“Write a Book, Plant a Tree, Have a son” – Patrick Bet-David Explains This Jewish Proverb

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Creating content isn't just for business Creating content in life there's a Jewish proverb that says every man Should do three things Write a book Plant a tree have a son What's the premise behind all these Three things To build something that outlives you Creating content today all were caught Up on is the fact that we're going to Make money writing content we're going To make money if we make a video we're Going to make because if this video goes By I want to be so famous Yeah it's a different story your kids Are only going to watch that stuff your Grandkids are one they're going to say Wow my mom at 42 was going through this Mom what was going on in 2023 when you Wrote this article what was going on in 2023 when you wrote this video how did Were you is this when you guys were Going through a hard time with Dad yes I Feel it in the way you said this in the Video mom look at the date here watch This and you're sitting there having a Moment with them in 2068. that's cool

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