“Dead After Testifying” – Was Boeing Whistle Blower John Barnett Killed To Silence Him?

Patrick Bet-David is joined by Adam Sosnick, Tom Ellsworth, and Vincent Oshana as they discuss the death of Boeing whistle blower John Barnett just days after he testified regarding the company’s safety protocols.


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Patrick Bet-David is the founder and CEO of Valuetainment Media. He is the author of the #1 Wall Street Journal Bestseller “Your Next Five Moves” (Simon & Schuster) and a father of 2 boys and 2 girls. He currently resides in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida.

Boying whistleblower John Barnett found Dead days after testifying against Company okay well my God 62 years old Died from what appears to be a Self-inflicted g Gunshot I'm not laughing at what happen I'm laughing at if you say Hillary gunshot wound on Saturday Barnett was cross-examined by boing's Lawyer and his attorney days before he Died the court planned for Barnett to Answer more questions on Saturday but he Did not appear as planned the BBC Reported that he was later found dead in His truck which was parked in a hotel Parking garage Barnett was employed by Boing for over three decades before Retiring in 2017 he worked as a quality Control engineer at the company in 2019 Barnett told BBC that Boeing would rush To get it 787 Dreamliner jets off the Production line compromising safety Alleged uh emergency oxygen systems that Were made for 787 Dreamliners had a Failure rate of 25% 25% this means that a quarter to 787 Dreamliners had the potential to rapidly Lose oxygen if the cabins were suddenly Decompressed suffocating passengers is That what Vinnie did you have a video You sent you want you want the audience To see yeah I I I sent so there's two of Them pass so first of all uh there's Al Jazer sent an undercover reporter into a

Plant in South Carolina now mind you Guys these are the people making the Airplane and he's asking them would you Fly on this airplane I'm not trying to Laugh at the situation is actually scary Rob can you please play what these People were saying once they're inside So hang on this is alera asking how do You make the plane crash I'm asking for A friend yeah no this no they're Basically just asked would you fly This Plane yeah would you would you be in Would you be a passenger in this plane That you are building as we speak in This plant go ahead rob you fly one um No no you won't fly any one no did you Fly one of these Planes oh workers okay so okay so by the Way 15 workers none of them would fly on It but going back to John Barnett guys So as we all know Boeing planes have Been falling apart the doors have been Flying off tires are falling off by the Way mid-flight just yesterday uh Airlines flight 8:30 from Sydney to SFO Started leaking Fuel and somebody Recorded it they had to turn back around And land and mind you Boeing and United Both employed Dei practices so I Wouldn't I wouldn't wonder why but going Back to John Barnett guys he worked for 30 years on the 787 dream liner the one That's having all these problems all Right so in 2017 he started taking legal

Action and he was alleging that the Plane isn't being built when the plane Isn't being built fast enough the Employees start getting scrap metal from Broken parts like a bin to you that the That the plane gets done In time okay and Pat you mentioned the Oxygen tanks one quarter of them would Fail so it's been going on for since 2007 uh he did a deposition with Boeing's lawyers on Friday Saturday Under oath and then Saturday he's found Dead in his car self-inflicted gun like Dude what did he tell them is what I'm Curious the thing that bothers me I let Rob play what he said on TMZ here in a Second it's so obvious guys let's let's Be real this isn't a conspiracy this is Beyond coincidence we all know what Happened somebody somehow allegedly with Boeing said guys go end that guy's life I one Adam always says don't say 100% Explain to me how he's in the middle of This he just got deposed by their Lawyers and then he what because he Can't handle the truth he shoots himself In his car that's this is Exactly like the movie if you guys Haven't seen it go watch Michael Clayton With George Clooney one of my favorite Movies ever of all time phenomenal Acting from everybody a guy a lawyer Finds out that a big pharmaceutical Company killed thousands of people

Knowingly they hid the they hid the Research uh and he wants to go public The pharmaceutical company hires two Hitmen to kill him and make it look like A like a suicide it's blatantly obvious And the only thing the only sad thing in 3 days nobody's going to talk about this And this is this is what he told TMZ Pat About about uh Boeing how long ago is This uh this is recently okay go ahead Rob this is not a 737 problem it's a Bowling problem um and I know the fa's Gone in and they've done due diligence And inspections to assure that the door Plugs of the 737 are are installed Properly and the Fasteners are Tor Properly but my concern is what's the Rest of the airplane what's the rest of The condition of the airplane and the Reason my concern for that is back in 2012 Bo started removing inp ction Operations off their jobs so it left the Mechanics to buy off their own work so What we're seeing with the door plug Blowout Is what I've seen with the rest of the Airplane as far as Jobs not being Completed properly inspection of steps Being removed um issues being ignored my Concerns are with the 737 and the 787 Because those Programs have really embraced the theory That quality is overhead and nonv value Added um so those two programs have

Really put a strong effort into removing Quality from the process so here's my Thing Rob I mentioned this when we first Start talking about it it's only a Matter of time because what what what's BO going to do stop all these flights They're no they're not they I don't know What's going to happen it doesn't look Good because every week something else Is happening it's a matter of time to One of these things crashes bro I'm Shocked what's BO Boeing stock has to be Going down right let's take a look God Like Adam are you flying anything Boeing 787 that's the majority of can you go 5 Days let's see what 5 days looks like I'd like to go dude look at that are you Crazy I'm flying go one month yeah Months yeah go go to a year okay that's What it should are you guys trying to go On Boeing right now or any Boeing flight I'm not it peaked in what January of 24 So the biggest thing to me is that Boeing has been more concerned about Their share price going up than their Planing staying up so it's you know John Oliver did an amazing expose on Boeing During his show and you know he Highlighted some of the AL jazer things They left off some of the stuff in the Clip they interviewed that guy the best Part they left out whatever clip you Found they interviewed all those guys One guy was like hell no I a flying

Those planes one guy said the quality is Going down to another guy called it Sketchy one guy goes yeah I'd fly but I Kind of have a death wish that's what One guy said crazy literally so what Happened with Boeing has been a slow Drip but they've been concerned you know Their theme in 2021 was called More For Less and all all and there was a Um basically a move to have all Boeing Employees basically be part of the uh Stock price it was un quote all Boeing Employees play a important role in Improving shareholder value um what Happened in after the Trump tax cuts as They called it in 2018 I think it was $2 trillion tax cut Um Boeing like many other companies what Do you think they did they basically did A stock buyback so there was a$ 20 Billion um stock buyback program CEO Dave Calhoun Callahan sorry uh 92% of Operating cash flow went to stock BuyBacks they didn't go to checking more Part yeah Dave Calhoun there he is right There they didn't go to checking more Parts they didn't go to uh more security They didn't go to uh better quality Control they went to shareholders Pockets okay so where does that lead now If you want to talk about the plane Crashers that have existed since Boeing Spefic specifically the 737 Indonesian Flight 189 crashes to the Sea never

Found weird never found Ethiopian Airlines flight 737 was a Boeing 737 no Survivors what happened there uh since Then the FAA grounded all Boeing 737s um there's clearly a concern of What's going on here you talk about this Whistleblower this guy John Barnett yeah There's another whistleblower Ed Pearson Whistleblower who is has urged managers To shut down the factory here's my last Point A lot of people are saying well What the hell do you want me to do at This point I got to fly you know there's Two main airline airplane manufacturers In America here around the world there's Boeing and then there's Airbus so you Have sites like kayak that you can Literally do a drop- down box to choose Which type of uh airplane manufacturer To choose from so um And then let's not forget the reason That we're even talking about this what Was that Alaska flight where the door Just fell off that was this Boeing it Was a boing 787 so something's going on Here with Boeing and they're cutting Corners and they're more concerned with Their shares than uh actual flight saf But go but going back to to the main Story uh if we can and I want to ask all Three but actually Rob I want to know You too so John Barnett what percentage He was Abed yeah well think about and I'm being I'm being genuine right now

God Rest his soul like he's coming Forward putting on blast a $120 billion Company that's declining in price he Does a deposition what is the percentage That Boeing Boeing paid people to Somehow have him killed in a vehicle and Make it look like suicide I I'll give You guys mine after you guys Tom I I Can't put a percentage on it but um yeah You can what do what do you think highly Unlikely likely where you at the timing Makes me highly suspicious right how can You not be suspicious when a guy is you Know whistleblowing and you see the Interviews with him he doesn't seem like You know a hippie from Marin County Saying nonsensical things he sounded Like a pretty you know cogent guy and if You had to pick a number Tom if you had To pick a percentage here here's what Bothers me about it when I look at it Objectively he's already been filmed and All this deposition stuff is out so this Is in court he only had one more day of Deposition yeah you you to to get the Job done he's already got the job done For this court case if you're going to Investigate boing and you're going to Take FAA is going to take action against Them and so he only had a half a day of Testimony left if you're going to take Care of a whistleblower you take care of Whistleblower long before they ever get To court and put things in writing do

That's where I was going with this is if They were going to do this um they would Have done it before he testified but They he I just wanted a percentage I I didn't Need speeches guys I just want to know The percentage that you think I don't I Don't need a diet welcome to the Vincent Oana show guys I just asked the number Tom said he doesn't even want to give me The number I'm saying 95% you just went from 100 to 95 in 2 Minutes I didn't say did I say 100% you Did did I add Tom no he said Uh says don't go 100% I said Adam says So get that's fake news which I you said Adam says don't go 100% but I'm going 100% where you where do you put it where Do you think I would say that that's a Likely scenario Pat if you give me You're saying it's a likely likely that Bo did it thank you Adam I'm not saying That it's 100% like aini o sh I'm saying That that that there seems to be a weird Coincidence Here how how high was this guy's ranking Like looking at him he was in charge of The safety and everything for that Quality he quality manager at the North Charleston plant making the 787 Dreamliner stateof the-art so quality Manager what is a quality manager Quality manager a high ranking per Quality manager so he's managing the

Things is he in the room of decisions Being made is he sitting with SE is he Sitting with board is he talking to Influencers how deep into it is he I I Don't know but to me listen you have to Give Credence to the timing of this Thing taking place right it's just a Very strange timing and anytime you hear Stories of saying he was Found dead from a self-inflicted wound On March 9th and police are still Investigating it I don't know man this Is this is just a little bit weird and Creepy on what's going on here and by The way boing has not been Rob run a Report run a report uh uh a poll if you Can and and the poll is not the poll of Uh ask the question does this concern You on your next flight booking your Next Flight uh uh 100% a little bit not at All okay because I I just want to know What people are going to be at with this Cuz you know there's already people that Are afraid of flying right and the last Thing you need for the people that are Afraid of flying to now add this on top Of it and what percentage of planes by Airlines flown what percentage of Airlines fly boing planes okay uh uh all Of them all of them buy from Airbus and Boeing on an alternative basis the Exception being the uh the unit Carriers Southwest Southwest only buys

Boeing 737 so that all their maintenance Parts and all of their mechanics can be Trained the same to save money so Southwest only uses if you've ever Southwest you know that it's only American American flies the most of the Jets as portion of it Fleet nearly Onethird of its planes American Airlines Are 737 800 Jets um going airplanes so I Mean you okay did you run the poll Rob Did you run the poll yes and and what is It at right now I'm curious because I Actually want to know what the markets Out of markets does boing safety issues Concern you while booking A little bit not at all 10% I mean it Should concern you right and and you Can't have people being worried so Imagine now a person saying hey your Executive says I need you to fly to you Know Chicago to go something done you Know I got to tell you I don't want to Go why don't you want to take the flight I'm worried about what's going on with The boying PLS how does HR handle that What kind of an like you know what I'm Saying it's a little weird thing that's Going on right now that they need to get Their act together what the hell is this With people dying of your manager 32 Years that were with you quality manager Working on these planes it's a it's a Little and by the way I hope they Investigate this I hope they get a

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