How To Read 100 Books a Year

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Yeah one of the things that I found the Speed listening really helps with is uh Just reducing the cost of a book So I was at this philanthropy retreat Thing over the weekend where people were Talking about Ai and biosecurity and Pandemic prevention and like how do we Avert nuclear war and I just found Myself being like I have no idea what Anyone's talking about here and so in Conversations with people I was like What's like the one or two books you'd Recommend to kind of get up to speed on What the what what the hell's going on With nuclear for example and this Chapel I spoke to who works in policy was like You know this is really good book called The Bomb which came out recently that Charts the history of nuclear war from The 1960s onwards You should try that out and I was like All right cool and immediately just Opened up Amazon on my phone bought it On Audible I saw it was a 12 hour read I Was like cool I can get through this in About three hours yeah something like That and I started listening to it on The drive home and already like you know Two hours two or so hours into it like Listening at about about 2.5 x speed Because there was a lot of names and Stuff and I'm not overly familiar with How the US government works so it's like You know let's slow it down a bit I now

Feel like oh my God like I now have so Much context on the nuclear thing which Is I I had zero on like other than Studying the Cuban Missile Crisis in Like history when I was 15. beyond that I knew nothing about any of this and It's like oh it turns out there's all This like drama between the Air Force And the Navy and the Army and the Marines all the stuff around nuclear Like stuff with the Kremlin the hotline There's some really cool and if That if that had been recommended to me As a book and I would have seen how Dense it is just like I'm never gonna I Wouldn't have read Brandon Sanderson Because I would have seen how big the Freaking way of Kings is but as an Audiobook as an audiobooker like a speed Multiple It only costs me about three hours of Time where I'm driving or at the gym to Be able to actually ingest a lot of Information about nuclear and maybe I Can't recite the names of like oh in 1963 this was the person who was the Head of the Department of State or Whatever but I don't really need to Because what I care about is getting the Gist and a general understanding of the Topic yep the story and the plot plus It's asynchronous time right to read a Book you need to not drive not work out Not cook you're sitting at a desk you

Know even reading while you're on the Train or in an Uber is difficult but if I'm listening you know I finish my zoom Call like here's my how my day goes Right I wake up in the morning airpods Go in I start listening I brush my teeth I'm listening I'm cooking breakfast I'm Listening I take them out when I'm Eating breakfast with my teammates and Then if I have five minutes between a Zoom call and where I'm in I'll listen And then I finished the zoom call I'm Gonna head over here cool I start Listening I get in the Uber I like might Pick up a phone call or two the second The phone call ends I go back to Listening my airpods just don't leave my Ears and then I only stop listening I Texted you hey I'm downstairs but I can Do things and listen at the same time And when you show up downstairs I stop Listening and so all that dead time in The day typically is like three to four Hours I'm listening to a book but I'm Listening at 3x speed Nice lovely life Um now That thing that you just said I imagine There are some people listening to this Thinking oh my God that sounds Incredible and just as many probably Thinking oh my God that sounds Like the worst thing in the world this Guy's a psychopath like

Um I wonder like I mean most people do The same thing but with music Right so let's take Hamilton for example Um I eat biographies for breakfast I'm Obsessed right like I literally wrote a Rap album about the life of Arnold Schwarzenegger after I listened to Hamilton for the first time Um Hamilton the musical it's about two Hours 40 minutes long it is the best Biography of Hamilton in my opinion Right it's dramaticized but like you Can't take away from the beat and lyrics And everything else when you listen to Music it's exactly like listening to a Book especially if you pay attention to The lyrics by the way one really cool Thing is if you start listening to a lot Of audiobooks you will notice and Remember all the lyrics from all the Songs you listen to most people who I am Friends with Um you know they listen to the beat or The melody and they don't necessarily Recall or understand the lyrics they Need to look at the lyrics on their Phone to really and take them for me Like both happen because I've trained That part of my brain But if you already do this for music why Do you do it with music because it Enriches your life It Makes You Happy Well Brandon sanderson's uh you know the Way of Kings enriches my life I'm sorry

Even more than music and so again it Doesn't matter if it's fantasy or Fiction or philosophy or sci-fi I listen Because it makes me happy it's it's Beautiful it's enjoyable I'm living Inside this world and the joy that you Get from a book if you've read a book is So much deeper than the Joe you get from Watching a movie or watching a TV series And so I don't watch TV I don't watch Movies I just consume books but I do it With my ears Hey friends thank you so much for Watching if you enjoyed this clip then Click here for the full unedited episode And if you like that then do please Consider subscribing to the channel it Means a lot thank you so much and have a Great day bye

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