“You Need To Take A 90 Day Break!” – Patrick Bet-David’s Advice To Logan Paul

In this short clip, Patrick Bet-David, Tom Ellsworth, Adam Sosnick and Vincent Oshana talk about Logan Paul.

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Anyway so Logan Paul let's talk about Logan Paul what's going on with Logan Paul you know your your first seeing What happened with you know him and uh Uh um his I think George is no longer With him okay I think they had a fallen Out seriously yeah I think there was a Follow on that also with Mike recent Big Mike too with Mike and uh and by the way I think Mike is a very uh uh Very interesting guy yeah I think he's a Very very talented I think he's very Talented George comes comes across as a Very good guy sweetheart of a guy Logan Paul comes across as a superstar super Talented guy but I wonder what he's Going through with this whole crypto Zoo What you know the the what what he went Through with that yeah I mean but but The company is what I'm talking about Crypto zoo and um You know you know what I think about Situations like this sometimes sometimes Uh we hired a publicist PR fir from Once And I went and sat down with the guys And he says uh you know here's what you Say when it's this And then I get in the car like okay so That's just this guy's a big shot guy We're paying these guys twenty thousand Dollars they probably know what they're Doing and I walk them in the car driving Home from Beverly Hills I'm like dude I I don't even believe what this guy's

Saying I could never say what this guy's Saying yeah I'm thinking to myself you Know so here's how we got to handle this Situation say this like dude that's not My style to say this let's go So Eventually we're like yeah we're not We're not hiring a publicist maybe Eventually we'll have a full-time person Here working in-house that's kind of Working with us but not going to a PR Firm because they have a simple they Have a very similar way of apology Letters like they have already 50 Different formats of apologies they take One out and knock it here's the apology One for you to use I typed it out our Team put it together they're just Pulling an apology thing that they've Used before do this do that I wonder how Much of this is Success getting to your Head I wonder how much of this is who's In your ear I wonder how much of this is Uh being afraid because of the last time You got canceled with Japan I wonder how Much it is is walking on eggshells I Wonder how much it is you know when Tate Says you're bot you're reading a script A tool of the Matrix I wonder how much Of this like by the way there's there's A lot of people that are taking a lot of Shots at this guy uh Logan I have a Suggestion I have a suggestion for Logan Paul here's what my suggestion is I Think

It's a very hard suggestion for me to Say this it's not easy to say this and I I don't think he would do it But I think Logan needs to take a 90-day Break and step away from everybody Say go on a 90-day Hiatus from wrestling From everything you you are a rock star The world knows who you are step away And go back and write down make a list Of values and principles that you follow That you live by go and remember the 12 Year old kid you were things your mom's Taught you mistakes you've made how You've learned from them don't don't Come back with a script that your Publicist has given you to tell the World Speak to certain people that don't Benefit from you that don't make money Off you that want nothing from you and See if they can give you some direction On how to approach this because this is Not going in the right direction the way Things are going This there are certain times in life you Got to take 90 days off and just kind of Disappear and come back stronger I mean Maybe step away and go watch the movie Uh what is that movie Thomas not the uh Uh uh what is a Castaway no not Castaway No the one where the guy goes away and He gets arrested and he just reads and Recreate himself and comes back and Becomes the main guy counter monetary

Count of Monte Cristo with the cavisil I Believe he's in it yeah to just go away And and and figure yourself out life is Precious Life is awesome It's horrible when you're faking it when You're acting and you're saying stuff That you don't believe in and uh I'm not Sure I'm by the way I believe Jake is saying more things he believes In than Logan is saying right now I Think Logan is being forced to say Things that he is thinking it's the Right thing to say because someone told Him to say it I think Jake just doesn't Give a Jake just go out there he Goes out there and says here's what I'm About here's what I'm doing here's what I'm doing and I know as much as he's More like the Maverick he's more like The rebel what do they call him the Problem child and then Logan is the Maverick brand that he has you know what Jake is more straight up you know Problem Child I think Logan needs to Take 90 days off and disappear and let Everybody says where's Logan Paul I'm Taking 90 days off and then come back up And reappear and see what you do and Some of the relationships that you Screwed up call me with them face to Face not live Forget about the eyeballs for a second Hey let's do this how about we do this

Live so everybody can see no just the Two of you there's certain things you Just gotta go away and do it yourself And it's nobody's damn business not Everything you do is about getting Eyeballs certain things in life are more Valuable than eyeballs relationships Sincere relationships friendships things That matter there's depth to life uh and And I think you sometimes you can fall For this trap of if we do this I think This could get five million views hey What am I we could fake controversy to Stop living that life you're too good You have too big of an upside step away 90 days I may be wrong my suggestion go Disappear come back Shock the World with The better version of you and then let's See what's gonna happen to the next Upgraded version of your iOS software That you have I like that I really Appreciate your advice because you're Not coming from a point of you're the Worst I can't believe you would do this But you're also holding them accountable For maybe decisions that he's sort of Recklessly made if you look at the title Of this article YouTuber Logan Paul is Taking a beating over crypto Zoo but He's far from the only celeb hyping up Risky Investments here's why young fans Could be left holding the back here's my Question so he's far from the only celeb We've seen what's happened with

Kevin O'Leary we just talked about that Right you took 15 million dollars from FTX turns out that wasn't the best bet Garyvee he was doing his whole garyvee Fans all that Um Matt Damon took some he obviously we Saw what happened with SPF we just Talked about taking easy money and not Vetting sponsors and what happens when You don't vet sponsors and you're going After fads how much of this is a crypto Thing that they just thought that they Were going to believe in how much of This is not properly vetting who you're Aligning yourself this cannot affect the Guy like George is your lifelong friend This cannot affect the guy like Mike Mike is a good guy like I don't know Mike I've never talked to Mike ever I've Never had an interaction with Logan Never we've never been to the same place So I'm not coming from a place of having Too much Intel I'm just coming from a Place of what the world knows and what They've been able to do with their Brands the guy I watch him wrestle I Watched Logan Paul Russell I'm not even A wrestling guy I watch a clip of guy Sam I'm like How the hell can you do that like Physically the stuff the guy was doing The double flips and all I'm like that's To be that athletic and be that funny And be that entertaining and be like

That Charming Charisma and all this Stuff but but bro he's 27 years old Gary Knows exactly what he's doing he sees in His late 40s mentally I don't know how Old he is I think he's in his mid to Late 40s I don't know how old Kevin is Kevin is mid 50s late 50s I don't know His teeth probably Gary and Kevin know What they're doing sketch 27 and life's Going very fast very very fast at 27. Pump your brakes take a step back Talk to some real people who have Nothing to gain from you zero people That don't even want the world to know That he spoke to them those types of People not the types of people you talk To like hey you want to come on my Podcast no I don't want to be on your podcast I Don't want you to be on anything I just Want to talk to you let's see where You're at where are you going with this I don't need any credit for this years Later if you want to talk about it go For it he needs to figure himself out I I just think he needs to step away to Figure himself out it can get very ugly Very quickly the way it's going right Now because you look I I've lost people in my life okay but Sometimes in life you lose people that You're supposed to lose because you're Growing and they're not can't do Anything about that those types of

People you lose it's totally fine okay But sometimes you lose great people in Your life where everybody knew that Person was great for you you can't the world and say well he's an Idiot anyways no he's not he was very Good for you okay stop fooling yourself You are the alpha the group I get you But that girl was very good for you that Guy was very good for you that man was Very good for you I got it But don't fool yourself you cannot lose Great people in your life who are not Afraid to tell you the truth to your Face and challenge you to improve I Thought Mike was one of those and I by The way they may even be going through What they're going through right now is What it is but it's hard to find people Like that and when it all becomes like It's me it's me it's me everybody's Telling you you're amazing they're doing This they're doing that let me tell you Without you they would have known Anything and all this stuff people say Things like that to the main guy to kind Of get like there's very simple Languages that divide people stuff like This you know the only reason people Know your girl is because they know you The only reason people know your man is Because they know you okay the only Reason people know is because of your Success without you you would have never

Won a champion hey look Michael Without You Scotty would have never done this Hey Scotty without you Michael never Wouldn't people will say like that To get in between great running mates Great Partnerships you can't fall for That anyways I think he's Falling forward and I think he needs a 90-day Break by the way I love the fact That Kanye took four six weeks off I was Just gonna good for him yeah hey the Fact that you've disappeared good for You I think if you can go 90 days do it Okay do it but I think Logan is on the List of right now needing to go away for 90 days I agree and well I mean the only thing We saw with Kanye was he got engaged or Married what happened he married Somebody from his from his Yeezy uh Thing that he he was in the news like he Said completely dropped off he's taking His time out the only thing that you Heard is something positive by the way The 90 days is also to leave to actually Think And and recreate meaning you know if Let's just say we have we say hey let's Go do a business retreat for four days We go to a house we rent in Bahamas and For four days we get hammered that was Not a business retreat yeah you didn't Do you're not coming back any Different yeah or we go to four days and

We strategize every day from eight to Five and at night we go to restaurants We have a good time we do this and we go To sleep at a reasonable time and then I'm back at it again right there was an Outcome to it when you take 90 days up It's not 90 days to go do nothing yeah It's 90 days to go and have a personal Intervention when you do that I've been Through before and I think it's very Very effective if done at the right time Great things can happen to you okay so If you enjoyed this club you want to see Another one click here to watch another Clip and if you want to take advantage The latest gold Signature Series Products that just came out we have a Bunch of new merch that's out this is a Color changing mug when you drink coffee That lion turns into a real lion and Then we have hoodies with vitamin gold On it the gold Signature Series hat Shirts I'm an entrepreneur anyways we Have a lot of items they're selling out If you want to take advantage the gold Signature Series click here place your Order Sports your right taming gear and Tag us with the hashtag valuetainment [Music]

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