How Focusing on Self-Improvement Can Benefit You More Than Trying to Change Others

Are you feeling frustrated with the people around you? Do you find yourself constantly trying to change others but getting nowhere? Perhaps it’s time to shift your focus towards self-improvement. Not only is it more beneficial for your personal growth, but it can also positively impact your relationships and overall well-being. In this blog post, we’ll explore why focusing on self-improvement is the key to a happier and more fulfilling life. So sit back, relax, and let’s dive in.

How Focusing on Self-Improvement Can Benefit You More Than Trying to Change Others


We live in a world where change is inevitable. We encounter different types of people with different personalities, beliefs, values, and cultures. Often, we encounter people who are different from us who do not see things the way we do. We try to change them and make them think like we think. We try to mold them into something we want them to be. But, the reality is that changing others is difficult, if not impossible. Instead of trying to change others, we should focus our energy on self-improvement and focus on fixing ourselves before trying to fix others. This article will explore why focusing on self-improvement can benefit you more than trying to change others.

Income Growth Comes from Focusing on Personal Improvement

In the world of business, income growth is the goal of every employee. However, income growth does not come just by working hard and meeting performance targets. Income growth comes from constantly improving oneself, and this holds true for both personal and professional development. Taking courses, attending seminars, and reading books are some of the ways individuals can develop professionally and improve their skill sets. Personal growth, on the other hand, is crucial to find purpose or direction in life. Living a fulfilled life involves figuring out what drives you and what you want in life. This could involve focusing on your spirituality or interacting better with people.

YouTube is Proof of this Principle

A quick search on YouTube reveals that self-improvement is a popular topic among people of all ages and backgrounds. The self-improvement industry has grown in recent years, including videos that offer advice and techniques for individuals to improve themselves. This type of content is free and readily available to everyone in the world. Many people look up to success stories of people who have focused on self-improvement and achieved greatness. It takes discipline and dedication to make this happen, but the results can be life-changing.

Company Required Employees to Read “Principle” Book

One company took the importance of self-improvement to heart. They believed that by improving their employees, they could improve their overall performance as a company. To that end, they required all their employees to read the book “Principle” by Ray Dalio. The book offered insights into how individuals can work with others more effectively and gave advice on gaining perspective and making better decisions.

Failure to Read Would Result in Termination for Some

The company was serious about fostering personal and professional growth, so they instated a policy where anyone who did not read the book was subject to termination. This policy was somewhat controversial, but the company believed that if their employees did not have a complete understanding of the importance of self-improvement, they would not be successful within the company.

Executive Emphasized Importance of Understanding Individual Differences

One executive from the company emphasized that understanding individual differences was crucial to personal and professional growth. Since everyone is different, it is essential to recognize what makes others unique and to work from that perspective. Being able to understand what makes someone tick and get along with them can help in personal and professional relationships.

One Employee Tried to Offer Feedback Without Reading the Book

Despite the company’s efforts to foster personal and professional growth, one employee tried to offer feedback to her colleagues without reading the book. Instead of disregarding her comments, the executive challenged her to focus on bettering herself before trying to fix others. This challenge was not an insult, but an acknowledgment that the employee had room to grow.

Fix Yourself Before Trying to Fix Others

In conclusion, the importance of focusing on self-improvement cannot be overstated. Instead of trying to change others, we should focus on our personal and professional development to achieve our goals. Income growth comes not just from working hard but from constantly improving ourselves. The self-improvement industry is booming, and YouTube is proof of that. Companies like the one detailed above, who prioritize personal and professional development, are more likely to succeed and understand the value in achieving a better understanding of individual differences. Fixing ourselves before trying to fix others is not an insult but an acknowledgment that we all have room to grow.


  1. Is it possible to change others?
    Answer: While it is possible to nudge someone in the right direction, changing them entirely is very difficult, if not impossible.

  2. How can I start focusing on self-improvement?
    Answer: You can start by setting achievable goals and making a plan to achieve them. You can also focus on developing new skills, taking courses or attending seminars, and reading books related to self-improvement.

  3. Can focusing on self-improvement lead to income growth?
    Answer: Yes, focusing on self-improvement helps people to develop both personally and professionally. Income growth is a natural result of personal development.

  4. Can individual differences be a hindrance for personal or professional growth?
    Answer: No, understanding individual differences is crucial for personal and professional growth. Being able to work with others’ unique perspectives can lead to success in personal and professional relationships.

  5. How can focusing on self-improvement help me deal with difficult people?
    Answer: By focusing on self-improvement, you can develop skills like empathy and patience, which can help in dealing with difficult people. You will also learn to recognize your own biases and how to manage them while effectively communicating with others.

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