“You Should FIRE Yourself!” – HEATED DEBATE On DeSantis

In this short clip, Patrick Bet-David, Buck Sexton, Clay Travis and Adam Sosnick have a heated debate about Ron DeSantis.

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You know sometimes you think you have a Lot of attempt to create momentum you Don't their Camp has a shot they have a Shot but when's the last time you hear The story about that but he's not a Candidate yet it doesn't matter you Still start marketing there's many People that weren't candidates that they Were branding and marketing way before So well the book wasn't attempted that But I think your point about that but he Didn't do a good job promoting his book I'm sorry that book was a lazy method of Marketing go on so many that book should Be in top 10 for six straight months if You would have gone has it gone on your Podcast has he talked to you guys on Radio but not in a while So let me get this straight you guys Replace rush and he hasn't come on to You I understand you don't want to come Here because I challenge all the time You guys support him you replace Rush he Hasn't been on your podcast how he came On he came on by the way and here's my Question before you defend him since the Launch of the book I'm trying to Remember He came on the day the book released There we go and did he promote the book Yeah for 10 minutes I mean he was on for A 10 minute hit that's not really but That's not really no I mean I you're Appreciating the choir like I I think I

Think he is so Mark I think he Is a strong leader I think he has an Incredible resume I I don't know why They're not telling the story it's Almost as if he's not gonna run if You're not going to run then I support It on what you're doing maybe you're not Going to be running and that's your Strategy and none of us know fine But if you are gonna run What's he gonna do if he gets on your Post get Podcast for an hour all he's Gonna get is nice questions and he's Going to be able to defend himself and The audience is going to see a different Side of him how many people like that Could he have gone on you Megan Kelly so Many different places he could have gone Up no why don't you well because he Hasn't announced it yet but you launched A damn book I I use the marketing guy so I think the Trump people have landed so Many blows That it's a one it's a one-way war and a One-way War only goes in One Direction So far that's the way it's I think when You have the resume that he has all you Have to say is the answer he keeps Giving listen guys everybody wants it to Be me against Trump I'm not going to Fall for that all I'm going to tell you Is our resume I won by 34 000 most the First time yeah because Trump helped us That yes that is true he said in his

Book multiple times second time one and A half million that wasn't without the Help here's who we were able to convert While the states were doing this we went Against the grain they said this we did This here's what happened in Florida Look how many people are coming to us From New York we're recruiting cops he Just have to say that like there was one Time I saw a video that we're making fun Of uh the rock to promote a movie and he Was on 20 different interviews and he Used the same exact line and I go look At him he's just said that's what he's Supposed to do you're supposed to go say That to different audiences even if People catch you or not that's part of Your job you're gonna have to have us Back in the summer when he's a candidate So we can actually see how the campaign Pay attention to one date Uh the Florida legislative session ends May 5th yeah yeah so by May doesn't Matter right after that how much we Should be looking by when do we choose The the the Republican candidate well When is the date uh in March when is the Primary sorry the super super yeah that We'll have early 20-10 months from now We'll know probably the denominator okay So may that's a month from now so he Announces say second third week of May So he's got nine months after you Launched your book that you haven't

Promoted yet what are you going to go Back and re-promote a book that you Launched three months ago I'm a marketer Guys I'm not a politician I'm a marketer From the marketing standpoint that's not A good marketing strategy you don't Think he's going to hit the Blitzkrieg This summer you don't think he's going To decide that when he's actually Running as a candidate all of a sudden You're probably not going to get him out Of your green room Because I think he's got a great resume And I'm just to me you know you know When the coach gets upset at Steph Curry One game I'll never forget it's like can I ask you why you're not shooting threes You shot two threes today what's the Matter with you what's the matter with You shoot the damn threes you're our Best guy go Play ball bro let's go like the You're right and then all the teammates Are like dude I don't care if you go oh 410 yeah you're the best three-point Shooter go let's roll that's the part Where it's like this is a phenomenal Candidate you have an incredible resume Coming from the biggest show for Two and a half years and you came up Above everybody there's not a governor That's a bot for him in America during Covet with all the manipulation Everybody targeting his ass he stood out

The more you wait the more those stories Are gone what are we doing like who the Hell is going out there speaking for you Who's going out there selling this stuff For you my my frustration is a complete Different frustration nothing to do with Policy one quick thing I know you want To get the Elon thing I just would say There are a lot of people that I think Would speak out about that stuff on the Right and they are afraid of trump If there are people like that you should Resign because if you're doing this type Of stuff you know I never forget this There was a uh uh a book I read Business Book I wish I want to give this guy Credit I don't know who wrote it when I Found out I'm gonna give the credit when You're coming up you always have these Two or three names that you think you Need because without them you're never Going to be as big you know you're doing A show oh my God if we land that Interview oh my God if we raise money From that guy oh my god listen man You think you need that one interview That one gets that whenever to validate You if you're good enough and you're Fair with your audience and you're Straight up and there's a part of you That respects the audience but there's a Part of you that's not going to Cave Into your audience trashing you because You don't say what they want you to say

I'm not doing that bro this is what I Believe you don't like it go talk to Somebody else that you think you're Gonna agree with 100 of the time that's Something I ask to the people that are Afraid of that they should quit today Because they don't belong in the Journalistic world talk to both Sides give your opinion support give Your values and principles and then from There on see what happens defend your Values and principles I'm very open About the values and principles I defend You guys got the top show radio He I'm sorry guys I'm I'm preaching to The choir I would call into our show Unscheduled all the time to talk for Five to seven minutes you know who did That this guy named Donald yeah he did That all the time best story I've got For Trump really quickly first time I Had him on the radio show He's president of the United States he Called the show himself You guys know the pr apparatus that Exists for like low-level non-inities he Would call the show himself and come on You call that a hustler that's what you Call that and you know what I respect The hustle he's a marketer yeah and and By the way you're going against a Marketer yep You're going against the market or you Ain't going again you beat him you could

Beat the other guy it's a it's almost Like you know sometimes there's an NBA Championship and you're like this ain't A freaking Championship nobody watches It because the championship was the Eastern Conference Finals the hell are We doing here you beat the Eastern Conference Final you could win it all And get a chip today there's a lot could Change between now and five years from Now four years from now so I don't know I'm my my level of uh Frustration is that you think you have More time than you actually have where Is the sense of urgency where is that Where's the sense of urgency with that The comparison though to understanding Them no one has understood the media and Been the same kind of force that Donald Trump has been that's your opponent so That no I yeah so you know what that Means though here's what that means you Know what I do this is what I do from From the sentences camp Hey Schwartzman Do you really support us yes Who's the best marketer you know we want To meet with them hey XYZ musk you Support us yes who's the best Market we Can hire for the next two years are you Willing to help us find that guy and you Don't think musk know that what David Sachs knows that guy or Rogan has these Calls bro let's use our contact to put a Super ass team together to play ball and

I guarantee you if you hired a super Team to to work with you if some people May say well maybe he's done that nobody Knows about it really you think the Super team would have allowed the book To do what it did I don't think so I Think it would have been a complete Different story again to me he's President Trump's president we're fine Because we need somebody that's strong To fight off against all the That's going on in the world today this Is not a picking favorite this is about The the more both sides are fighting Their arguments in a better way we have A better chance of having somebody when I just don't see them playing offense It's disappointing but again I may be Wrong I'm not a political strategist I'm A pure marketer and a strategist from The sense of Business Point not from When I'm competing with different people In the insurance space I have to figure Out a way what that guy's strength is What my weakness is what his weaknesses What my strength is these are not Complicated conversations to be having So I just don't know who they're hiring Behind closed doors hey musk you really Want me to win I need your help you Don't think musk would help them do you Think they've had that meeting before I Hope they have do you think they're Having he's coming to Miami must end it

A month I hope he's meeting with the Centers if they had these meetings has He sat down with broken is he having These conversations when Schwartzman Maybe they are maybe they're not but They have access to these people to hire So if you really want me show up Show up give me some of those guys so if You like this clip and you want to watch Another one click right here and if you Want to watch the entire podcast click Right here [Music]

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