“You Guys Are Naive!” – Will Trump Have a Chance of Presidency after Truth Social Collapse?

In this short clip, Patrick Bet-David, Michael Malice, Adam Sosnick and Tom Ellsworth react to the Truth Social collapse.

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Donald Trump's truth social cut staff as Hispak languishes this is a Bloomberg Story Trump and Trump media and Technology Group the parent company of Truth social has laid off about half a Dozen people Including senior members of its ranks Such as the chief technology officer Which by the way that's in the Technology company yeah that's like Number one above everybody else William B.J Lawson it's like you wake up in the Morning and fire your own heart that's That's top right there yeah the the Company done yeah the company is that's Actually a good joke Tom that's two in a Row okay so the company estimates it can Find it can fund operations through September at present spending levels Trump media Executives were once Optimistic about the advertising Revenue Through social could generate but the Reality of launching an advertising Business has proved more complicated Through social monthly web and desktop Visits reached a high of 11.5 million in Visitors in August uh 2022 but I've seen A decline holy moly this is a real Number to 5.7 million in February so 11 And a half million to 5.7 is a little Over 50 it's 51 percent so here's what I Think and I want to get your thoughts And you guys can talk about this this Could help him out why here's why

How long has he been free to post on Facebook Twitter for a while Instagram Right but he hasn't okay why He's trying to drive value to truth Social SPAC money all these people your Friends they put up money here's five Millimeters 10 million years 50 million Whatever the numbers right you're Raising it's back it's a very very risky Thing and it's probably the worst time Ever that they had a spec possibly the Worst time ever when they did the SPAC At the tail end of a peak of spax when All these guys were doing specs backs we Almost did a spec time for 400 million Dollars you remember that last minute we Had a meeting we decided we're not doing It but we were like all the way in to Decision on a zoom nope we're moving on We didn't do it very best point for Those of you listening yeah it was a Profitable company that had been Profitable for many years Yeah we weren't trying to go out and be A public company just because we were a Profitable company And even we decided no everybody we Called they said if you would have done It five years ago yes this is the worst Time to do spec so if truth goes under Now he's not fully committed to posting Stuff on truth so he's going to be Active on what Twitter Facebook so maybe Truth social going out of business could

Actually help his campaign I agree Completely because the reason people Like Trump and what I like the most About him is because both his foes and His friends every morning would wake up And be like what is this Tweeting about now right like I I could The fact that when you had the Democrats Go into a military base overseas and he Pulled their permission slips and they Just circled the bus around and they Kind of get off the bus that was the Funniest ever so him on Twitter was What got him the presidency it was Integral to uh him getting the Nomination and getting the presidency And they would behoove his campaign to Have him back on it despite all the People who like take his phone away from Him that said he hasn't been on Fox Since in months uh the all like the vast The conservative estab media Establishment has turned their backs on Him he's not like fresh like he was in 2015 where no one seemed anything like Him before I think it's gonna be very Hard for him to regain that fire that he Had now almost a decade ago I can't Believe you guys think this is actually A good look for him I I hear what you're Coming from because if you want to win a National election you're going to want To be on all the major social media Platforms you're going to want to be on

Twitter you're going to be on YouTube Now you have a megaphone you have to but There's a reason there's a reason he's Not using it right now because he's Doubling down on his back truth social I Would argue that the worst thing to ever Happen to Donald Trump on a social media Situation is Elon Musk taking over Twitter okay because Elon Musk has Basically enabled Twitter to be a free Speech platform that was the whole point Of true social so the whole marketing Agenda was like this is a free speech Platform come join us this is where it Is all it has turned out to be is a Right-wing Echo chamber I don't know any Moderate or even liberal that's even Going close or even construction look at Tom just pointed at himself he's like I I don't go there so the last thing that Donald Trump I mean Donald Trump's got You might some may argue that he's got Thin skin some may argue in order to Make it to where he's at he has to have Thick skin we don't know what exact type Of skin he has it's orange it's orange We know that but the last thing that he Wants to be labeled is a loser but he Okay and you're about to say that he is A loser I would argue you know he's won A bunch more than he's lost but lately He's been losing but I don't think this is a good look for His brand so what's his brand whether

It's Trump hotels Trump casinos Trump Stakes Trump's Waters a lot of these Businesses have failed so now you're Telling me the one business Michael the One business you've been working on Since you lost the election truth social Is now gonna fail tell me that how that Empowers him to be the president United States again well I don't see it I don't Think truth Central as he called the Truth Central is going to be uh Central To his brand or his identity I think He's riding on I was the former President I'm the one who could take on Biden I had results in the past I'm Gonna have results in the future what Maga people don't appreciate is that his Last year in the white house he took L After L after L after L it was an entire Year of else it wasn't and the fact that If you even if you regard the election As having been stolen the fact that they Were able to drag this carcass across The Finish Line how if he couldn't stop That in 2020 with the power of the White House behind him how is he going to stop That in 2024 with the power of the White House again against him now you could Argue that whoever they put up if They're going to take it he doesn't have A chance that's a okay I can grab my Head around that argument but that's not A good argument for Trump specifically As opposed to someone who's won one

Could also argue without covet Trump Would have beat Biden but I think a lot Of these Maga people think that no Matter what happened it would have been Stolen from him Yeah well we've seen what's happened With the fox lawsuit with Dominion If you're trying to talk to some Supporters that's where they are but so I guess as an odds perspective I love Coming getting the odds like this Wouldn't a hundred percent hurt him it Wouldn't 100 enable him like give me the The odds of why you think this would be Good versus bad I think this would be a Bad look for his yes through social Respects I think you were talking about Two different things you're talking About it would be an L on his business Legacy and bother his ego I think Pat Was talking about something else yeah I Think both of you Michael respectfully Are very naive and they have to accept It that you're very nice and utopian Let me let me explain to you why here we Go okay here here's why here's why so Let's just say if You were best friends and we've known Each other from high school okay we Always hung out we got along we've been Tied forever we have each other's back Okay We're now you know you go through your First divorce after being married for

Seven years And we get the call hey guys you guys Got a minute yeah what's up I got to Talk to you guys what's that Mary and I Are going through a divorce oh Sorry bro 40 Grand a month yeah yeah so Kids did that no man it's just reached a Point it's just not going to work out We're going through a divorce trust me I'm kind of dealing with it you guys Mind if we meet up somewhere tonight Yeah no problem we'll go meet up okay So we feel bad for you You six months later you meet Jackie And yo hey it's Jackie oh good to meet You jack everything's good yeah yeah What's up for about three months but Jackie and I met you know on Bumble and You know it was a phenomenal I'm like oh We're happy for you man everything good Michael yeah what's that it's my friend Jackie is currently in the hospital and She's so caring she called the cops on The nurses two days ago so shout out to Jackie you're joking no I'm not you want Me to change your name Jackie so you're dating Jackie and You're happy and then all of a sudden we Come to your second wedding okay and You're up there you know you're doing What you're doing me Tom and Adam walk To the side and we're having a drink and We say good guys over under what are Your chances of this one working Adam

Says I don't know bro I think it's ten Percent Tom says no this one's gonna Work you out he actually loves her and 80 I'm like I don't know man I'm kind of Like a 30 Mark okay go all right sounds Good this one nine months later give us A call and you say dude this this Chick's crazy she's a Karen she's this She's in a hospital this is not gonna Work out right so what are you doing I'm Getting a divorce ASAP it's just not Gonna work out great no problem The third time you call us for the Wedding our schedule is probably busy Okay what's the point here like ah he's Getting married again leave it alone I'm About to invite you you never believed In me We were friends since high school and You're taking bets in my wedding You That was high school dude you now you go Through women every time the clocks Change okay so so for those of you guys That are upset saying Pat get to the Point here's the point the point is How many stories are there with Stakes With this with that no one gives a About truth social going out of business Nobody Does this is not the first Divorce let me make my point and please Don't interrupt okay this is not the First second or third I think Statistically

It'll take us a week two weeks to get Over it they'll take shots but what are You gonna say he's filed this many Bankruptcies never worked he's into that Never worked this guy's gonna be able to Get more eyeballs if this thing goes out Of business he goes on Twitter his first Tweet Michael If it's the right tweet it'll be the Most liked tweet of all time ever ever And he can create momentum if he gets Back there and quite frankly guess what Uh uh Elon Musk is not in the business Of running non-profits okay sure and he Joked the other day saying I'm Officially running the biggest Non-profit of all time because they're Not making any money the revenues are Down some ludicrous crazy number that's Down He's going to sit there and say dude we Kind of need the prophets we'll take Memberships from Republicans from Magna From whoever it is even from anarchists Common by membership we don't care who You are I think truth social going out Of business is going to help us campaign I I you're saying two contradictory Things so it will help his campaign in The long term but in the short term it Is going to be a problem and this is Going to be an albatross right yeah and It's different from the uh um Bankruptcies in the past no one cares

About Trump Stakes that happened in what The 80s or 90s whatever was point is This was their Mothership this is where They went to and now it closed down they Get kicked out of their house they're Not going to like it because you people Make friends on social media you know What I mean it's so it's it's gonna be And the thing is yes it doesn't really Matter because it's not that big of a Deal but they're going to make it matter Because even Fox is gonna uh 24 7 be Like look another disaster from Trump Correct the TDs is going to be Everywhere and I think one thing you Gotta uh everything comes down to sort Of the news cycle if this does fail it'd Be better to fail sooner rather than Later and I think his spin is going to Make it worse because he's not going to Say all right we tried our best then it Didn't work out he's gonna have some Cockamami excuse and that's what they're Gonna the left-leaning Democrats didn't Want this to happen they wanted to see Me fail by the way the only the only Recommendation I would give is I would Give the strategist that are working Closely with President Trump to have him Realize there's a different approach you Have to take as the favorite than as They as yes what do you call it as the Underdog he's using the same strategy as An underdog in 2015 you're it's not

Going to work you have to take a very Different approach as a favorite because He's coming across as a bully to Descendants right now and it's it's a It's not attractive yeah but this goes Back to what I always say he's not gonna Change like everything he's done when we When we've ever seen him change here's What should he change should he take Some counsel of course we could solve This problem Solve it all he has to do is sell truth Social to Kanye West and the problem is Solved yeah because everything he's done With Kanye West has worked out really Well yeah So if you like this clip and you want to Watch another one click right here and If you want to watch the entire podcast Click right here [Music]

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