“You Got To Know More About Your Industry Than Nobody Else!” – Mark Cuban On Why People FAIL

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What would you say is the number one Reason why people fail not necessarily Why they make it the complete opposite Right lack of brains lack of effort lack Of brain's lack of effort yeah they just They don't do the work they don't learn You know when you walk in the room when You start a business and you start to Talk about somebody you're never in a Vacuum with no competition you know Unless you're just extremely lucky and If there's going to be competition that Means somebody else knows your business As well as you do when you get started And if you walk into a competitive Environment and they still know more About the business than you do and more About your customers you're going to Lose and but most people don't consider That they don't do the work they don't Learn more about their industry they Don't know even about their business I Mean and so you've got to put in the Effort to know more about your industry Than anybody else Thank you

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