YOU ARE ENOUGH – Best Motivational Video

When your dreams are bigger than the places you find yourself in, sometimes you need to seek out your own reminders that there is more. And there is always more waiting for you on the other side of fear.

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[Music] So many times in this world we forget we Allow circumstances to make us forget This we allow people to make us forget This We allow an environment to make us Forget this we allow opinions to make us Forget this We allow social media to make us forget This We allow people around us sometimes our Friends and our family to make us forget This and I want to remind you of this I Want to remind you of this truth that is The truth that you Are enough you were enough for the Things that are meant to be in your life Stop chasing happiness stop trying to Find things that look good and seem good And things that make you happy because Just because they're making you happy Doesn't mean it's right for your life There's some negative things in this World that will make us happy that Aren't right for our life And that truth is you are enough You were more than enough You can become better But you are enough Stop letting people that don't Understand you Stop letting people who are committed to Using you stop letting toxic situations Make you think any different

Stop Believing the lies that people try To put on your life because at some Point you start believing it You will never be enough for somebody Who isn't enough for you You will never be enough for something That isn't meant for you you will never Be enough for something that wasn't sent To you by God realize that you are Enough You are enough for this world You're enough for your dream You're enough for your vision You're enough for the people that truly Love you You will never be enough for the people That don't really love you You'll never be enough for people that Just want to use you You'll never be enough for a job that Just wants to take advantage of you You'll never be enough for a team that Just wants to benefit off of your gifts And your talents You will never be enough for those Things but you are enough for the things That are meant for your life Please believe that you will never be Enough for a person in a situation that Isn't enough for you At some point you forgot At some point you adopted the idea that You are not enough I need you to put that stuff to decide

I need you to go back and get your life Back I need you to go back and get your Confidence back I need you to go back and get in the Fact that you are you and that is Powerful my friend Stop allowing the things that are sent To take your power make you feel Powerless We forget that we have the power to Continue to elevate our life to continue To grow our life Please understand that and never forget That Let me tell you something World will try to benefit off of your Insecurities Some people want to keep you in that Mindset of settle Some people want to keep you in their Mindset of not enough to make you think That you need them to make you think That you need that environment To make you think that you need that job They want to make you depend on them Because they know as soon as you wake up To your worth as soon as you realize That you are bigger that you are better That you are greater than what you're Selling for they know that they're going To lose you Sometimes the best way to add to your Life is to subtract from it

God will show you the greatest gains in Your life will come from which seems Like the most major losses in your life It ain't a loss if you're gaining Strength from it and it ain't a loss if You're gaining peace from it People want to keep you in a place of Misery Some of us we have forgot about our Greatness Because we're around things and people And situations that made us feel like we Are not capable They don't celebrate you they settle you They settle you because maybe they're Too afraid to go for their stuff and so They don't want you to go for your stuff Because when you're going for your stuff It's gonna remind them of what they're Not doing And so many people have this messed up Mindset in this world that if you're Winning That they're losing and so many people Want to keep you in that loser mindset Because they have lost so much in their Life and they don't want to put in the Work to actually win in their life This life is meant for you to live to Your fullest You have a purpose that's meant for you To carry out but some of us are not Carrying out our purpose because we're Living in situations that has made us

Forget that we have a purpose that God Gave us a purpose and that we need to Live on that purpose sometimes I lose Things that I didn't want to lose But I realized in losing those things There was no purpose in it When are you going to stop selling for Less when are you going to stop Expecting and going to get more for your Life when are you going to stop selling For less and when you're going to Realize that you are enough And if you're in an environment that Makes you feel like you're not enough I Would run fast to get away from it I don't care what it is I don't care how Long it's been I don't care who it is Get yourself away from it If you're in an environment that makes You feel like you're not enough get Yourself away from it [Music] Oh

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