“You’re the problem!” – People Afraid To Speak Out Are Ruining America

In this short clip PBD, Lauren Chen, Adam, and Vinny discuss how the people afraid to speak out are the problem and ruining America.

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Patrick Bet-David is the founder and CEO of Valuetainment Media. He is the author of the #1 Wall Street Journal Bestseller Your Next Five Moves (Simon & Schuster) and a father of 2 boys and 2 girls. He currently resides in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida.

Why do you think people are so scared to You know share their opinions what do You think is causing this fear I mean I'll give my story of A guy by the way You should have met These Guys these are Your kind of guys but why do you think People conservative Christians great Guys they were Persian Jews from New York oh wow who knew how to party right I mean this is yeah You know you're not purchasing so why do You think people are scared nowadays Well I mean it's cancel culture and it's Kind of it's been done to death the Issue everyone knows it's real now but I Mean years and years ago people were Starting to realize that it was it was a Thing I mean you have your social Officer that you can be socially Ostracized if you have the wrong opinion This is especially true if you are a Younger generation I mean your peers are Being indoctrinated almost non-stop from I mean the education system especially If they're going to a college media Social media so I think a lot of people They're you know they're looking at what Happens when someone gets labeled or Racist or Sexes or whatever it is and They're kind of weighing is it worth Kind of speaking out if it means that I'm going to lose my friend group and I Have had friends who are I guess no Longer friends because of my beliefs is

It worth being fired or having my job Prospects I guess limited just to speak Out about these issues that I think a Lot of people are saying no not not Really I'll just I'll just keep my mouth Shut I'll just kind of go with the flow But we see where that's gotten us over The past few years let me ask you who Were you in high school like 10th grade 11th grade who was Lauren Shannon High School uh quiet I was in the math club Uh played the flute and violin so just a Happening person A party so so it's fair to say you were Not part of the party animal getting Hammered actually I skipped 10th grade Also oh great that should give you a Little bit of an indication of what my Social Circle was got it so were you Like a 4.3 GPA painfully Asian yeah Really okay shout out to the tiger moms That was not the first grade I skipped Either so really I also skipped nine so How old were you when you graduated uh From high school nine years old I didn't Technically graduate high school because I was going back and forth through Canadian and American systems but I Finished with my bachelor's when I was 20. so you finish with your bachelor's When you were 20. yeah I love I haven't Bragged about high school for so long It's pretty impressive man yeah and you Said you said earlier nobody ever even

Offered you drugs like people looked at Me and they were like nope she ain't Cool enough she ain't doing blocks So the reason why I asked that question From is the following reason so normally In school you know who who certain People are and everyone's going to find Each other the party people are going to Find each other the complainer is going To find each other the gangsters are Going to find each other the Bodybuilders are going to find each Other the athletes are going to find Each other the Christians are going to Find each other everybody finds each Other right so if if you were who you Were in high school your friends that All of a sudden are saying well Lauren You know you're being a little too Extreme with the stuff that you're Saying seven years ago was it a surprise To them that your opinions were what They were I think so because if Especially if we're talking about women Women have the tendency to be very Agreeable and I think if when you're Taking a position that's going against The mainstream which if you are at all Center even Center left nowadays is Considered Fringe or extreme that is an Unpopular position that is Anti-establishment and I think a lot of Women especially like the nice girls That I was hanging out with I never

Would have thought of them as extreme or Radical but I think because they are so Prone to that agreeableness as Jordan Peterson would say it's just a lot Easier to go with it to accept it Especially when you have these activists That are painting things like extreme Feminism or the LGBT agenda as just Being tolerant and accepting they're Going to look at anyone who speaks out Against that as extreme confrontational Bigoted you name it yeah it's it's crazy You say that so we're in Bahamas this Last weekend we took a couple hundred People there Vinnie one night we laughed You made us laugh for three hours Straight I had an ab workout by the time We were done that night well we walk out Of this restaurant and this one guy Comes he says you're the Twitter guy Another guy comes he says you're a tick Tock I'm like I'm the tick tock guy I Don't even know you know so but the Twitter guy that I'm talking to I said Tell me why you're seen on the Twitter Guy so I see your Twitch he said you Should have me on your podcast the guy Says this to me good looking you know Middle Eastern Jewish won a 50 000 watch And he says you should have me on the Podcast because we can we agree on a lot Of things I'd love to kind of tell them What's really going so why don't you Have a podcast he says oh no no I can't

Have a podcast so why can't you have a Podcast he says well you know because You know business it's going to affect Us I said you're the problem you're the Reason why America is where it's at you Are the absolute problem and he grabs His wife wife comes over these other two Guys come over every one of them's uh Listens to you so they know content what We're doing all this stuff he says yeah He is he's a fuzzy you know he's scared He's this he's that his friend is now Joking with them I gotcha so I sat there And I said so what are you scared of Tell me actually what you're scared of He says well what what do I do I mean if I do in New York I'm in New York you Know if I say anything you know we're Gonna do this and they're gonna do this And they're gonna do that that's exactly The issue okay the three communities That I keep telling I had a great Conversation with Dave Smith last week We a phenomenal call together about the Three communities the lazy and scared Republicans are ruining America the do Your thing Libertarians are ruining America and the tolerant Christians are Ruining America these three communities Are all generally net positives to Society they contribute to society they Don't take but they're ruining America Because they're Sinners I don't want to Kind of give my name called that I'd

Write about just be quiet and not say Anything about it because what if I the Guy's like what my real estate business Could take a hit I said your country Could take a hit your kids could take a Hit you're worried about the real estate Business but then again it's a real Valid fear that a lot of people are Having nowadays but even a guy asked a Question on the Tweet he says Pat I'm an Executive if you go to it go to the Other tweet prior to this because this Is a different tweet go back one guy Asks a question Go go a little lower I think it's that One right there yeah guy asked the Question go to the bottom on when the Guy asks the question right there my Response to him he says Pat I saw your Thoughts on a podcast podcast and Completely agree however it is a risk For many of us to speak up we have Bosses who don't agree with us and bills To pay what do you recommend to come Combat that I said I totally understand There's risk for speaking of it there's Risk for staying silent is much bigger However there are creative ways for Doing it if you want to click on show More you can create a pseudo name to Write blogs a fictional character a Burner account that speaks up a Community Twitter account that uh Without revealing it you kind of like

Lips up Tick Tock there are many ways to Push the envelope the only thing I Discourage you from doing is staying Silent so that's kind of what you're Talking about yeah absolutely and when I Finally did reveal my face and Eventually my name it was almost it was Freeing honestly it was you it's sort of Scary because you know all right I can't Really work a mainstream job in HR if People at my Wiki page is calling me a White supremacist and all these Terror Terrible Things white supremacists yeah Yeah I'm a white supremacy is very Multiracial nowadays surprisingly Diverse Bunch those oh yeah working out Now apparently if you work out too much Well yeah but you know you know what you Actually Pat left out uh a part not only Were we at a dinner for three and a half Hours and we came out that that Interaction with this group with Especially with this guy was like a 10 To 15 minute situation where he not even Called him out I mean like an audience It was like a town hall in the casino And it was Pat wasn't being quiet he was Going in on him he was seeing the light And then his friends were showing up Other people were showing up recognizing Pat and I think calling people out Pat Was was not only like a good thing we Need more people like that who mind you He has kids in the room he has enough

Crap going on where taking that time out In the middle of a casino on vacation to Base I mean so Pat it was pretty loud Like I think we need more of that where It's like Hey listen you're not doing Your part you're all freaking valid Concern it's a So one we have to understand the level Of like a guy calls from Hollywood Saying hey Pat I fully agree with what You're doing obviously I can't talk About it because if I do my community I'm going to get hurt I said okay Courier-wise that's okay he says what Should I do I said do you have a few Money if you're in Hollywood I don't I Said what matters more to you is this a Bigger cause in your life than your love For Hollywood he says that's something I Got a battle with I said I totally get It you got to do what you got to do but Nowadays the movie sound of Freedom Which we'll talk about here in a minute But I think you want to say something no Well I just want to give you Kudos but Also kind of give a little I don't want To say pushback but there's a different Perspective so I fully agree with what You're saying here about Um creating a pseudonym or even if you Don't feel comfortable putting yourself Out there there are Avenues to express Yourself no doubt I would say one of the Things I love about doing this is I get

To talk my [ __ ] right or wrong I get to Learn I get to grow I get to express Myself that's the beauty of doing Podcasts what's interesting so as I did A neck call shout out to the team at my Neck everything's going awesome there I Mean the the guys I'm speaking with Garage on 300 minutes by the way thank You it's great it's amazing connect with Us on the next pbd Vincent myself we'll Sign you up Lauren but I have a call With this guy in minute and the whole Conversation was he was like my business Has taken a 50 Drop because I express myself too much I'd like to discuss with this is the Question I'd like to discuss with you on Manect what you think I should do I said All right we get on a call it's a half Hour call I'm not going to put his name Or anything out there I said so tell me About your business well I'm in San Francisco I'm in the medical field and I Work with a lot of high profile people I Mean he said some names when I say high Profile I mean very high profile like You'll know the names and he goes you Know I'm a a right center right guy I'm A Maga guy I'm a trump guy whatever and He goes I in the medical field I'm Making a half a million dollars easily And in the last year my business has Taken a 50 hit he's like and now I'm Making a quarter million dollars a year

Just because the people that I surround Myself with caught wind of my political Beliefs And they've like one two three The names went out there it's a valid Question and I said and I was like Wow Let me process this with you and I said Let me ask you something bro do you have Any political aspirations no Do you have any interest in doing a Podcast or anything like that zero I go Then why are you pushing the envelope so Much because it's costing you a quarter Million dollars a year because that's Exactly what I'm grappling with right Now I want to say what's on my mind But it's literally costing me hundreds Of thousands of dollars I go but hold on Back up a second where do you live San Francisco that's the problem are you Planning on moving your business at all No like this is where I'm at I go then I Don't know what you want me to tell you Bro but is Voicing your opinion worth a quarter Million dollars a year only you can Answer that he goes yeah not not really But I'm glad this is circling back I'm Glad that you brought up alternative Options that people can do yes it's sad That if you express your thoughts and Your beliefs you could literally get Canceled or lose clients or lose jobs or Lose money but that's the risk that

We're at these days but I is it sad Though because that's where I'm at I Mean obviously I'm speaking from a Position of privilege where I get to Like you said speak my mind and I have People who support me but if you're in This position do you want clients who Would otherwise hate your guts if they Knew what you actually believed do you Want to work for someone who thinks that You're this terrible person who's Destroying the country do you want Friends who are only your friends Because they actually agree with you Because there are rich clients this guy Could have in Nashville in in Florida he Doesn't have to be there and likewise if You are someone who's wanting to do Something to contribute to I don't know A little bit of the normalization of Politically Uncomfortable ideas we should all be Investing and spending money with people Who share our values we should stop Supporting financially people who hate Us or who are trying to trans our kids Like with Target or Bud Light because I Think what we're finding increasingly is That for the longest time things have Only gone one way it's only people who Are against the left that are afraid to Speak out the left doesn't have that Same shame you have celebrities who will Tweet the most radically left-wing

Things imaginable they're still in Movies they're still in Disney and Marvel whatever but I mean someone like Gina Carano says something that could Potentially be a little bit critical of I think was covid stuff she's fired Immediately is that fair no that's not Fair so we need to start I mean Enforcing the fact that we have our own Values we're not going to be ashamed of Them we're going to support people with Like Minds if that means moving maybe That that's what you have to do so many People are doing that now because I Think a lot of people are just tired of Being afraid all the time It's a very valid conversation a lot of People are having it that's great Feedback but uh you know there's there's A couple things to be thinking about So one is like okay so if I'm work if I'm living in San Francisco and I want To stay there like this guy wants for Some reason Yeah yeah okay but but species in the Street it's quaint yeah very Queens very Romantic amazing when you're going out With your wife and oh baby I stepped in The water beautiful okay I guess to be Clear he's in Silicon Valley which is What still a half hour outside Silicon Valley I got you so so you know So so to so to go through this he's Right it is a deeply concerning thing

But by the way that doesn't mean that's Not the reason why America is in Shambles today that also doesn't mean That it means guys like him who are Afraid to address conversations like This are the reason why the other side Is able to get so much agenda so the Whole concept is what are we intolerant Towards again I pray for four things Courage wisdom tolerance understanding I'm having a hard time with the third One right because it's me tolerance I Have a hard time right and then you see Dave Smith it tells me about a quote by Uh uh Von mises he says can you pull up The the tweet that I just the Tweet Right there that you had go back to and Go all the way to the top of the Tweet Not that one the other one gold way to The top of the Tweet yeah right there if You can uh there's a quote right there That says uh right there classic Liberalism must be intolerant of every Sort of intolerance I I have to I have To tell you I've been grappling with Many different words in my life you know Why are we lazy I finally realize why People are lazy your life is boring when We're bored we are lazy so you don't Want to have a boring life make your Life exciting by constantly having stuff To do so these things you ask questions Of right this one here you have to be Tolerant Christians we got to be

Tolerant [ __ ] you can't be tolerant Towards intolerance if you're going to Be intolerant to me who the hell are you Two thinking I'm gonna sit there and Take it from you so so the the concept Of intolerance we must be intolerant to Intolerance even for some of the Christian Community on the bottom where It says your eyes are too pure to look On evil you cannot tolerate wrong doing Why then do you tolerate the treacherous Why are you silent with the wicked Swallow up the more righteous than Themselves the whole thing he's talking About is why are you letting these Wicked people take advantage of weak People I'm standing in the streets I see A person being bullied I can't do Something about it no no no I don't want To ruin my career because what if I save That lady and then the cop comes and Arrests me so let him be to beat the Wife up it's okay I'm just gonna mind my Own business that's a coward in in a way Right I don't think tolerance is a Virtue at all actually it is certainly Not a Christian virtue if you look at The New Testament you don't really see Christ saying it's okay I'm just going To accept this no he speaks his mind he Makes a very clear delineation between Right and wrong god of the Old Testament Certainly not one for tolerance so the Idea that this is a virtue something we

Should strive toward I I disagree and It's the same thing with blanket Concepts like diversity we're supposed To believe tolerance is inherently good Diversity is inherently good just Because but no they've provided no more Moral framework as to why those things Should be something we strive for we're Supposed to just accept it without Question yeah no I agree with that she Nailed the pet because think about the Left the other side does not give a damn They're not they don't give and nothing Happens to them so Pat and I'm and I've Always said this it's time for us to be Like you know what enough is enough open Your mouth if you have to punch people In the face I mean they're doing it what Do we guess what we're supposed to just Sit back and just and take it I have one Thing to say about that so here's here's A part is it fair to say there's certain People in America that they're gonna Vote Democrat even if your argument Makes sense they're never going to 100 Is it fair to say there's certain people In America they're going to vote Republican no matter what you can't say Anything to them 100 okay so the the Truth is right for both sides okay so Who are we really trying to talk to that Becomes a question the independence if You're trying to talk to the undecided The independent the libertarian the

Green whatever the community that's in The middle of the 12 percent you have to Figure out how to communicate with them So if this guy's talking about this I Know a lot of people that will come and Say well let me tell you factors Yeah you're not converting anybody the Ability to communicate a message as well To somebody saying I never thought about It thought about that before you can do It simply by questioning you can do it Simply by saying you know what John I Don't know if public school was like This when you and I went to public was It like this before I just don't Remember being like this the other thing My kid went to school and they did this What do you think about it that is a Very open you know you're not bashing Anybody to start a conversation and the Other person can say yeah you know what My wife was saying the same thing the Same thing happened with us the other Day you know kids going to school I Thought that was kind of weird I'm a Democrat I'm like why'd I do that it's a Little bit concerning I'm starting to Hear this and those are the words hey Don't you think it's kind of weird like Look I don't mind taking a vaccine I've Taken a ton of vaccines but don't you Think it's a little bit weird that you Know they want pro-choice to do whatever I want to do with my body which fine

That's a interesting argument I get that As a person that wants to do whatever They want to do with their body but is It kind of weird that they want to be Pro-choice there but they want to be Pro Force when it comes down to the vaccine It's a little weird ain't it it's a way You open up the conversation at Workplace instead of just saying these Morons these [ __ ] that's that's Also not going to work so a part of your Friend that you spoke to on the neck Could also be the delivery of the Message the delivery of the message is Just as important Um if not even more important than the Point you're trying to make you may be Right But your delivery is so bad that you Push the person away from whatever Argument you're trying to make to them There's a lot of people On social media and I'll push back on Your uh what you just said a little bit On one of the points It's easy for us to just go hang out With each other where we agree with each Other it's very safe to do that you Ain't doing nothing special you're not Doing what these great leaders did in The past we're just sitting there Talking to each other and we all agree Hey let's just go talk to people hey Pat Why don't you come on this platform

Everybody agrees with you I don't want To go to a platform where everybody Agrees with me I want to go on a Platform where people don't agree with Me I want people to stop in the middle Of the street and say you know what I Don't agree with what you said about This I said really I don't agree with Myself also sometimes tell me what it Was about that upset you and let's Process it together I think you we have To almost have some of those tough Conversations do something with it try To figure out a way to persuade then if We don't succeed then we got to take a Different route but I do think we have To talk to the opposition side instead Of just people that agree with us you Can be a very good person that can find Your own audience there's two types of People there's those who gonna go give Such a great message bashing the other Side so much that the people that agree With this person show up but but they Don't convert then there's another Person that's going to say let me tell You my way of how I see this here and This is how I evolved into thinking this Way and then the other people say that Guy just converted me into a thinking Like that so this guy finds a community This guy goes and converts people we Need more converters in America that's What's lacking there are too many

Cowards that are running away just to Talk to people that agree with them and It's safe we need more Fighters that's The challenge that we're having right Now so when that guy's saying what he's Saying I don't blame him for feeling That way maybe he's got to take a couple Communication courses well I fully agree With what you're saying and that the Term that we've all heard over the last Hand for years is people are living in Echo Chambers it's if you're on the left You're just speaking to all your friends In the left and that's what you Associate with and you're living your Echo chamber if you're on the right you Don't even all the libtards out there I Would never hang out with anyone on the Left all their [ __ ] evil out there They're just living in an echo chamber What I fully appreciate is open dialogue And I the fact that you constantly say I'm going to push back a little bit I'm Gonna push back a bit that pushback Right there is where you find answers Although I will that right there is Where you find actually Common Ground I Mean speaking of push back a little bit Uh Jonathan high he did this really Interesting study the idea of echo Chambers conservatives consistently are Better able to identify what the left Believes in vice versa right because It's frankly a little bit hard to live

In an echo chamber if you are right wing Nowadays right your your government is Left-wing your media is left-wing Your Entertainment is left-wing your Schooling is left wing so I mean Obviously especially if you're in social Media and your friend group that could Absolutely be just full of conservatives Right-wingers you don't have any Exposure to actual leftists but you're Not going to get the same amount of Ideological Purity that you can on the Left and I think that is why the left More so than the right has been Radicalized and that we can see this When we look at like the positioning of The democratic party over the past few Decades that has shifted much further Right compared to sorry much further Left compared to any transformation That's happened I actually fully agree With you can I Circle back to one thing Because we kind of skipped over it You we kind of just addressed it and Then we moved on this whole concept of Tolerance pbd for years you've been Saying that your family abides by four Overriding principles what are they Again courage wisdom tolerance Understanding okay courage wisdom Tolerance understanding this isn't Something you just came up with this Week this month this year how many years Have you been saying that

15 years okay and you have a whole Artwork yes embraced on this yes and I Fully understand why you're saying that You're grappling with this word Tolerance because it's come up so much These days hey you got to be tolerant You got to be tolerant whereas when you Initiated this entire uh Livelihood tolerance was a virtue Tolerance was the main what's the Definition of Tolerance willingness to Accept feelings habits or beliefs that Are different from your own right are There some synonyms endurance resilience Being open-minded but it comes to an Extent we had when we did the interview With Tate in Romania When he basically went on a riff about Tolerance tolerance of what all right Okay I'll be tolerance of this okay gays Can get married all right I'm tolerant Of this all right I'm telling you that And then you can't kind of use the story About all right now I gotta eat the bugs Now I gotta be tolerant of eating the Bugs where do we draw the line and I Think that's we're at an inflection Point of like all right cool I'm Tolerant about this all right cool I'm Tolerant about this yeah I don't know About these drag shows with kids I I Think not tolerant about that I still I Still think it's a good quality I don't Think it's a bad quality I think you

Have to uh isolate in what areas Tolerance is bad we can be easy to jump To one side or the other I got four kids Trust me you need tolerance I run a Business with 45 000 insurance agents in You know 49 states trust me you need Tolerance when you're working with People that are going through the Evolution of growing their mindset and All this other stuff if you don't have It if you don't have tolerance you would Fire a hundred percent of people you Hire you need a level of Tolerance what I believe we need a level of in Intolerance towards is towards Intolerance meaning The people I have the easiest time Working with or Community like for Example Chris Cuomo and I were talking Yesterday And he says Pat why do you want me on Your show like dude I'm not I don't look Like the profile of people to have you Owners just to be clear you're talking About the CNN anchor yeah Come on I said so what do you mean it's A very simple question for me I said First of all I have a lot of respect for Any man who raises two boys who love Each other and are friends and are Laughing and your father did that and When I see you and Andrew I got two boys I want my boys to be it doesn't I don't Have to only look at conservative two

Sons to see how close they are it Doesn't matter what it is I respect the Fact that you guys are tied you guys are Close I see you as a stud obviously we Have opposing political ideas and Philosophies but that's where we can Have the exchange I think you are Respectful and we can't have a Respectful conversation together if People can reason we can have exchange The people you shouldn't waste your time Talking to are the people who don't have The ability to reason that's when you're Wasting your time this is why I said the People that can be converted or are open Let's talk the people that are not going To listen to any like Keith olberman What is the conversation with Keith Urban going to be isn't it there's not Going to be a conversation it's just Going to be you're a [ __ ] you're a this You're gonna you gotta go home buddy It's not gonna work out this is not what This is all about so that's all I'm Talking about with tolerance and Intolerance but if I could offer perhaps The Virtue you're seeing in tolerance There in tolerance not in intolerance There uh isn't actually tolerance itself But understanding because I feel like if You can understand where someone is Coming from well that should be the Defining characteristic of whether you Accept them or not the issue of

Employees for example is it really that You have to be tolerant or that you need To be understanding of different Scenarios and if a scenario still equals Them being an effective employee you're Not going to tolerate that no you have To no you know no no You have to in sales you if if you think I woke up day one and I was the number One sales person in my gym or office or Insurance company that would be the Biggest lie somebody was very tolerant With my evolution of improving because They believed in me that's a different Kind of Tolerance I tolerate Vinnie when We first had him on the podcast no joke You know I had a conversation with it And I said Vinnie here's what we got to Work on and this and even with Adam I Adam and I at the first podcast versus Today it's a very different thing but I Said is that because you understood that They were new that they were trying to Grow and that this was not their final Evolution no I think tolerance is a very Good quality People people who are tolerant to areas Where they believed something can Improve in areas that I'm not going to Be tolerant in my non-negotiables we're Not we're not I'm not tolerating my Non-negotiables but I think if you have Let's say you're dating somebody what is A challenge the older you get the harder

It is to get married is there true to That of course there is why why is it Easier to get married when you're in Your 20s why is it easier to get married When you're in your 30s than 40s why I Mean there's a whole red pill Conversation we could well now you're Stepping in my department well yeah but But by the way I mean the argument can Be well you shouldn't get married Because a divorce they take half of what He's got into some America is all about The woman I get that what I'm trying to Tell you is the older you get the less Things you are willing to tolerate yeah Which by the way some could say that's a Good thing but if you're alone by Yourself but you want to be in a family And have kids guess what you are a Little bit too all intolerant to too Many things you got to kind of pick what Your non-negotiables are it's the only Thing I'm talking about I want to go to Some of the other I want to give you Credit for one thing go for it okay this Is it The reason I respect pbd so much is the Conversation we talked about one of our First handful of podcasts and it came Down to the concept of being a leader And specifically being a sales leader All right you do the SLS the sales Leader Symposium sales leader Summit Every year any and and we were having a

Conversation with debate and you go hold On I'm sorry Adam what's the most amount Of people you've ever LED I was like well you know maybe like my Sales team is like four or five guys and I was a camp counselor as a kid I was 50 People you're like nice try buddy try Being the sales leader sales manager for Tens of thousands of people And that put my whole narrative in Perspective and that's what I give Peabody so much credit for speaking of Tolerance is I mean we've been to the MGM Grand the events that you do for PHP Shout out to those guys Thousands ten thousand people in a room When you're leading thousands and Thousands and thousands of people I'm More prone to listening to what you have To say versus someone who's leading 10 People in in and by the way again If if you and I wanted to be intolerant To every say you're a governor say You're a president say you're a leader Of a military oh my God one you're Miserable if you have a long list of Things to be intolerant to it's just Things are not going to get done and Everybody else is going to be walking on Eggshells all the time so if you like This clip and you want to watch another One click right here and if you want to Watch the entire podcast click right Here


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