You Feel Emotion Every Minute 💭 #shorts

Even when you believe you’re not feeling anything, you are still experiencing some form of emotion.

Isn't there that thing that like the I I I don't know where I was reading this But like you you you only experience an Emotion for like 45 seconds and then to Experience it for longer requires you to Reinforce the story you're telling Yourself about said emotion I would say You've never experienced an emotion for More than a second a single emotion for More than a second but there's never Been a moment of waking in your life Where you're not having an emotional Experience was more my the way I would Describe it there's never a Non-emotional experience that you're Having we're constantly in an emot like We have an emotional thing happening Like a like music in the background it's Constantly there as long as we're awake It's never the exact same note or the Exact same instrumentation and Note and Everything like I've experienced sadness Thousands of times but it always has a Slightly different seasoning to It

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