I CAN, I WILL, I MUST – Eric Thomas Best Motivational Speech Ever

Eric Thomas, Ph.D., is a critically acclaimed author, World-renowned speaker, educator, pastor, and audible.com Audie Awards Finalist. As he is better known, ET has taken the world by storm with his creative, common-sense approach to living a successful, satisfying professional and personal life.

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Eric Thomas

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Foreign S right some third world countries that It does not matter what time you wake up It does not matter what time you go to Bed it does not matter how hard you work It does not matter how much you read or How much you study it doesn't matter you Can go all in you can give 120 percent But because it's a third world country And the resources are not the same It's not possible for you to be a Millionaire it's not possible for you to See the things you're going to see here In this country it's just not possible And so because you live in the United States of America too much is given much Is required I'll say it again too much is given much Is required and because we live in this Country we will be held accountable For how we took advantage of America So one of the things I want you to do I Just want to stop real quick stop real Quick right and we've gotta we've got to Embrace the fact That we have resources in this country We've got to embrace the fact that if You never wanted to travel outside the United States of America I promise you Between uh all the states Hawaii Puerto Rico you don't have to go anywhere else To see the Splendor that you're going to See in this country There's no other place that you're gonna

Go where they print money every day [Music] Unless you'll be very closely you're Going to be held accountable all of the Opportunities right so yeah I was Homeless and I was a high school dropout So I woke up one day I was like yo he is Way too much money in this country for You to be a high school dropout And I went got my GED and I went from a GED to a PhD listen to me I was living In abandoned buildings before I was Considered number one in the world and I Woke up one day and I realized Eric Thomas there is riches all around you Human resources fiscal resources Material resources you live in the United States of America your daughter Deserves the best possible life your Mama deserve the best possible life get Your butt out the bed Grind from sun up To sundown and live the American dream Foreign It exists they're not going to give it To you but if you're willing to get up Every day and go take it if you're Willing to get up every day and work for It if you're willing to get up every day And grind for it you can have the life That other people dream of Now look before we get started before we Get started I need you to be honest with Yourself right so we're going to say That

The opportunities in America is 120 Percent Right here's what I want you to do I Want you to be honest I want you to write to yourself what Percentage are you giving if I give it 50 percent Like for real e I'm not talking about What they're asking me for like I know In this industry what I'm doing I know the effort that I'm getting for I Want you to be honest I'm giving 50 I'm Super talented I'm giving 50 Right we're not comparing ourselves to Anybody I'm just saying what percentage Are you giving ET I'm giving 70 right I'm giving 80 Maybe you're giving 90 I don't know Foreign You this is only something you can see Right and I want you to know that if you Want to get to the next level as your Effort and commitment goes up everything Else is going to go up look America is America But when I was a high school dropout Living in abandoned buildings I did not Experience the same America I Experienced now Before I had my PhD I was experiencing The American dream but I'm not Experiencing it the way I experienced With a with a PhD working in schools Like this is a total different before I

Wrote a book failed English three times That was a different experience than When I actually finished got the PHD and Began to write books it's a different Experience so what I want you to do is I Want you to stop crying about what's Happening externally and I want you to Start look I want you to stop playing The blame game I want you to stop saying That I don't have this or this isn't Happening for me or I'm not living like Other people and I don't have I want you To stop playing the blame game in America it is possible and it's also Possible that if you're not limited You're not doing something you're Supposed to do foreign [Music] Because if I do self-assessment if I Really take an inventory on who I am the The level of execution the level of Effort if I look at my attitudes Right and it's not 120 and I make the Adjustments Listen to what I'm saying what I'm Telling you is we live in America Everybody can have an ocean view We live in America everybody can have Ocean View everybody can fly first class I can have whatever I want why I live in America I can fly first class I can live we can So what I'm trying to explain to you Before we get started you are blessed to

Be in an industry that has a straight Path to whatever you want I said you Don't live in a third world country I Said you don't live in the country where They tell you what you can do for a Living and how much money you can make And where you go grocery shopping and What you have I said you live in a Country where there is unlimited Resource abundance and you are in an Industry that you can have what you want Be what you want and do what you want You ought to be excited about that Foreign [Applause] [Music] I want to make sure you understand Something I'm not saying that they're going They're not going to be obstacles but You live in America can't nobody stop You I want to make sure that I want to Make sure that's 100 clear So people come to me and tell me AE we Got these problems in this country this Promise I don't even know what you're Talking about that's not my reality I'm Not I don't live in that I live in abundance I I live I live in the country where I Was homeless in a high school dropout That my mama got pregnant with me at 17 Years old And she was homeless

And now I'm considered the number one Motivation come on only in America can You start there and get here [Music] And so I want you I want you to write Down for me I want you to write down for Me I want you to write down what you What you're going to do in the next Three months the next six months the Next nine months the next year for those People whose name you wrote Donovan will Get started I want you to write that Down what are you gonna do for them Listen to me I want to say one more time They print money they don't print time They don't print opportunities They print money every day they print it Every day [Music] You can lose money and get it back you Can't get time back you can't get Experiences back you ain't gonna Necessarily be with the Greek Freak You're not gonna be in a place where you Can hold a trophy every every year [Music] I said they're printing money don't Worship it I said don't worship it they print money Worship getting your time back with your Family I'm rich people focused on money The great focus on time Because I can't get my time back

I can't ever get my time back somebody Said to covet I can't get back that Covert year Can't get it back Assuming they're printing money that's Some stuff I learned doing Kobe you got To pay me for that they're pretty money Don't focus on money they print money Focus on finding out what you do well Finding out the gaps that you can feel Find out what you can do listen to me People talk about the pendant what do You think about the pandemic listen to Me our company blew up in the first Recession 2008 2009 First why because we've started Providing a service to the world that Nobody else will provide well I Shouldn't say that we start providing in A way I want you to think about what you Do how can you do what you do in a way That nobody else does So I shouldn't say we we didn't produce Anything we didn't create anything Les Brown was doing the Tony Robinson was Doing but they weren't doing it the way We were doing Thank you Watch this I did the same thing they Were doing it but I did it a different Way I found a cap Find the gap Don't complain Don't murmur don't talk negative

Average people talk normal average People talk problems the greats talk Solutions Average people use their time to whine And complain average people say it's Their boss fault it's their mother's Fault is their average people I used to Be average I used to say when is my daddy coming to Get me when is my biological father Gonna come in my life and why I would Talk like that I end up getting kicked Out of school and while I talk like that I end up being homeless and while I talk Like that I was broke And then one day I woke up and said Eric Nobody's coming to save you Nobody's coming to get you but you can Go to the library and get yourself You can start reading books you can go Back to school you can start coming to Conferences Average Way of talking about Take your ownership [Music] Foreign

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