You Have No Idea How Competitive I am

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One time a girl got up on stage it's got The chills all over look at this look at This I see it one time I got up on stage And this girl called me out we were Competing And later on that night we were having Dinner I said let me tell you something I said There's one secret you don't know about Competition and me And that you will never beat me long Term and she says well you know you got To realize I'm extremely competitive Already at 42 but I was out of control Of my 20s like out of control yeah if You said you could beat me in my 20s you Don't even know what it did on how Competitive I was after what happened to My dad because in my mind it's not about Beating you and my mind is there's no Way in the world you're gonna prevent me From giving my dad everything he wants In life you were in the way if that Makes any sense it makes perfect so to You you were really calling my dad out That's when I'm just gonna go double Down right Foreign

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