Your Emotional Protection Mechanism 😌 #shorts

The human system is designed to shield us by cutting off any memories that are too painful.

If you take a kid who's physically Abused and you put a quarter in one hand And a key in another hand without them Seeing it as an adult they won't be able To tell you which hand has the key and Which hand has the quarter because the The human system is really smart if Something is too painful it cuts off and So most of us me me particularly in my Journey I couldn't have told you what Emotion I was having at all and I wasn't Particularly expressive of Them because emotions were way too Painful there was too much emotional Abuse and emotional abuse is a word that I think is I you I throw it around very Easily what I mean by emotional abuse is That somebody held you responsible for Their emotional state or somebody told You the emotions that you were having Were not okay to Have

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