“You’re a Utopian!” – Heated Debate Over Anarchy With Michael Malice

In this short clip, Patrick Bet-David, Michael Malice, Adam Sosnick and Tom Ellsworth debate the concept of anarchy.

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Do you have a vision with Anarchy I was Just going to ask that question what's Your vision with Anarchy like in an Ideal world there's no ideal world That's the problem it's not a utopian System what energy what's your vision What's your vision my vision is a Situation where more people are Responsible for their own lives which we Have today I said more people okay more people are Responsible I don't think we have that Today at all Um more people responsible for their own Lives there's less of a Reliance on Corporate news sources there's less Respect for the University system and There's an increasing amount of absolute Contempt if not levels of hatred toward Government and government officials I Think we have all of those that we're Making progress on today I agree I I Would easily sell it to you I think uh Biden will go down in the history books At least out of all the presidents that We've had as the guy that drove more Homeschooling than any other president Then we're making progress that was Trump that was kovid it's not Trump it's Coveted it's probably it's not either of Them but but it's it's covet Biden Because of what's going on with you know Pushing these education and even the Scientists I would also say was the

Spokesperson to drive people to consider Saying I'm either going to do private School I'm either going to leave the State or I'm going to do homeschooling I Think it's a combination of covet biting The scientists together are driving up So that's true that's progress next one The data that's coming out that says in K through 12 schools 99 of Health Teachers gave money to the Democratic Party 97 percent of English teachers Gave money to a Democratic party and 87 Out of a hundred uh Math and Science Teachers gave their money to democratic Party that means they got a monopoly on That mindset that they're teaching the Kids and for every 13 Professor or 12th Professor that's a Democrat one of them Is a republican so these numbers are Coming out and people are saying that's Not cool so you're either going to Create a university or I'm going to do Online schooling I don't even want my Kids to go to college why would I want To send my kids to college people are Making decisions we're making progress And then social media you know Mainstream media I think it's very Obvious dude can you realize Jeff Zucker Got fired when when did Jeff sucker get Fired less than a year ago now what's Going on with Chris Licht where he's at What's it what's going on with Chris Lake he's either just got fired or is

About to get fired right is he really He's in he's in a deep you know he's not In a good place if you pull up uh Chris Looked about to be fired so Main stream Media when Russell Brand goes on Bill Maher and annihilates an MSNBC guy to His face to the point where Bill Maher Gets uncomfortable we're making a lot of Progress when the number one guy that's Pushing back on mainstream media as a Former UFC not a UFC former fighter and You know actor Fear Factor shows and He's putting people in their place where They can't go around you know saying hey You better get vaccinated or else this And all of a sudden people are saying Well I kind of like what he's talking About what is this about Ivermectin I Think the progress is being made does That mean that's we're leaning towards Anarchy no it just means we're making Progress because if on a hundred Different issues if we wrote on a piece Of paper a an anarchy a Libertarian a Capitalist we may agree on 77 different Things or 78 different things or 82 Different things And then You may disagree with you on four Different things Right liberty no no you know Dave Smith No no games like this but you know what There's a lot of things that we all want To see have progress happen I think

We're making it do we want to have a big Government the way we do today no do we Want to see them printing money the way They're doing today no I think they're Being exposed by both sides does that Give credibility to the Anarchy argument I don't know about that I don't agree With most of what you just said but let Me break down a few points where I Disagree with first of all I don't think There's such a thing as big government There's only government you approve of Any government that is big enough to Impose its will upon you will be Regarded by you as a big government and If a government is so small that the Night Watchman state where you could Drown in a bathtub then it's not a Position to impose any kind of weak Law And Order regardless so there's no Coherent argument for minorism number One second I don't think it's at all Accurate and I'm friends with Joe I've Been on a show several times to regard His amount of influence or amount how Much he's trusted is in any way Comparable to the New York Times or to Someone who's a law professor at Yale These are to me still night and day I Don't think at all there is a view of Both sides if you mean like Republican And Democrat or liberal conservative That they regard the state as a Legitimate there is no incentive and no

Move in Washington let's just take it From the conserve perspective to shrink The size the government by one dollar You had Trump and two years of a Republican Congressional majority there Wasn't even an attempt to abolish a Single government agency let alone to Shrink the size of the government so This idea that if you want to be kind of Have a Libertarian perspective and say People are realizing government's too Big even if people are realizing this at There's a DeSantis didn't shrink the Government at all I think he grew it Even faster than this predecessor so in Terms of you know 77 out of 100 things If you and I both have the exact same Vision of a house we buy what it wants To look like and you want to sell it and I want to move in we do not have the Same goal even if we have the same Vision yeah but in your world it's your Way or the highway Michael and and That's very hard because the the the the The the way you sell your ideas our Conversation started off when you when I Asked you and you said well you know my Book is ranked number three on anarchism On Amazon and I'm making progress great All I'm saying is progress progress I Didn't say it's happening I'm giving you Your point back to you we're making Progress Joe is making progress Joe is Not New York Times we all know how big

New York Times is it's massive it's a Behemoth but we're making progress Elon Musk buying Twitter it's progress all of These things are progress we are making A lot of progress towards the concept of Freedom of speech and people questioning Things they did in question before Because we're all collectively getting Smarter and saying This [ __ ] just doesn't make sense we're Not getting smarter we're getting more Informed I'm going to be pedantic Because that's important because I don't Think people are necessarily getting Smarter but we have more access to Information that is crucial and that's What brought down the Soviet Union but Again I think you're kind of mixing up Several things you asked me earlier why You know anarchism I'm not mixing up Anything I'm just telling you we're Making progress and just like you're Saying you you're uh uh the argument of Anarchy is making progress I think Collectively more people are informed Today whatever definition you want to Give it informed or smarter more people Are informed today to realize This [ __ ] doesn't work we're unified When a Bill Maher What are we talking about like Russell Brand are you kidding me like when Bill Maher and Russell Brandt and Joe Rogan Who endorsed Bernie Sanders a couple

Years ago when they're coming up and They're saying here's what we are Nobody in a million years could have Guessed this was going to happen Okay The weirdest people are unified today Which I believe is Major progress but go Ahead you were asking earlier why Anarchism isn't more popular right and I Was giving you examples of a we're Making progress on that issue and one Concrete objective as opposed to my Personal feelings is the fact that the Book hit number three on Amazon so I Agree with you that we're making Progress in terms of both understanding The nature of the state and the power Elite and also more specifically in Terms of promoting anarchism as an Ideology point being I'm not a utopian Right so even if I had for example a Magic wand and uh marijuana you are a Bit of a utopian but Michael let me Manage something with you in a Conversation that's two hours I may jump in and interrupt that's fine If it makes you uncomfortable it's going To happen 50 more times I understand if You interrupt me I'm fully comfortable You're not gonna offend me I'm a big boy And I'm expecting you to be a big boy as Well I'm a very little boy perfect That's totally fine okay yeah totally Fine I should be in my bed yeah you Should be in your bed and you chose to

Be here I'm not a utopian and I do not Appreciate being called a utopian Because what I was about to say is if All that happens is drugs become Legalized that's nowhere close to an Anarchist Society I'm not gonna say [ __ ] You that win doesn't count that's a huge Win if people aren't put in jail for Illegitimate reasons I will take that as A goal I will accept it and celebrate it The reason I wrote this book the white Pill was about the fall of the Soviet Union the people in Russia Ukraine Romania they're not living in some Utopia they just things just got Significantly better for them and that Is important for those of us who fight For Freedom you take the wins you can Get and you don't say oh well they still Have this law or they still have that Long no you go look things in our Lifetime in places that are not some Weird country that you can't find the Map moved fundamentally enormously in a Better Direction and they did it Relatively peacefully and relatively Easily and that to your point which I Agree with it is something that is Important for those of us to stay Motivated who fight for Freedom so that This is why I think the anarchism Question in this context is a bit of a Distraction you don't have to believe in Anarchism to still fight for freedom and

To work with me and and other people Think like you and to take the wins when You have them Yeah so so what I like about you know Competition is if your ideas are great You can attract good people you'll track Money people come to you if you don't You're gonna lose good people okay at This table His family's from Canada Tom doesn't Live in Canada okay right uh you were Born in Ukraine yes you don't live in Ukraine correct here you live in Buffalo New York that's right Sunny Buffalo By the way that's a joke he's in Austin Which is sunny which is sunny yes I was Born in Iran okay I live in U.S Adam's family's from Israel well I'm Jewish but my family is Ashkenazi Jews From Russia From Russia he grew up in Miami family Chose to come here okay if in a split Second U.S all of a sudden came up with Shitty ideas and it kept going the way It was I don't think you have kids I got Four of them and I know you're a legacy Guy because you said that in the first Week like you you want to make an impact You want to yeah so for me If climate got bad and it was to the Point where I'm being forced to do Something I don't want to do I'm either Gonna run for office I'm either gonna

Make money to have a platform I'm going To speak up I'm going to write a book Like you're saying here's what I believe In and people have to read it and see Where it's at Or I'm gonna say you know what I'm gonna go raise my kids in Singapore I want to go to Belize I'm gonna go Chill you know what here's what we're Going to be doing we're going to go to XYZ Uh uh I think the world would be a very Weird place if we all 100 of us believed In the same exact thing it would be Quite boring so a part of the fact that You're talking about this you're forcing The rest of us to question our arguments And we're sitting there saying wow you Know what he he seems confident in this He seems confident in that where's the Leak in the argument here so to wrap This part up before we go into current Events rap I'm going to pull up this I'll give you the final thoughts and We'll go into current events so can you Pull up what our friends at uh uh uh uh Chachi BT said about Anarchy this is Very important zoom in because some of Us can't okay there you go uh let's see The question first because it's Important Michael knows what is the Definition of Anarchy Anarchy is a Political philosophy or system that Advocates for the abolition of

Government centralized Authority and Hierarchical organization of society Anarchists believe that individuals Should be free to govern themselves and Make decisions collectively without the Need for ruling class or state apparatus Anarchy emphasizes the importance of Individual Freedom Direct democracy or Volunteer Association as opposed to the Use of force or coercion it is important To note that anarchy is not synonymous With chaos or lawlessness as anarchists Often propose Alternative forms of Social organization and dispute Resolution right how do you feel you Like what he says are you okay with that I am okay with that I'm just going to Make one more point I don't need a Hundred percent of people to agree with Me at all I don't have an opinion on how Macy should have the refund policy I Understand that this is Macy's they're Not doing it right Honestly let's not go that far I'm not Going to go that far point being there's Lots of issues this is why I'm against Democracy there's lots of issues where Most of us shouldn't have an opinion Because it's not our business I have one Simple question That everything you're saying is great You know you're saying you know sort of A low level conversation it works Um but we live in on Earth we all have

To live in a country sure and we have to Live by which is the reason development Historical development that we live on Earth no that everyone is a member of One country okay got it well sure we are In modern times so I mean we're not Going back to Biblical times listen so Everything you're saying is great it's Amazing you know relationships police Everything I guess what country Is closest to even coming close to Implementing any of this anarchical Types of philosophy is there any country That even comes close And all and I'll ask this question but I'll strike country so that you don't Pick on that right is there some place Or some group or something on Earth that Comes close That just comes close it is practiced All the time whenever any people work Together voluntarily towards a common Goal so it's not a location it's not a Certain type of government so it's not Like you say um it's not like you're Going to say well America has an Anarchist government that's not how it Works where anywhere if you have peace Freedom and interrelationships with People on a voluntary basis that is Anarchist me put into practice and where On Earth whenever anyone uses Cuisine When everyone does mathematics when Everyone people use Music

Internationally all these things fashion These are all examples of International Historic Energy Systems you're driving These guys insane they want you to give Them the country so they can move there I don't know why Michael and you just Want to [ __ ] place Israel Israel so if you like this clip And you want to watch another one click Right here and if you want to watch the Entire podcast click right here [Music]

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