You’re Being Lied To

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Kids are being led to believe and Parents are being led to believe that You can step in with these very powerful Medications these hormones and you can Deny biology and you can pause biology You can create a Persona of the opposite Sex without paying a huge price that is The lie that's being told that you're Not going to pay a price for this oh Yeah there might be a few side effects No no no no I mean like a whole missing Forearm for example and a penis that Doesn't work and and sterility and Lowered voice decreased bone density and The increased probability of the Development of cancer and no evidence Whatsoever that there's any any mental Health benefit and all the trauma that You put your family through and all the Regret that's going to emerge later in Life when you find out that you're Sterile no ability to breastfeed and Complete loss of erotic sensation in the Nipples and Etc etc you mean those risks

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