“You Sound Triggered” – Candace Owens & Chris Cuomo have a Heated Debate about Putin

Patrick Bet-David hosts Candace Owens and Chris Cuomo LIVE from Valuetainment’s 5990 Live!

Joining Patrick, Candace and Chris are Adam Sosnick, Tom Ellsworth and Vincent Oshana as they compare Joe Biden and Vladimir Putin after the State of the Union Address and Donald Trump’s play-by-play coverage of it.

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Patrick Bet-David is the founder and CEO of Valuetainment Media. He is the author of the #1 Wall Street Journal Bestseller “Your Next Five Moves” (Simon & Schuster) and a father of 2 boys and 2 girls. He currently resides in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida.

Picking a metric of what's the guy's IQ Is not enough for me first of all he did Not give you I'll tell you why I'll tell You why because it's what do you do with Your intelligence you think he gave you An accurate recitation of Russian History starting in the eth century Because Candace just said so she's wrong And you're wrong okay he did not give You an accurate Recitation he gave you a KGB doctored look at why it's okay that He wants to reestablish the Soviet Union That's what he gave listen listen I'm Not here to play Russia good Russia bad Okay Russia has a smaller GDP than California he's Not so what they're also invading a Country right now just for Americans are Are economically so unintelligible that They are going to believe the threat That we are facing today is Russia Trying to reestablish so this is like Cold war propaganda we got to we got to Move on from that okay but it's just as Real now And remember in America these people are Allowed to be here right now doing Things they could never do in Russia Never nobody can speak out against Putin He is at over 75% in popularity polls Because people know what happens if you Answer differently they make no money They have no press freedoms when they

Try to exercise themselves even on the Internet starting to sound like America Today January Sixers are locked up for Locked up for expression something to be Concerned about you are saying that Something to be concerned about that is AD as a to arrest Tucker Carlson for Going over to speak to a leader of a Country that we are allegedly not at war With listen so you're you're also Describing America while you are telling Us I'm not describing America I'm Describing what America should not be so Be careful about putting up a model of What you think some value nobody said There was a model we just said that it's Very obvious that Putin can complete Sentence and that Biden can't he Complete a sentence he can also likely Murder his Opponents and that's a function of his Intelligence also because it's not Guided by any sense of morality and that Matters too and Tucker making the Decision oppon Gonzalo L was just killed By zinsky he's a thug we shouldn't be Supporting Ukraine at all not a single Dollar even if that were true which Neither of us know whether it is then That's a policy argument have the policy Argument the idea of Good and Evil right And wrong cheapens it it cheapens it but You just did that you I'm not doing do Theos I'm not trigger what are you 19

Were you using 19-year-old woke language Now that I'm triggered I'm not triggered I got my legs crossed that means I'm Comfortable okay well you just seemed a Little triggered like I don't like Setting up Putin as a triggered I I Didn't nobody here everyone is listening To what I said and I'm going to not just Double down I'm going to Triple down Quadruple down on the fact that it's Very very obvious to the American people That our leaders are extremely Lackluster and that has been made even More abundantly clear after having Watched Tucker Carlson sit across from Vladimir Putin which was heroic on his Part because we are tired of being Propagandized we are tired of people Pretending if you live in Russia there's Going to be so much propaganda there's So much propaganda here age okay we are Suffering from the exact same things That you accuse Vladimir Putin of doing Locking up people's opponents right I AG FBI FBI agents showing up on American People's doorsteps because they attended A rally on January 6 three of my friends Had FBI agents they didn't even step Foot in the capital okay had FBI agents Show up because they were they wanted Any person that even showed up to hear Trump speak on January 6th to feel Threatened by that because the Establishment said that you weren't

Allowed to support Donald Trump okay so I'm going to speak to how the public is Feeling right now and we are are very Aware of the fact that Joe Biden could Potentially be dead right now okay we Don't even know like he can barely make It through a sentence and when we see Somebody you do Know able to is what you do know that Joe Biden is not and you do know that he Wasn't shot up with something no I Actually I actually do believe he was Shot up with adrenaline before he go What do you mean come on JMK used to do That come on so it's like they obvious Drugs the truth is enough and I tell you Why it it becomes problematic okay it Look it's a half joke they shot Biden up With something last night joke that Here's what happens well look if you Really believe that that's fine it would Be just nice to have a basis for it drug Test but yeah he's going to take a drug Test okay look here's what here's what's Going to happen here's what's going Here's here's what's going to happen Okay just trust me on this because You've already seen it you you're going To know that it's already true you are Allowing for a BS standard of appraisal So now intelligent is a BS standard it's Not intelligent it's the shooting up Part so now they'll start showing clips Of trump where it seems that he's not

Speaking fluidly and they'll talk about Whether he's on drugs and then they will But but that's what you but that's what You enable with this I'm saying just Stick with the truth are our leaders Performing the way we need them to be It's a rhetorical question no you had in Congress last night um I forget who Smacked me with this stat but it was a Great one 14% popularity for members of Congress right it sounds about right It's somewhere between 12% and 20% Depending on the poll 94% reelection Rate how do you have such low popularity And such high Reelection Rate because the game is rigged that's Why now now the truth is enough okay Just stick with the truth the problem is When you get into these situations of Comparing a guy who's just a bad guy With what you want in your own Leadership I don't think it sends you to The right place the truth is that Vladimir Putin was able to communicate In a way that was coherent would you Want Vladimir Putin to be your pres this Is such a fine statement would you want Vladimir Putin to be your president That's not what I said I'm asking you a Question that's not what I said I'm Asking question you're asking the Question because you still cannot deal

With the fact that I have accurately Described Vladimir Putin as coherent he Is there's no question he's coherent I'm Just you think he's smart I think he's An intelligent man yes that's all I said Oh my God we got there we can move on Good oh my God we got there in just That's all I said right but it's about Why you're using him as an instruction I Have sat across from serial killers that Are intelligent men because I don't want Them deciding my taxes did I say that I Wanted Vladimir Putin my taxes why but As an example why hold him up as an Example talking Trump said du is a tough Guy to comprehend this so I'm going to Reset it one more time one more time Okay we are talking about the State of The Union I'm talking about the mindset Of Americans that understand this is all Very performative and the insult to have Him up there as if he is the leader of Our nation especially following the Interview that we all watched in which Vladimir Putin first and foremost made It clear that he doesn't view our Leaders as even leading the country he Used them all as puppets and that he but You're still using Putin as a positive Comparison to who we have I mean I don't Know what I'm missing in terms of logic This is how I take it Chris I'm this is How I take it from the outside uh I take It as I want to know everybody's leader

On how they are how formidable they are And can mine go up against that leader If Putin and Biden are in a negotiation Table we're going to lose yeah that's That's that's all I'm thinking about so For me I I think about somebody being Able to sit up against them to say hey You got to knock it off with this Ukraine stuff by the way let's process This in a different way we had uh uh I Don't know who I was having this Conversation with he like well you know What what do you think about this and What do you think about that I said Listen we have four years of data pure Data of what happened under Trump they Can't play that same game as aren't you Afraid that he has access to the Button He's actually one of the 46 people ever Who had access to to the button and Never used it and there was no Wars Right for 4 years it was peaceful we Didn't have no Ukraine nothing Afghanistan nothing going on no Israel Hamas nothing going on right this guy's Here he's got access to everything for Three years what do we have going on What we did with Afghanistan they're Wearing our uniform now what happened With Ukraine and Russia what happened With Israel and Hamas according to Pure Data one doesn't know how to sit across Another Alpha and say check yourself Stop you cannot behave like this again

That's purely how I process the Difference between Putin and Biden I Don't sit there and look at Biden and Say man I I can't wait for this guy to Go into the boardroom he's going to Crush it in the boardroom behind closed Doors negotiating I say please don't Keep it behind closed doors I want to See exactly how he's going to be Negotiate he doesn't give you that kind Of a confidence so if you like this clip And you want to watch another one click Right here and if you want to watch the Entire podcast click right Here

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