WORK ON YOURSELF – Best Motivational Video For 2023

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Nathan Harmon

Jovan Glasgow

Music: Borrtex

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[Music] This video won't make you change it Might motivate you for a little bit but If you don't have that strong reason to Change and to want to improve your life Your not gonna stick to it first thing You need to do to improve your life is Stop living in the past show me the past Where is it you can't even show me the Past You know why because the past does not Exist it's literally just a thought in Your head Like you're just thinking something and That thought is preventing you from Planning your future do you not realize This we cannot change the past or what Happened to us or what we did We cannot change anything we're getting Older and you choose to live in the past Instead of focusing on the past focus on Your future what do you want your future To look like do you have any goals are You trying to accomplish something Because if you were Dwelling in the past you know why Because you have no time you have things To accomplish you have things to do you Can't focus on the past because you Realize that if you want what you want So badly the only way you can look is Forward there is no looking back [Music] Like I want you to understand like I

Don't know your story I don't know the The depths of what some of you have had To deal with I know statistics tell me That there are multiple people in this Room by the sheer number and percentages That some of you have been at times that Even today maybe you were thinking about Not living on this Earth anymore that Some of you today are battling urges of Self-injure to self-harm some of you in This room right now are are looking at Yourself in the mirror and your your Self-image your body image is making you Have unhealthy eating habits anxiety and Depression the stats say that there's Some of you in right here that are Struggling But I'm here to tell you man you can do Hard things And as long as there's breath in your Lungs There's Hope in your heart too And as long as you you continue to Understand that no feeling is final Today life may suck for some of you Today life may be amazing for some of You but what I do know are there are Mountains and there are valleys and the More that we can lock arms with things That matter which are people And to realize I can only control what I Can control I could control how I treat people I can Control the things that I do with my Energy and my time

And I'm going to continue To refuse to believe that I can't I want to encourage you today Don't quit Don't quit don't you quit on you don't Allow yourself to fall into this trap of Believing that you are what you're going Through I know those obstacles and Challenges the thing that you're up Against may feel at times like it's Breaking you but what if it's shaping You and with the right perseverance with A little bit of Hope and a whole lot of Perseverance you can finally receive the Help you need to experience a Breakthrough but not if you quit not if You quit not if you quit on you these Challenges and Giants and obstacles May Sometimes make you question your worth And your value And sometimes your life But listen to me closely don't you make A permanent decision for a temporary Problem Don't you quit don't you quit don't you Quit on you your value your worth your Significance your life is not tied to Your history But it was predetermined to align you to Your destiny but you'll never truly turn Your obstacle into opportunity you're Baroness and to break through your Problem into purpose if you quit on you Foreign

[Music] Forgive yourself we all make mistakes I Have made the biggest mistakes ever I Have made mistakes so big till this day But you know I don't care because I Forgave myself I came to the conclusion Of like you know what people make Mistakes would we be human if we did and Make mistakes or supposed to make Mistakes and we're supposed to learn From them how can I grow as a person if I don't do anything wrong how can I be Perfect if I've never been imperfect Before the beauty is in being imperfect The beauty is in making mistakes Beauty is in doing the wrong things then Looking back at it and saying like you Know what I have grown so much and I'm So proud of myself That's the beauty of making mistakes [Music] He was as amazing young adults have Navigated the most difficult time in World history I believe that There's never been a generation or a Society that's ever had to navigate the Technological advancements that you are In the middle of there's no data for us To draw back from everything's fighting For your time and your attention and Your focus on top of a technological Advancement then we throw a covet Epidemic pandemic of separation and Isolation

And we're expecting some of you guys Just to figure it out [Music] Well I'm a surrealist That's a that's really the expectation Because the Cavalry is not going to come You got you You're capable but you also I hope have At least a few community members in this School in your world at home that you Can begin to trust [Music] I don't know for some of you trust is Difficult because we don't trust nobody Let me be real like this is a real Moment right you're like man this dude's Coming in hockey I'm coming in huh I'm intense man I got one speed and That's real Because truthfully when it's all said And done I don't ever know if I'm ever Going to get another moment to stand in Front of anyone of you ever again And I'm just talking from a dude from Experience it's 13 years sober it's 13 Years free from suicidal ideation that's 13 there is free from a lot of Destructive mentalities 13 years my back Was against the wall and I didn't quite Quite ever grab a hold of my life and Really it just happens to be how life Played out that I'm still alive today to Be honest And so if I've only got this moment in

This window in front of all of you I don't care about the screens the Production none of that like I care About locking eyes with some of you and Hopefully you walk through these doors Where you find the courage to say you Know what I can do hard things Foreign [Music] I want to go from being unstuck to more Clarity I want to go from Self-sabotaging Habits to service and Impact and love I want to make a move I Wanna I wanna I wanna I wanna go I want to grow I want to grow So where do I start I'm so happy you asked [Music] You start With the words that come out of your Mouth I know it's simple but it's Significant and I've always said this That you gotta watch your words that Come out of your mouth because your ears Are listening you know Einstein has been Coined with saying that Insanity like Doing the same thing over and over again But expecting a different result is the Definition of insanity but if I was to Remix that I would say that cursing your Destiny through your words is profanity And you will become what you manifest Well let me say it a different way what You confess is what you possess so maybe

Today you start by saying I will not Quit I will not quit I will not quit on me and if your mind Can conceive it and your heart will Believe it then your hands can create it Don't you quit on you today stand By [Music]

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