“You Can’t Get Too Big Within A Niche!” – Patrick Bet-David On Growing Your Small Business

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There are Armenians that only want to do Jobs with people that are Armenians and If you're in Glendale it probably works Against you if you don't speak Armenian There are people in certain demographics In America that only wanted if you're in San Jose certain parts if you don't Speak Vietnamese you're probably not Going to land those jobs now If that is your Let's just say your weakness but your Vision is you want to be National So you're running a roofing business say You're doing two million a year with a Niche business hypothetically you're Making good money you're netting 500 000 You're netting 400 000 but you want to Compete with the bigger guys you want to Start doing 10 a year 20 year 100 a year Whatever the number may be if your Vision's this big you can't get too big With a niche So if my vision's this big late night You got to learn how to speak English Better late night you got to pick up you Know adult classes Foreign

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