You’re Losing Out On 1,000,000,000 Every Year

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Cost me a billion dollars a year to not Know what to do to make a billion Dollars or I do know how to make a Billion dollars and I just have to wait And pay down my time debt which is what I feel like I'm doing right now just Paying down time and so I think Understanding whether it's a lack of Knowledge or it's just a timeline thing Like those are big differences you know I mean at the Baseline right you could Be doing the right thing but just be 10 Years behind when it's going to come to Fruition you will get outsized Returns On the information right on the Knowledge and the lessons that you will Learn and so you want to pay that Ignorance down as fast as you can Because as soon as you have that Knowledge you'll be able to Skyrocket Straight to 20 50 100 500 000 a month Like very quickly because you know how To do it it's a whole S P 500 versus SME 500 but like you will get a Significantly higher return investing in Your own ability to make money than you Will in any market and so if you look at The vast majority of very very wealthy People they have tremendous earning Capacity they know how to do stuff that Makes money we gotta go get that

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