“Women Need To Speak Up!” – Megyn Kelly BLASTS The Trans Community

In this short clip, Patrick Bet-David, Elizabeth Pipko, Adam Sosnick and Vincent Oshana react to Megyn Kelly blasting the trans community.

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Why is it making my blood boil that Kristen claims to have a gynecologist Part of it is I just actually went to The gynecologist it's never particularly Pleasant the exam doesn't feel Particularly good the pap smear is very Uncomfortable no one looks forward to That we actually have things we need to Worry about like ovarian cancer things That are particular to that exam and That relationship that no [ __ ] man is Ever going to have all right so that guy Doesn't have a gynecologist that guy has A hole that a surgeon created at best There are things that make women special And there are things that we've overcome And that we must overcome as women in Order to thrive in them in this life Whether it's the threat of sexual Violence or you know being attacked as We walk home from college bars to our Dorms the fears that you have when you Go to the gynecologist all those things They're baked in and it's part of what Makes women so incredible and strong and You can't just become one and take all Of our things because you did or did not Have a surgery or you put on a dress It's it doesn't work like that Spoken like a true woman I loved it I Love her let me tell you how necessary a Voice like Megan Kelly is right now in This insane situation where you know who Needs to speak more about this trans

Situation women I feel you know who Needs to speak up more about this Chelsea Handler boss babe I don't need No man no thing I don't need no kids Mothers okay you know who needs to speak About the feminization of men and these [ __ ] boys that this that were creating This toxic masculinity women that like Real men and someone like Megan Kelly I Think represents all of that and then Some and her voice is very necessary I Agree and well maybe we get her wrong But ask you a question why is it that It's just this is my it's my opinion as Much as you know you well as much as you Say that then why is it that more women Like Chelsea Handler are turned on by You yeah they love oh they love that you Know why I love it it's because here's How I talk to Chelsea I say I agree with you I 100 agree with her But is it just me or or are we just Seeing the voices that are sticking up For these people it's only from the Right the left they they can't even Define what a woman is they ask the the Who's that the girl that went up for um Uh scotus she couldn't even know like What's a woman she goes I'm not a Biologist I can't why is the left so one Is it just pandering because they well It is changing we've seen what happened With uh Anna kasparian right who's the Co-host of The Young Turks I didn't see

Well she's she's basically saying I'm a Mother I'm not a birthing person yeah I Refuse to just This ridiculous terminology that you Want me to use I'm a mother yeah and I'm Not going to be ashamed for being a Mother I'm not going to start using Phrases like birthing person yeah but Okay I'm talking about but that's what's But that's that's it's starting to Change That's one person but I'm talking about The Biden Administration everybody in The what none of them they're worshiping These people they're gonna start Bringing a bunch of these tickets but Here's what here's what I think about Them let them do it exactly I think you Let him do it and I think election time You're going to see some of the people That are going to say look Common Sense Eventually catches up okay when we're Kids we don't have a lot of common sense We think our parents are idiots we think They have no clue what the hell they're Talking about and then the more and more You age the more and more you realize You know and it's kind of these old People living there they're kind of Smarter than me okay it's kind of Annoying Common Sense eventually Prevails with parent kid relation if you Have good parents and not telling every You know father ran away and I'm talking

About you know Common Sense prevails When it comes down to things like this Election you're hoping that eventually This also prevails I want to play one More clip by Megan Kelly then one more Clip by Pierce Morgan debate which is Phenomenal and it will wrap up the Podcast you guys got to see this book Play this next clip with Megan Kelly oh Megan you know go making making first I Send that one to you as well okay go Ahead people like Riley Gaines the Swimmer we discussed chased into some Room as a kidnap victim because she Tries to stand up for fairness in sports And they've had it they've seen kids who Instead of getting on a psychological Care only get affirmed you're right you Are a boy you're not a girl you should Go and cross hormones immediately they Get sterilized they go right to puberty Blockers right across sex hormones and They are sterile not only that no Orgasms for them in their future nice is That informed consent for a 14 year old Who's going through bodied issues and That's all what she really needed was a Good honest therapist no we're standing Up and we're fighting not because of Some stupid group that decided to make a Wedge issue out of it but because the Leftists have lost their mind and some Of us still have a Tethered to the truth Men cannot become women women cannot

Become men biological sex is real if You've got issues with respect to your Gender you can work them out on your own Time and manifest them however you want Doesn't make you a woman seeing People think about her I want to remind You of something this is a lawyer she Went to law school and then she was Working for Jones day and she was the uh One of her key clients was a company Called Experian credit company and so What you see here is well reasoned Argument this is not a lunatic this is Well recent argument and this is exactly If this is what you're thinking and this Is what you're feeling this is what you Should be expressing with friends and Family maybe not with that tone but Expressing it with friends and family I Am I'm talking to my daughters they're Asking me questions I'm talking to People not just at church where people Think a lot the way I do but other People I run into a recent thing I'm not Hiding my opinion I'm not sitting behind Anything and this is this is she's a Flag carrier for what we should be Saying because there's truth in there This is not her lunatic opinion this is Truth so if you like this clip and you Want to watch another one click right Here and if you want to watch the entire Podcast click right here

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