Is The TikTok Bill Patriot Act 2.0?

With the announcement of a potential ban on TikTok, many have compared it to the Patriot Act 2.0. In this video, Patrick Bet-David explores the similarities and differences between the two and discuss the potential impact on social media freedom and privacy. Watch now to stay informed on this controversial topic.

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Patrick Bet-David is the founder and CEO of Valuetainment Media. He is the author of the #1 Wall Street Journal Bestseller “Your Next Five Moves” (Simon & Schuster) and a father of 2 boys and 2 girls. He currently resides in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida.

Something very strange is going on when It comes on to this Tik Tok sell because The US government House of Representative voted 352 against only 65 That we got a force by Dan $120 billion A your company to sell Tik Tok they own It that the $16 billion that we got to Sell them because China is the enemy When it comes on to this but out of the 65 that voted against forcing B dance to Sell one is ilhan Omar one is AOC both On the Democratic side the other is Margarine Taylor green they agreed on Something and Trump and musk don't think This is a good idea why would they say This is not a good idea because when it Came down to go if you remember there Was one side they said this virus came From China it comes from China they did If us could have United against the Enemy China we probably wouldn't be in The situation we are right now but when It comes down to Tik Tok China's the Enemy how did you so quickly make China The enemy again it wasn't the case at The beginning of Tik Tok so this gets me To think about a couple different things Who do you fear more you if you're an American do you fear that this bill Could set the precedent the US Government could silence you or Force Musk one day to sell X because they feel Like he is not responsible or do you Fear China more really the way you vote

It tells you who you fear more are US Government coming after you or China Coming after you valid fear for both Sides but we're going to get into it Today so if you get value out of this Video give it a thumbs up and subscribe To the channel let's get right into it By the way of the 65 House of Representatives that voted against the Bill 50 were Democrats 15 were Republicans which means Democrats are More skeptical against Tik Tok than Republicans are so let's go a little bit Deeper on what some of these folks said So look I've been in the financial Industry since 911 the day before 911 And I've owned stocks bonds mutual funds Real estate crypto gold you name it I've Owned it but the one thing that's very Important part of my portfolio all these Years is gold I love having a percentage Of my net worth in gold that I have Access to in case of many different Things that's why we chose to work with Our new sponsor American Harford gold if You have retirement fund that you cannot Afford to lose American Harford gold Will ship physical gold or silver Directly to your door also if you have Retirement funds that you can't afford To lose now is the time to call American Harford gold a precious metal dealer you Can trust they have the finest products Amazing customer service and a buyback

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Which I was campaigning for congress Raising money and using my free speech To inform the voters in my district that They can vote for me this was not by a Company owned by China this was by an American-owned Twitter see do you fear More America cuz Twitter files the FBI And the US government was involved there Or do you fear China more now let's go To another one Elon Musk said it's Censorship and government control now John Kirby on the other end White House National Security adviser said we're Glad the house took it up and we urge The Senate to move swiftly on this so Everybody has a different reason why They're for it or against it but at the Same time you got to look at some of the Numbers so let's look at what's going Out with Tik Tok and Bike dancece by the Way when it comes down to support for a Tik Tock ban Republicans are still more Likely than Democrats to back it so if You look at this number here March of 2023 Republicans supported a ban 60% Today they're at 50 Democrats were at 43% today they're at 29 now keep in mind This is public sentiment this is not how The house voted so Republicans in America were all by Banning it in March Of uh 2023 7 months later they're like Not as much as I was before but then Definitely not as much as they were Before that's what this means let's

Continue Tik Tok users remain largely Opposed to Banning the platform amongst Us adults who used Tik Tok they were at 56 they're still at the same place now One of the biggest demographics that Totally is against Banning Tik Tok is US Teens ages 13 to 17 if you look at this Again from Pew research 50% oppose it Meaning no no no don't ban it 18% Supported yes let's ban Tik Tok 31% Could care less whether you do or not Now let's get into it why is this Absolute addicting check this out when You look at this data here look what it Show shows you no app gets more usage Per day than Tik Tok Tik Tok is 97 Minutes a day people are on Tik Tock YouTube is around 80 minutes Facebook is A little less than an hour then it's Instagram look at Snapchat look at Pinterest all the way in the bottom and If you think about you ready for this Data this is absolutely mindboggling how Many quarters do you think Tik Tok has Been the number one downloaded app in America quarters how many quarters you Think I want you actually guess each Year has four quarters okay how many Quarters do you think it's number one You ready look at this here this shows You they've been the number one Downloaded app 5 years straight that's 20 quarters in a row Instagram is number Two Snapchat number three then it's

Facebook then it's YouTube then it's X Now you see why Tik Tok has so much Influence around 170 million people use Tik Tok in America that's why they've Been number one for 20 quarters in a row Based on this data and by the way when You think about bike dance they did $120 Billion in 2023 16 billion was in us and It's climbing and if you look at this Chart it shows you us digital Advertising Revenue change from a year Earlier look who's all the way at the Top Tik Tok is up 32% Instagram 17 then It's Facebook YouTube then it's Snapchat Then it's X at the bottom now it's Important to realize the numbers I Showed you about the last 5 years of Being most downloaded app quarter by Quarter a lot of these other companies In America have been around for a while So it doesn't necessarily mean it's the Most popular website or app that's used In America if you look at this data here This is a question that was asked Percentage of adults who say they ever Use the following apps YouTube all the Way at the top then it's Facebook Instagram Pinterest Tik Tok LinkedIn WhatsApp Snapchat X then it's Reddit but If you look at the age categories look At ages 18 to 29 YouTube is still number One at 93 then it's Instagram then it's Facebook then it's Tik Tok and you got a Couple of these data that that's coming

Up by the way this is as of September 5th of 2023 so one thing most people Don't know is most people think Tik Tok Is the same exact app that is in China But it's not it's the same technology But it's another company called Doan They're both owned by bans Doan China You know Tik Tock us so now when you Think about Doan 87% give or take of the revenue by Dan St of the $120 billion is Doan only Around 133% of the revenue give or take 16 billion of it of the 120 is Tik Tock In the state so one thing you need to Know about Doan Kaiser quo who's the Host of cica podcast a us-based podcast On current affairs in China said the Following about Doan it's essentially The same stuff he's telling ABC it's Shredding guitars and funny skits people Showing off the material different parts Of life and people doing clever recipes It's people doing dance moves and Unboxing or whatever the hell you find On Tik Tok here you find their as well Except it's censored in the US children Experience the same version of Tik Tok As adults while children that includes More educational content they said China Has cracked down on internet use amongst Children in 2021 the Chinese government Enacted a law calling for the creation And broadcast of online content Conducive to the healthy growth of

Miners in 2021 Duan imposed a 40-minute Daily limit for users under the age of 14 and in 2021 Chinese Regulators Introduced a rule that will limit Children under the age of 18 to 2 hours Of smartphone screen time each day so Now that you kind of have an idea about What Tik Tok is Doan is bike Dance all The different people what roles they'll Play Let's actually look at this bill to See why they're calling this the Patriot Act 2.0 so in one part it says this bill Prohibits Distributing maintaining or Providing internet hosting services for A foreign adversary controlled Application another part of the bill it Says this bill authorizes the Department Of Justice to investigate violations of The bill and enforce the Bill's Provisions entities that violate the Bill are subject to civil penalties Based on the number of users okay that's A little bit General right which means a Lawyer a deceptive lawyer can use that And pin it against the company in us and It continues to say the bill gives the US court of appeals for the District of Columbia exclusive jurisdiction over any Challenge to the bill further a Challenge to the bill must be brought Within 165 days after the Bill's Enactment date a challenge to any action Finding or determination under the bill Must be brought within 90 days of the

Action finding or determination so lots Of information here right I mean you Obviously realize the power Tik Tok has How they're growing I'm sure Facebook or SnapChat or Instagram or any of these Companies would be very happy for Tik Tok to not even happen in America let Alone somebody else buying them out and There's a lot of different people that Are buyers Larry Ellison and Walton Family Walmart there is Microsoft who Owns LinkedIn they may even want to buy This who's minuchin may be coming and Putting some money there's so many Different names that you're hearing About this I was on CNBC with Brian Solivan last week he asked me the Question about Tik Tok and he brought up David saaks and musk and all these guys I said it's a different story if Somebody in America just buys Tik Tok And there is no bill that's fine you buy Tik Tok right but then there's the other Side where a bill is being created to Force the sale of a company what if that Bill is later on used to force Elon Musk To sell and and the other one let's the Hat of G okay think like somebody from China right and ask yourself huh what Would happen if somebody in US bought Tik Tok bite dance is now one of the Biggest companies in China bigger than Alibaba based on some articles we read About bigger than 10 cent so it's not

Like it's a small company so if you're That big in China you probably have a Very close relationship with G and the Chinese government right so do you think China wants somebody in us to buy Tik Tock and then next thing you know we Find out about Tik Tok files and the Communication people at Tik Tok had with China and those emails are released with The involvement of the Chinese Government and God forbid Trump gets Elected he's talking about 100% you know Tariffs and tax can you imagine how bad That could be for China and then what if They go into Tik Tok and they notice the Level of Investigation they're doing in Other countries maybe Germany maybe Europe and then now you losing trust With other countries I don't know I I Don't know if there could be a small Percentage that China doesn't even allow Anybody in us to buy and China just says 16 billion a year out of 120 I forget About Tik Tok we don't need to sell the Same way WWE all of a sudden in 20 Whatever 17 2018 under Trump was banned From doing business in us because Huawei's daughter who was a CFO while She was in Canada she was indirectly Doing business with Iran even though Trump said don't do business with Iran Huawei got banned what if China says ban Says you know what we're not selling We're just shutting down Tik Tock

Operation us think about what happens Then right so who knows what's going on Behind closed doors but there's Definitely a lot of weird reasoning why So many people are interested in this Product called uh Tik Tok and by the way If you enjoyed this video give it a Thumbs up subscribe to the channel I did Another video on China cracking down on People that said bad things about the Economy and what's going on there if You've never seen this video click here To watch the video take care everybody Bye-bye Bye-bye

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