You Have To Know Where You Want To Go

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Sooner you know what you want to build The more you're winging it the less Likely you're going to find the right People the moment I Got Crystal Clear on What I wanted to do and my vision was Very clear I sat down and I said here's What I want to do this is what I'm Looking for then I started telling Everybody about what I'm doing and what I'm looking for just the other day I'm On the phone and I'm looking for an Editor-in-chief so I sit there and what Do I do I'm texting people and here's my Tech sounds I am looking for a president Of my media company if you know anybody That would make a hell of a president or An editor-in-chief for our new site I'd Love to speak I sent 50 messages out Half of them respond back saying I don't Know anybody the other half responding Back saying let me think about it and a Handful of them said I got a couple Names that you got to talk to them

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