The Best Way To Get RICH with A.I. (2023)

The A.I. Revolution is here. The ones who take advantage of it first, will reap the best rewards. Here’s how I’d do it:

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So just about every single business YouTube channel has sounded the alarm on How AI is going to uproot everything and How we're all basically and they Are all wrong well kinda so there's Three core components that you really Need to understand in order to not be Left behind when it comes to AI firstly There's the AI Revolution second we need To discuss how it's actually going to Affect the real world and thirdly you Need to understand how to actually make Money with AI now here's the thing if we Look back through history every single Turning Point has improved on what was Already there I mean the plow for Example it's simply made farming easier It didn't uproot the principles of Farming itself or the printing press it Made information more easily accessible And the effects of that were huge but it Didn't change the information itself I Mean even the internet fundamentally the Internet simply allowed brick and mortar Businesses to expand to anyone with an Internet connection but how is AI Different because it is you see for the First time in history AI has productized Something that is usually unique to Humans and that's skill one thing most People don't actually quite understand Is that AI has been around for many many Many years it's just we're starting to Hear about it now or to be more accurate

We've really been starting to hear about It since the 30th of November 2022 and That's because with tools like chat GPT Access to AI has now been democratized And that's a really big change because Now anyone can use AI to their advantage Or their detriment depending on their Skill level and whether they know how to Navigate and how to use it now chat GPT Can basically do just about any task and That's already very impressive but what You really need to keep in mind here is Ai's rate of advancement you see in Tech There's a law known as Moore's Law and This law states that the number of Transistors on a microchip will double Every two years or put simply computer Power grows exponentially now if you Pair text exponential rate of growth Along with AI models that are able to Learn by themselves well then the Opportunities are really Limitless but As it currently stands chat gbt's Biggest limit isn't actually the Technology or the learning models itself It's our ability to ask it questions in Other words at the moment we're pretty Much the biggest bottleneck now one Other very big question especially Depending on how conspiratorial you want To get is how AI is actually going to be Governed because listen there's no doubt That AI presents tremendous Opportunities as well as tremendous

Challenges I mean some of the world's Most prominent leaders have long warned Of the dangers of AI and the CEO of chat Gpt's open AI even said himself some Robots will Kill Some Humans so now they Have a little bit of understanding for Those that maybe didn't understand what This is or what it came from now let's Talk about real world application and It's really important to separate the Short-term effects with the long-term Effects because listen matter of fact is We don't know where AI is going to be in 10 years maybe it kills humans maybe it Doesn't so rather than speculating which I personally never like to do with Technology because some people have a Vision that by 2035 we're all going to Be in flying cars and there's going to Be ships in implanted all our brains and Stuff like that I just think these Things are too hard to predict so Instead I prefer to analyze the Short-term future So to that point will Everything Crash and Burn no but will Some people be replaced absolutely and Are there things you can do in order to Make sure that you do not get replaced Or become obsolete a hundred percent Because quite frankly if you know how to Use AI in the right way you actually Have an opportunity to make yourself More valuable than ever before and I'm Going to share that with you in just a

Few moments but we do need to pose a Question who will be replaced by AI now It's funny because a few years ago Everyone thought that once robots her AI Went mainstream physical labor would be The first on the chopping block then Once they were replaced AI would then Come for sort of the more white collar Jobs and then eventually at some point Would take over the creative industry Now as it turns out it seems as though That order has actually been flipped on Its head I mean what previously seemed Inconceivable is now happening in real Time AI is actually beating humans and What was thought to be most human Creativity and in fact just a few months Ago we saw an AI win a fine arts Competition against other humans and There are a ton of AI companies Sprouting up all over the place trying To emulate The Works of doctors and Lawyers and eventually once again we Don't know how long it will take but Eventually it'll probably succeed think About it for a second would you be more Prone to trust an AI doctor that's Analyzed millions of cases patient Records and has access to all medical Literature or just some guy who Graduated med school before you were Even born and when things in the medical Industry was very very different to what It is today so if AI is able to diagnose

All of our ailments it will also be able To find out what makes us tick I mean Most people are already addicted to a Simple algorithm on Tick Tock now Imagine when AI is able to tailor Everything you see to you not just for You but specifically made to your liking I mean theoretically AI could create the Perfect show for you it could create the Perfect ad it could create the perfect Game theoretically it could create Anything specific tailored to you to Reel you in now what does this mean for The rest of the workforce I am not going To sugarcoat things a lot of people will Be let go and a lot of people will be Replaced but quite frankly this is going To happen anyway I mean just look around You look at the mass layoffs especially In tech companies when a guy like Elon Walks in one day into headquarters and Realizes half of you guys don't do Anything so this trimming of the fat was Gonna happen regardless but AI has sped Things up and has made even more People's position obsolete or Unnecessary now whether you're an Employee or an entrepreneur what's going To separate those that get and Those that don't is really your speed of Adaptation you saw a very similar thing Happen between 2005 and 2010 when it Came to people's speed of adaptation to The internet and social media now tons

Of jobs will simply be made redundant Now you can either sit back and watch AI Take over your job or you can use AI to Make yourself more valuable now what do I actually mean by that you see with AI You have all the knowledge and Baseline Of skill in the palm of your hand and in The same way AI can take your job you Can also use it to make yourself better At your job so with all of that being Said one question Still Remains which is How can you use AI to take advantage and Make more money you see whenever an Opportunity vanishes because of a Technological advancement another Opportunity emerges but but they don't Last forever which is why you need to Capitalize on the opportunities while They persist now when we're talking About implementing AI into your business What we're really talking about here is Leverage you see Leverage is the ability To increase your output without Straining your own required input so What's really insane about AI is that It's essentially a newly free way of Getting unlimited leverage because Previously you'd need to hire someone in Order to get that leverage I mean that's How I had to go about it when I started My first business back in 2016 and I Hired my first employee a year later in 2017. and that allowed me to scale my First business from zero to twenty five

Thousand dollars in the space of a year By using the leverage by using other People but the crazy thing is now anyone Has that leverage so let me actually Show you three ways you can use AI to Make more money now the first one is Agency you see if you run an agency it's Obvious that AI will be able to help you With all sorts of forms of communication So let's say for example you spend two Hours a day writing emails well with the AI they can be written for you and you Really just need to validate them and Just like that you spend a fraction of Your time on emails and over the space a Month this can be dozens of hours saved And this hours that you can spend Working on your business rather than in Your business and that's really just the Most surface level use of AI the key Here really is that AI allows you to Work on your business which is something That you only had the luxury of doing Before if you had employees so let's dig A Little Deeper here let's say for Example you run a paid traffic agency You can now use tools like Jasper to Write all of your ad copy and all you Need to do is test and validate and the Use of AI extends Way Beyond just Writing tasks there are now softwares That can generate product photos for you As well as any other images you need and This streamlines the entire process I

Mean something that previously needed a Whole team of people and many days of Work can now be done in just simply a Few hours and sure you could say oh how Sad is it that now these people are out Of work well these people will never be Fully out of work because there always Needs to be that final human sign off That final human touch to it and in the Same light these two will can now pivot Adjust and start looking at other Domains and just like companies will use AI to cut costs you can also use AI in Your own business to do more and this Brings us on to our next point which is Content creation if you are a content Creator or a copywriter AI essentially Gives you access to unlimited number of Ideas no more creative blocks you have Everything you need to start the process I mean if you are a writer you can use AI to kind of build out the skeleton and The framework and then you can simply Fill in the blanks and that means if you Can only handle let's say 10 clients Before now you can probably handle 20 Clans because you are using the power of AI and helping you really get halfway There no more ideation sessions pretty Much just pick an idea and execute on it I mean you really have no excuse not to Come up with something new you are just Merely Bound by your ability to ask Questions I mean if we really look back

In history and analyze the greatest Thinkers what separated them from Everyone else it was really their Ability to ask the right questions at The right time and AI doesn't take that Ability from anyone all it does is help People get more interesting answers and There are tons of AI software's coming Out that will affect all areas of Content creation Adobe just released Their AI which allows you to edit photos By typing directions and it's only a Matter of time before the same softwares Will exist for video editing and that Means that pretty much anyone can edit Photos in a way that previously only a Handful of people could and that's Pretty much all because the skill has Been productized now you might be Wondering why doesn't everyone use these Tools if it's so easy well even though We have new access to information and a New skill fundamentally humans are still The same and that means we're just lazy We're lazy we're comfortable and even Though the internet wasn't enough we now Have this thing called AI that we can Use to build businesses to make money And we can use it in unison with us with Our ability most people just simply Won't do it they're too lazy they're Stuck in their ways and that brings us On to our third way to make money with AI and that's if you're a consultant or

A coach you see if you're a consultant Of any sort AI can become your best Friend even Microsoft they just launch An AI AI that complements their Suite of Products called copilot its workflow is A little something like this are you Meeting with a client well the AI will Transcribe notes for you and even give You a summary of the key points and Action items need to make a presentation Well the AI will create PowerPoints Based on the action points and can even Tailor the presentation to your client's Branding need to do an Excel analysis Well don't worry the AI will do that for You too all of these things are things That used to take a couple of hours Couple of days to complete and now you Can do it in minutes and the effects of That is almost incalculable and this Golden window of opportunity for you to Use this before everyone else catches on And the best part is tools like this Will become more prevalent now you might Be wondering where does this leave you In the equation that leaves you in a Situation where the most important thing You need to do is Foster relationships And if you think about it all of these Big Executives and all of these people At the end of the day fundamentally That's what they do the best business Owners make a handful of strategic Decisions and maintain and grow

Relationships that means that it's time To capitalize on your uniquely human Qualities and use the leverage that AI Has afforded to you now if you want to Get a better understanding of what Business models could be used best with The AI and with the way the business is Being run in 2023 check out the first Link in the description it's one of my Most popular videos and I think it'll Give you a little bit of direction on Which way to take things in 2023 so I Think you realize from this video that You have a golden opportunity in front Of you and it's your choice whether you Want to seize it or whether you want to Be decimated by it that is your decision To make but I remind you we are in an Incredible period in the world where Literally anyone can use leverage Basically have employees in the form of AI for free with a barrier to entry to Start a business or even just a side gig Or a side hustle is so low and the only Thing that's left in the equation is how Serious are you is this a I want to do This or I will do this that's your Decision to make but as always I'm Rooting for you and I'll be watching you From afar

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