You NEED To Find a Way To Give Back To This Country

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Would you encourage your child your own Children to join the military as it Looks and as it stands in 2022. No not the way it is today I don't but Here's here's how I sell the military as Well I sell it as in you know in the David family your first job is to go Make money okay have your success make Your money take care of your wife take Care of your kids take care of your Family if you're a woman take care of Your finances as well and then Afterwards you got to figure out a way To give back to this country you can Choose to give it in many different ways Some give it through education some give It through non-profits some is through Church some is through charity some is Through public you know politics but you Got to give back because this country is Here before us and it gave us an Incredible life and it's going to be Here after us so no matter how much we Win we have to figure out a way to give Back

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