World’s Leading Expert On How To Beat Procrastination #shorts

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You've probably found this video by Scrolling on your phone procrastinating From doing something important here's Some advice from one of the world's Leading experts in procrastination on Why waiting to feel motivated is the Worst thing you can do right now Motivation should follow action not the Other way around It's my this is huge right I don't know Where people learn this notion that they Have to feel like they have to be in the Mood but that's part of the Procrastinator song I don't want to I Don't feel like it'll feel more like it Tomorrow it's as if we're waiting for Our Muse we're waiting for that bus to Come that's going to pick us up and give Us our motivation I'd say motivation is At the intersection of Will and skill When my will and my skill match and I'm Challenging myself just a little bit Beyond perhaps what my skill level can Be but I'm working hard and I completely Lose myself and I get into the magical State of flow and then I use the word Already that's when the magic happens

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