“You Support A Country That Hates Us!” – Patrick Bet-David In HEATED DEBATE With Reza Aslan

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In this short clip, Patrick Bet-David, Reza Aslan, Adam Sosnick and Tom Ellsworth discuss NIAC and the relationship between USA and Iran.

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Iran you and I are Iranian and when I Tell a lot of friends that uh you know Reza is coming on I had 50 50 split what People say oh my God let me tell you Don't do it because I'm gonna tell you They're gonna Target you these Muslims You got to be careful you bring bring Call out Christianity nothing will Happen to you call out Jesus nothing Will happen to you call out Scientologists something may happen to You call out a lot of but yeah just one Thing you don't go you know you just Don't go it's kind of like the the movie Tropic Thunder what does he say you Never nobody go full The point is you don't ever bring and Argue the Muslim religion and there's Risk by the way I've brought gangsters And everybody will say you cross the Line with Muslims they are Fanatics they Will come after etc etc then some of the People said you know hey let me tell you The fact that you're bringing them I Think you're gonna enjoy the Conversation you guys are not going to Agree on everything but I think you're Going to enjoy it he's reasonable some Of the stuff he says is crazy but you Can enjoy which by the way to be fair I've enjoyed this conversation a lot and Some of the people that know that I'm a Capitalist why would you give this guy a Platform this is my desire I enjoy this

I walk away today saying what a great Way to start the day but the one thing a Lot of the Iranians will will say They'll say Patrick he's a no Yak he Said no yeah How can you talk to a person from Nyack Do you realize he represents Iran and he Is a spokesperson for those guys and They defend and they want a nuclear deal Because it was them that the start at The nuclear deal go look at the website Who sits on their board Diane Feinstein Hillary Clinton you know Kamala Harris All of these guys you have to be very Careful dealing with Nayak now for People that know who Nayak is Americans Don't say Nayak Americans will say niac Which is what national Iranian Association of uh National Iranian American Council American Council and so That's what niec stands for so uh the on You're on the website no I'm not on the Web maybe they removed you were on the Way you're you're on a website saying That you supported Nyack I can text it To you and show it to you on some of the Places but tell me your position with Nyack and Iran and where you're at About now okay it's this this whole Thing is so stupid well people are Asking just so you know people are Asking because they've been brainwashed By a by a purposeful Deliberate well-funded well-coordinated

Disinformation campaign that seeks to Paint all Progressive Iranian voices as Regime supporters my writing I've Written spoken been on TV I mean I have Two decades of me on television talking About what I feel about this regime and What I think needs to happen to it I Have repeatedly called for its downfall I have repeatedly called it a murderous Regime that belongs in the Dustbin of History My advisory role at niacc which I used To have is because I am an expert on Religion and politics so I advise the Plowshares fund I advise Nyack I advise The State Department I advise Actual Congress people who are making These these these uh decisions about What to do with Iran I'm an expert in Iran so I advise those groups I have no Loyalty or membership to Nayak I'm not Here to speak for to be fair you don't Advise the other side though you're Strictly advising the progressive side You're not advice you're 100 which they Support the nuclear deal which you Support as well it's a hundred percent So you support negotiating with a nation That says Death upon America you're comfortable Negotiating with a country that hates us I'm sorry who do we negotiate we only Negotiate with countries that love us is That how negotiations work have you

Heard of the phrase diplomacy but Diplomacy no negotiation with a country That But for the most part the countries were Negotiated with that disagree with us They don't say death upon Americans Iran Says death upon Americans the top of the Iran this is not even the people in the Streets give us a so much so give 150 billion dollars that's a valid Concern that's a valid question first of All it's their money that we are Releasing in exchange for removing Nuclear weapons from Iran how do you Suggest we remove nuclear weapons from Iran Patrick okay I I have ideas not to Remove nuclear weapons first of all do You believe no matter whether we give Them the money or not they're not going To continue working on nuclear weapons They literally didn't Nope we're not going to move past this Until we establish the facts the jcpoa Which was negotiated by the United States Russia China the security Council And Germany which is extraordinary the Idea that those five countries came Together and the European Union and Agreed on anything let alone agreed on This absolutely remarkable deal under The Obama Administration to remove all The enriched uranium am out of Iran There is zero doubt that that worked Zero the iaea came out in no uncertain

Terms and said within 12 months of that Deal being put in place Iran no longer Had the enriched uranium to create a Nuclear bomb within do you have to be Naive to believe that okay but fair Enough let's let's let's buy into the Naivete and move forward okay let's just Say you're right let's say you're right Let's not believe the people on the Ground not actually monitoring the new To believe somebody that believes in the Values that they do yes I don't believe That but let me go to the next one ask You the question let me go to the next One alternative let me go back to the Next one I'll ask you the question okay Uh your father was right about Humanity Fair yeah absolutely your father was Right so do you think a uh uh Iran and I Know this is going to be hard for you to Answer this question don't go mosade I'm Purely talking Shah and the advancements We were making under Shaw versus what Happened to Iran under Khomeini okay If We had a choice between the two we this Is not the you can't say well I would Choose this I wouldn't choose either if You had a choice between how Iran was During Shah's era versus Khomeini which Would you choose neither I knew you were Going to say that but you can't say Neither you cannot say how do you mean Neither how can you say neither be

Honest I mean I'm being serious with you You may you may literally have this idea About the Shaw's age that is that is in Your imagination I do not have an idea I Don't remember the thousands of people That he slaughtered on the street the Tens of thousands of people who would Disappear into education camps we Replaced one murderous regime with Another murderous regime and it's stupid To say which one would you prefer it's It's naive for you to say what you just Said You said since you've left Iran in 79 Till today Adam asks you a question When's the last time you visited you Said 2005 before I became famous you Didn't use the word famous but before I Became known in a Marketplace okay you Haven't gone back since under shot you Could go back this is not about saying One did it right or one did it wrong is Your question which is more beneficial To me or which is better for Iran it's By the way the shot was more beneficial To the people you're saying Romania is More beneficial to the people no That's not what I said so the question I'm asking is literally what is more Beneficial you can't say neither though You are telling me which murderous Regime would you prefer the murderous Regime of the Shah or the murderers you Cannot be that naive though you cannot

Be that naive listen if you take it from That route if you take it from that Route Okay and Iran which by the way for me an Imperialist model apocalypse I'm not an Imperialist my model would be more what We have in America what I'm asking you a Simple question you can't answer during Khomeini millions of people died from Other countries Other innocent people died because of Khomeini's policies and his regime This is not Reza pal levies other people Died because of his regime you can't Give that argument okay for you to say That I'm going to choose both what you Want to do is a fun intellectual Exercise in which you are saying gun to My head I can only pick the murderous Regime of the Shah or the murderous Regime of the Ayah it's totally Different which one would you want I Would say the murderous regime of the Shah okay so because you got a gun to my Head not because I got a gun through it Because logically it makes sense to say Right after hominy you're you're Probably not leaving Iran if Shah was Still uh in Iran or not being in Iran You probably would and I would probably And I'd be probably miserable I wouldn't I wouldn't have no you wouldn't have Rights I don't think I disagree you Would have chosen to leave to another

Country you would have chosen to come Down I think you've got a Nostalgia for The days of the show a lot of like make America great but this but this to me Takes you back to why Nayak gets the Criticism that it does be because for You you're saying give 150 billion Dollars to those guys to Iran it's their Money But you're saying it's their money Anyways you're putting words in my mouth We have two options okay with Iran's Nuclear program two options and nothing Else two options period we have a third Option what's the third option I'll give You the third option option one we blow The out of it okay option two we Use negotiation and diplomacy what's Your third option very simple it's very Simple what you do with option three Option three is the same exact thing That happened in different nations Iran Iran is going through a potential Revolution today hold on I want to make It clear I am talking about 2012. I am Not talking about 2022. I'm not I have Never said we should renegotiate the the Nuclear program now you're asking me did I support the jcpoa versus today today There's no country but let me see let me Tell you but let me make sure Loses its I'm glad you clarify That I am not saying you're going back 10 years so then was it right in 2012 a

Hundred percent let me make my point let Me make my point point on what I'm Thinking and I want to hear your Rebuttal on this and your argument on This For me it's the following uh have you Heard of John Perkins the economic Hitman guy the author he's the hardcore Progressive very very interesting guy I Had him on two times I really like Talking to that guy uh and it's very Interesting his arguments what they did You know to cause Nations to go down do You think the current model and the Government today in Iran is good for its People and good for the world no Okay fair war on the same page so is it Fair to say that if we can figure out a Way to help the Iranian people not the Government the Iranian people to cause a Fall in Iran that's probably a good Noble thing for us to do that's that has Been my goal for 20 years fantastic then If doing that Your mission of wanting to do that which Nyack's mission is for the people Policies to help with the people That doesn't align with the rulers and The president and the people that run Iran you guys don't share a common value You're wrong so you're telling me you're Telling me the foreign minister Javad Zarif like you're saying his ideal Situation is to bring democracy to Iran

No what you're saying is Can we pursue policies in the United States to help the people of Iran and Have we been my answer is we have not Been we have not 40 Years of blanket Sanctions has not helped the people of Iran it is only entrenched the Government further and there's reams of Academic data that can that indicates That the question is does the for Instance nuclear deal the jcpoa in 2012 Did that help would that have helped the Government or the people and there is Very good real like meaningful arguments To be made that it it would only help The government I disagree because there Are much better arguments that it would Only help people why goes back to your God capitalism the free market the Iranian people live in an oppressive Murderous uh Theocratic regime and as a Part of American policy we have decided That we're are going to blanket sanction Everyone in the hopes that eventually They'll rise up and take down their Government no for decades four decades We've been doing that now instead the Argument of the jcpoa was very simple a We get to get rid of Iran's nuclear Capabilities without launching like Giving them 150 billion without again I Want to make sure that you understand That this isn't my 150 million or your 150 million that's the only reason I

Said it doesn't matter you're Strengthening them what you are doing You're strengthening their government It's not about the money that you give Them it doesn't get to the Liberalization you cannot be that naive To think the money goes to the people I'm not talking about the money going to The people what I am talking about is The policies that arise from the jcpoa Which requires the liberalization of Iran's economy what Iran what the Iranian people not gonna happen what the Iranian people need in order to actually Succeed in bringing down their Government is access to the free market Is access to the rest of the world Like giving money to the government You are conflating two different things I'm not listen to me I'm not saying that The money in exchange for the nuclear Weapons is what is going to free Iran I Am saying that the policies pursued by The jcpoa have on top of it the goal of Economic liberalization in Iran which is Why I argued 10 years ago that Iran Should be allowed into the World Trade Organization because then it would have To actually pursue policies that require Economic liberalism reason unreasonable People it's impossible to negotiate with Unreasonable who we read do you know how Much we send to North Korea right Now do you know how many billions of

Dollars in Aid we send to North Korea is There anyone more unreasonable than Kim Jong-un that's who we negotiate with is Unreasonable people because the other Option with unreasonable people don't Bring is you just bomb the don't Put as I know you're a hardcore Capitalist as a capitalist yourself Don't confuse the two okay with a Judeo-christian nation that we're Talking about here I'm not talking about North Korea here I'm talking Specifically to Iran if you go back and You think about during the Shah era when That place is safe everybody around them Felt safe nobody around Iran feels safe Right now nobody in Iran felt safe in This shot of course they did of course It's called and your family did yours Did as well what are you talking about Are you your example is the perfect one The moment shall live your dad as a Communist left what are you talking About my father didn't you feel safe Then why didn't he live under the show Why did Olivia came in you realize how Much hypocrisy there is for that though There's contradiction to that but a lot Of things about you I never honestly Thought that you were gonna sit here and Actually defend the shot like Kidding me you're defending Khomeini You're defending Iran you're defending All the people

You chose 55. hold on have has anyone Here asked actually hurt me indirectly You are indirectly you are when I ask You between the Sean the Khomeini you Said that's neither You're saying Romanians are the same you Have to be naive to say that I didn't Say they were the same what I said it Was but your family to be fair your Balance murderous regime baby I left the Medianized I left 89. okay my family was Actually the family that I thought Iran Was gonna figure that I'm part of that Family yeah if I would have left early Friends yeah okay if I had your father I Would have been like hey man we're in We're in U.S already I would add a 10-year lead but my dad took 10 more Years with mom because they thought that This thing's going to get figured out Right all I'm saying to you right now is The final one I have four kids I would love to take my kids to Iran To jam Hospital I'd love to go eat at our belly jigar do Original duel I dream about it to you Know uh uh what's that one Park uh Park Is shahan Shahi it's a different name Right now whatever it's called or go to Bandar palavi it's not called bandar Palavi anymore my mother said they're From uh rasht and bandar palabi area Yeah it's my dream to go there I think

My opinion by giving these guys even if It's their money back to make the Government even stronger you're delaying Those people being free you're delaying At 10 15 20 more years let's let's Establish what's your goal for Iran My goal for Iran is to be a nation that Is Freer than it is today okay free such As we have the exact same goal we do but Our approaches are different how do you Think we get to a Freer now it's in 45 Years yeah it's been 45 years we're We've done one thing all we have done For 45 years is sanction contain and Isolate 45 years now you tell me yeah Have we gotten This much closer to the Iran that you're Asking for so so let me let me you're Saying American policy yeah Can you tell us to tell the people to Get on the zoom I'm six minutes late I'm Gonna be there in four minutes tell me Have we have we have we actually pursued Your goal have we pursued our goal So my Answer is going to upset you okay and Just brace for impact maybe take a deep Breath and then you're probably gonna Upset me as well but but you know my Answers these are my answers I think there are a lot of people in the World That want to keep Iran in the Havoc that It is today absolutely I think there's a Lot of people that if they Saudi Arabia

Israel it's not just Saudi Arabia or Israel there's a lot of people here it's UK it's a lot of people the last time Iran was very powerful they became a Little too powerful and they're like Wait a minute pump your brakes my people Are going to your place Elizabeth Taylor Is dating zahidi Frank Sinatra's coming At performing concerts in Iran the Richest people in the world in the 70s Are going to Iran for vacation the top Three country in the world countries in The world for vacation is Iran are you Out of your freaking mind they're Killing it guys we got to kind of slow They need havoc in the Middle East it's A necessity for some financially it's a Necessity for some politically it's a It's just like but we're talking about The Iranian people let me it's the same As this policy Iranian it's the same way As many Progressive not you or Democrats Would like to keep certain communities And sects poor because they keep winning That vote if they lose that vote if they Start becoming financials We're not getting off the subject what I'm saying too is I'm giving you my Opinion I don't think they want to free It having said that my Approach Would be any possible way to give the Power to the people anyway how do we Give the power to them they need weapons In Iran the people don't have weapons

We're Not Gonna We're Not Gonna ship Weapons to Iran like if you're asking me A question let's talk about the realm of The possible no no the realm of the Possible is not logical what needs to be Done is not on freaking black and white It's a lot of gray needs to get done for This thing to get done it ain't no black And white type of stuff you need a Similar situation on what happened with Most other and what happened with the Shah as crazy as this sounds they've Done this before to a guy that would be Considered a republican the Shah and They did it to a guy that would have Been seen as a socialists how you think We help the people in Iran is by giving Them weapons that is one of many Different ways to do it one of many Different ways to do it that's one of The ways to do it how do we Empower Those people to actually be able to Remove their government by suffocating Their government how do we suffer by the Government why do you think all these Girls right now are willing to sacrifice Their lives for what though do you think What do you think the woman right now Are doing in Iran what do you think They're doing it they're sacrificing Their lives basic human rights basic Human rights things that you and I have Here absolutely I support that and I Support the more we strengthen their

Government the less power we give them So the more money we give to the Government the less money we give to the Less power we give to them right so how So you do realize that right now the Rich people in Iran are the people in Government the mullahs with the roles I Don't disagree 45 years of sanctions has made the People poor and the government Rich no What they do is the government from the Top says see what America did to you Right see what America did to you take It off no no see we take it all and then A US send us more money or else we're Going to keep saying mad about we're Going to keep saying America's the evil Empire that's what they do no it's not About American Empire it's about an Existential threat to the world Iran has It no no Iran has money it's not like Iran doesn't have money the level of uh Again let's not confuse things the Nuclear deal was to get nuclear weapon Capabilities out of Iran and it was According to your strength and the Government according to five countries In order to do that so here now here's The question here's the question to you You're saying that for 45 years the Government has gotten richer and the People have gotten poorer yes and that's Because the government has a monopoly on The black market so I'm saying actually

Let's invest in the free market let's Give the people you're naive to think The money most of them the money goes to Them if you have four degrees I don't Have a degree the money goes to them if They actually have an ability to access It if they have access to the free Market economy if they have access to Interdependence access to that foreign If you're a business owner in Iran let's Say you're selling carpets Iran's Business you're selling you're selling Pistachios yes you can't sell pistachios On the international market so that's Not about the mulas keeping all the Money for them they can yeah the fact of The matter is and for a capitalist like You I can't believe you're disagreeing With this I'm against the government Having the power to bully its people Which is what it's been doing for 44 Years you're for it I'm against it That's and then say that I'm For it then what do you mean give them The 150 billion dollars to the Government your argument is that if You're saying the argument is let them Have their money that's theirs you're Not thinking we're strengthening them I Think we have a common Mission by the Way my argument I'm gonna say this one Last time is that in exchange in 20 2012 For the removal of nuclear weapons Capability you're believing them for in

Exchange for nuclear weapons Capabilities which have the stringest Investigative group The iaea now you can Say oh the iaea the U.N they All don't know anything okay well then There's nothing really to talk about but The people on the ground who actually Take the tests told us in no uncertain Terms that it was working that's a fact The point is separate that from this Larger conversation that we're having Which is how do you empower the people In Iran to bring down their governments And it's a legitimate argument I'm not Saying you're wrong or dumb for thinking That you know sanctions is the right way Of doing it you're not dumb it's naive It's two differences what I'm what I'm Saying is yeah there are two ways to do This You could either blanket sanction the Entire country and as we know 45 years Of that has led to the the uh government Being more entrenched than it's ever Been and the people at the top being Billionaires and everyone else barely Struggling Or any other thing 45 years any other Thing and what is the other thing well It's quite easy there are mechanisms in Place already that allow for an Investment on the ground of the Iranian People themselves access to the free Market economy which comes with rules

Here's the problem with 45 what rules The rules are World Bank rules rules are You you okay so so so if I negotiate With a murderer you think he's Accustomed to Following the rules if I if I negotiate With a nation with a government like Theirs you think they follow what's in a Contracts it's so there's no way you Believe that I understand that you have This this mystical view of what the Iranian government is that exists in This kind of existence People who care about their own Livelihood and they care about nothing Else I do think they care about their Livelihood the government people care About their wealth I agree with you Exactly but but I'm talking about it's People that's what I'm talking about and What I'm saying is Right now we have nothing but the stick We have no carrot at all in Iran there's Nothing that you don't care to the wrong Guy the giving children to the guy That's got plenty of careers he's been Overdosing on carrot to the economy no You're not giving it here today I'm a Syrian on Armenia let me tell you What both sides will say you ready Here's a criticism here's a criticism Both sides will say and I want to wrap It I will go off if you're up for uh Part two three hours I'm up for bringing

You back you have no idea I've enjoyed I'm being serious okay so I'll tell you This Armenian Assyrian Assyrian Armani okay You know every time when people say Hey You know let me tell you what's going to Send money to this charity Send money to go help these syrians how Come you're not giving money here and I'll send money you know both sides of My family will say never send money you Know why because it goes to the wrong People because it never goes to its People yeah you said it you know this Reputation so if you and I are given Money 150 Billy to the government we have to Be naive to believe it's going to end up To its people that's what I'm not going To end up to its people and that's what That's we're strengthening the way it's Something different okay anyway hold on Hold on I I need to say one last thing Because if you probably know anything About me you know that I get cut up and Re-edited and there's an entire industry Online meant to make me look in a Certain it's not us we don't do it I Want to say something I want to say a Final word here because it's very Important yeah and I'm hoping that this Final word will make it I have absolutely nothing but loathing For the Iranian government for the

Islamic Republic it is a murderous Terroristic regime that Slaughters its Own children it has no legitimacy Whatsoever it belongs in the Dustbin of History the only proper response of this Current Revolution and it is a Revolution it is a revolution is not for Reform it's not for a little bit more Rights it's to burn the whole thing down And start all over again and I Wholeheartedly support that the question Is how do we Empower those young people How do we give them the rules necessary In order to burn it down so if you like This clip and you want to watch another One click right here and if you want to Watch the entire podcast click right Here

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