talking about here no stay out of This business this is none of your Business okay we're trying to protect The average American's house and make Sure we keep their freedoms ESG has no Place in the military zero place in the Military we have to keep that outside of The military you go screw up as many Fortune 500 companies you want to do Okay because long term everyone's going To realize your philosophies don't work Okay even Larry Fink recently said ESG Has been weaponized we have to change The word to something else esg's not Been weaponized you've weaponized ESU Against the American people not the American people and the critics using The word ESG as a way to weaponize Against you who the hell are you an 11

Trillion auto company to tell American People we're weaponizing against you You're doing it to the American people And they're sick of it simple military There is no place in the Su in the Military next one I'm like as a Financial advice I've been a financial Advisor since the day before 9 11. I got My series seven in November of 2001 and So I've been sitting with clients so you Have to look at our balance sheet Families numbers what they're looking at What are you spending what's coming in Income outflow all that stuff so U.S is Spending last year 801 billion dollars In the military number two is China 293 Then it's India 76 less than a tenth of What U.S spends UK 68 billion Russia 65.9 annual Russia 65.9 we sent 66 Billion to Ukraine while Russia's annual Is 60 do you you track and this is like Weird stuff right France 55.6 Germany Around the same Saudi 56 around the same Japan 54 South Korea 50. what the hell Are we doing with this 801 billion Dollars going to where's the Accountability with this guys I'm a Pro-military guy I'm a pro-second Amendment guy but what do we what are we Doing with this 801 billion dollars I Think we need to kind of audit and see Where the money's being spent where is It going to where is the Investments We're making Is it wise Investments

We're making why do we use the US Dollars to make money for these other Companies 71 it's a little bit Concerning and last but not least Whether you're a Democrat or Republican If I read structure on what the Kennedy's family stood for Bush's family Stood for you like one you don't like The other I don't care I'm just telling You what these families build from the Top the idea was that there's four ways To give back to your country number one Is through military number two is Through Public Service politics whatever You want to get into number three is Through church and number four is to Charity go you know participate and get Involved in a non-profit organizations This is something where we have to Contribute to what this great nation has Done for us this place was here way Before you and I got here unless if You're 250 years old and you're not These 56 men build it and we are the Recipients the beneficiaries of these Incredible policies and this Constitution and the Bill of Rights we Are the recipients of these 56 men who Were anti-establishment men against Britain where they said no we want to be Free we want our people to be free so we Went from having 56 men who were Anti-establishment wanting to fight for The freedom of you and I to not going

Back and becoming exactly what we do you Understand what's going on here it's Kind of weird right so if you love America as much as I do this is when we Got to be a little bit vocal and sell America to everybody around us tonight After you watch this video sell it to Your brother to your sister to your Husband to your wife to your co-workers Just go tell them why you love America So much actually start that tradition Make a video today post it on Instagram Post it on Twitter tag me here's why I Love America and let's start this Tradition going of telling everyone even If 22 people see it even if 600 people See it who cares let's tell our story It's this simple my name is Patrick David let me tell you why I love America And post it see if we can create a Movement of why I love America hashtag And get other people to say wait a Minute you're wrong but America sucks But America this and we keep saying Here's why I love America here's why I Love America here's what I love America And that here's why I love America Starts with your family in your house With your kids with your parents with Your siblings and with your friends I Know earlier I said well if you're Pissed off give it a thumbs up and Subscribe to the channel but if you're Inspired right now give it a thumbs up

Subscribe to the channel I got another Video I want you to watch the rise of Weak men in America if you've never seen It click here to watch it take care Everybody bye-bye bye-bye

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