“You Strengthen Our Enemies!”- Reaction To Biden’s Weak Foreign Policy

In this short clip, Patrick Bet-David, Adam Sosnick, Tom Ellsworth react to Biden’s weak foreign policy.

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Saudi Arabia and Iran have agreed to Re-establish diplomatic relations making Marking a major shift in their Decade-long rivalry that has defined the Middle east region the two countries had Been in talks for nearly two years and Their diplomatic breakthrough was Unexpected yet not surprising China Played a key role in the negotiations Highlighting its growing influence In the oil-rich region which may have Repercussions for U.S influence in the Region the announcement could Herald the End of a long-standing era of conflict In the Middle East the debtny goes far Beyond the resumption of diplomatic Relations and Saudi Iranian officials Will work to revive old security Cooperations and technology and trade Agreements Tom thoughts on this one here This is a CNN Story by the way there is One thing that China needs more than Anything else long term that is energy We all know that's the one thing that They don't have uh natural resources to Support And so they need energy deals and They've been out cutting energy deals That's point one point two is China Always plays the long long game not just The long game the long long game and They're looking at strategic they've Been looking at you know the whole Silk Road initiative and a path to the Middle

East you know originally through Afghanistan And this is them making friendships in a Region getting their hands on long-term Energy contracts in extending their Influence on a world stage with people Who you know in one way you know Iran is A bit of an orphan who needs some Friends Saudi Arabia isn't really either More of opportunists but this is China Playing a long game and uh getting Energy in their pocket yeah I gotta tell You I did not see this coming whatsoever I mean if you know anything about uh the Arab world it essentially breaks down to Sunni and Shia right and Iran is the Number one Shiite country in the world I Want to say and Saudi Arabia is the Mecca literally of Sunni Muslims and I I Thought I was under the impression that They were mortal enemies that was my Assumption and to see that China Is at the center of diplomatic relations Between Sunni and Shiite Muslims is wild To me and I'm wondering where's the US In this what role is Israel playing in This we've seen that uh prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu Not so subtly reference the fact that He's been working with Saudi Arabia and Other Arab countries and he's kind of Said as making peace with the 99 percent Of the Muslim world before he gets to The one percent which is the Palestinian

Situation in Gaza in the West Bank and I'm wondering what this type of Relationship with Saudi Arabia and Iran Even looks like Um what type of diplomatic relations Will come from this what China's actual Role will be and again where's the United States in this situation because I mean you grew up in Iran you know you The government is constantly saying Death the United States that the United States but the people tell a different Story there and uh Saudi Arabia is quote Unquote wink wink our Ally and uh I mean I think we provide them with a vast Majority of their weaponry And uh I don't know is this a good thing For the world that Saudi Arabia and Iran Are resuming diplomatic relations a good Thing Rob go go on Google if the average Person wanted to go search the following Iran's number one enemy like if you want To find that Iran's worst enemies in the Middle East how would you search it what Would you type Iran's enemies yeah okay Worst enemies okay go on that let's see What comes up okay Israel Saudi Arabia If you go right there which countries Are the enemies of Iran yeah if you go You'll see Saudi Arabia is like on at The top of the list in the middle of the Picture correct it's at the top of the List right so so here's the point these Guys until now okay until now uh with

The help of China so If during your reign Your enemies unify together You officially became the worst enemy America's ever had So let me let me unpack that right there If a leader if a leader you know when When years ago we were had just started Our insurance company And competitors of ours uh eventually Ward got out which was awesome because They would call me and tell me this and They would say the following a guy Wanted to leave one of our competitors And in that company they would say we Will leave you alone and not Sue you if You go to any company except for one Company And you cannot go to PHP with Pat you Can go anywhere but you can't go there Okay So those people would call me and they Would say can I have a call with you can I ask you why they're saying this They said to me I can go anywhere but I Cannot join you why is that I said why Do you think I don't need to tell you why do you Think well I don't know I I it's now Everybody is asking why do they want us To go anywhere they won't do anything to Us but if we go to you we're going to Sue you Okay so guess what what do you say to

That Is that a good strategy is that a bad Strategy you got to give credit they're Better off not me You know them unifying with me as an Enemy okay Because your opponent is getting what Stronger and stronger and stronger they Were taking the right position credit to Them as a competitor But think about it if all of a sudden All your enemies that are leaving you Under your Reign they all choose to Unite They hated each other a year ago they Hated each other five years ago not Their best friend yeah how does that Happen in life there's cause and effect What caused it this is the effect what's The cause is it the cause Of the way a president handled Ukraine And Russia conflict is is it the cause Of how Biden handled his foreign affairs Is that the cause when is the last time You've heard China Russia Iran and Saudi Arabia now being best friends yeah Certainly not Saudi the rest of them yes You add that to the list what kind of Power now do they have the amount of Power they have now is multi-dimensional They got oil scored away They got manufacturing scored away They got nuclear bombs scored away they Got a lot of things scored away they

Definitely got land scored away and so Now it's going to be what it's not going To be EU and U.S And then you have China Russia Iran Saudi And then they're going into Africa China Is because they're going out there and Buying all those you know The land to help them with their you Know batteries and lithium and all Cobalt and all the stuff that they're They're the Silk Road they're being so Strategic themselves okay you got to Give them credit strategically China's Out strategizing U.S today and U.S keep Sending more and more money to zielinski And zelinski has so much control now Over the US where he has the audacity to Say to say if the war gets worse American parents will be losing their Sons in war because they're gonna have To send their sons I'm prefacing what he Said he's saying that American kids are Going to have to go to war who the hell Are you to make a comment like that but Here's the part what did the U.S President say nothing If zielinski makes a comment like that And the US government doesn't say Anything about it have you seen this Video or no when he says this yeah you Can uh U.S will have to send troops to Fight in Ukraine who the hell are you to Say U.S will have to send troops to

Fight the war in Ukraine like I'm sorry Are you officially the president of the United States or are you the president Of Ukraine are are you you're not Responsible for our kids and what They're going to be doing but the fear Tactic works on what he's doing so this Is all that's the one I think right There zoom in a little bit to see if This is the one does he say it in English or is it translated plate Seafood The U.S will have to send their sons and Daughters exactly the same way as we are Sending their sons and daughters to war And they will have to fight because who Are you nature that we're talking about I'm sorry we'll be dying God forbid Because horrible thing do you realize What this like you're speaking on behalf Of our kids Who the hell are you to even have the Audacity to talk like that Do you understand what I'm do you Understand like the the the rage to have A guy we're sending you money you're Talking like you are like our president Reports to you the other day ESPN came Out and apologized yesterday for Comments made by uh Kendrick Perkins and The girl from First Take what's her name Molly Molly comes out and Molly says There were certain comments made here About the fact that 80 of MBA voters who

Vote for MVP are white those stats are Not true and not only not true they're Drastically wrong and we just wanted to Correct that her words okay to to check Who ESPN has to set downstairs Kendrick You can't say stuff like that yeah you Were wrong right you were wrong you know If you know if somebody like that says It under your Administration you and I Are talking and this guy says something Like this guess what you have to say the Next day you have to say we understand The pressure President zielinski is under but with All due respect President zielinski we Decide when we send our sons and Daughters to war not you we that is our Responsibility I understand you're Losing a lot of loved ones and a lot of Kids you don't get to make a comment Like that that guy's gonna get a phone Call from me five minutes after he make It makes a comment like that but I Totally agree that's if you're the President I agree with you and I'm very Incensed by the comment but what I was Asking myself when I heard it was why Does that guy think it's okay to say That Who is giving him the impression in any Way at any time that it's okay to say That is he just outside of his mind is He just have big cojones why why would He think it's okay to say that who's

Given him that impression that it's okay To say that because if you're the leader He doesn't even say that I don't think But also by the way If you saw the end of the clip he said Because NATO would have to step in and One would say all right there is an Agreement with the NATO coordinator but They're not part of NATO even that's Correct Ukraine is not part of NATO it's One of the seven excuses that started This thing exactly so that's the whole Justification for this this Invasion so If a NATO country says something like That what is that called like Amendment Two or whatever whatever the number it Is within the NATO Clause would you Attack one country yeah yeah we all must Defend her so whatever number it is Right Um if a NATO country says that okay That's part of the agreement but you're Not part of NATO correct so there's a Sort of an entitlement situation that I Think is happening it's one of us is all Of us right what is that what is that NATO provision right there Rob I don't Know if you want to go with that real Quick but back to the China Saudi Iran situation you know how they Say what the the uh the enemy of the Enemy is my friend There just seems to be uh well that Situation going on here all of that

Happened under his reign All of that happened under Biden Article 5 of NATO that's what all of That happened under Biden unifying the Enemies You get to take that with your legacy With you you strengthen our enemies and Brought them together congratulations uh Congratulations Saudi under his watch watch what's Happened under his watch you unified the Enemies We lost our weapons in Afghanistan okay Uh a bank or two went out went under Okay this is all under your watch is What's going on this is all under your Watch and if you go to Prior Administrations No banks under Trump These issues weren't happening and in uh China Iran is any of that stuff and you Were not having those issues with Afghanistan and that comes down to Management it comes down to leadership I Know nobody wants to hear this but you Have to be able to set it aside and Realize these are not good things those Guys those four getting together doesn't Help American if you're watching this Right now yourself and you're saying wow Can't believe you're saying this you're Only you're like a spokesperson for you Know such and such and this is what you Are I can't believe you're saying this

Pat no no Think about your kids don't think about Your arguments that you've had to defend Because of your mom dad or Professor or Teacher or whoever Actually think about it what happens If you're a gang in the streets and four Other of the biggest gangs who hated Each other and killed each other They joined forces What happened to your community did you Get safer is it safer for your kids if You can still sit there and say I'm Gonna be okay no problem But if you sit there and say this is not Good yeah then next time around think Before sitting there and saying I just Don't want to get that guy out there Because I don't like the way DeSantis or Trump or this guy the way they talk it's They don't seem like they're gentle Leaders yeah you definitely don't want Your leaders to be gentle towards the Enemy yeah I look at it this way there Are players in every major sport that Would rather work for a soft coach and Cash the check they don't have a burning Desire to go win championships they'd Like to win a championship but they'd Really rather have the easy check the Soft coach and a good city and then you Have people that want to work for an Easy boss a soft boss and work from home And have it easy well let me tell you

When it comes to your country and it Comes to World stage you don't have that Option that is not an option that's Available and I will forever remember Trump's handshake with Putin I remember What I'm talking about Pat where he Pulls him in tight it's like what are You doing dude you know and I will Remember how he made the Chinese nervous On trade now remember how he sat there And told the German representatives in NATO you got to pay your fair share let Me tell you you may not like it and it May not be the guy you want to work for Or a coach you want to play for but That's not the way this works when it's Your country free and that's not the World stage that we live on now and That's not the reality of life we have You have to have solid leadership and Under Biden's watch these things have Happened and they're not good here it is I love this You see a little tug there Pat you know What that means That's his move Pompeo Kushner It's it's uh there are messages in there No of course there's a message and I'm Just saying for me in every situation Like this uh you can't you have to draw The line and not let people do certain Things and that's unfortunately Happening so if you like this clip and

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