“Cult Following” – Stephen A. Smith May Vote For Trump?

Patrick Bet-David, Adam Sosnick, and Vincent Oshana are joined by Stephen A. Smith as they discuss how Lyndon B Johnson passing the Civil Rights Act of 1964 helped make black Americans dependent on the federal government.


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Patrick Bet-David is the founder and CEO of Valuetainment Media. He is the author of the #1 Wall Street Journal Bestseller “Your Next Five Moves” (Simon & Schuster) and a father of 2 boys and 2 girls. He currently resides in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida.

Going back to going back to your mom When you're talking about on the Conservative side do do your recent Positioning with Trump has been has got Has gotten a lot of people little bit uh Uh asking questions okay so hey you know The Democrats what you're doing you know Trying to undermine everything this Man's doing it's not working you know You're kind of going through the whole Process and he kind of Biden all this Stuff what do you think you know the Strategy that they're doing right now do You do you think they don't know that It's not working or do you think they're Convinced it's going to end up working Come November 5th with the day we vote I Think they're convinced it's going to Work and I think that they're leaning on The 2022 midterms to buffer their point Um you had certain Democrats who were Supporting uh Trump surrogates I'm sorry They were they were supporting these Folks uh and favoring yeah Trump Surrogates during the 2022 um Mid terms and people were Anticipating a red wave that never Arrived you see what I'm saying and so That's what they're thinking about the More we put Trump out there the more we Put Trump out there the more we buffer Support and and augment support for These folks who support him ultimately It will lead to our Victory that's how

They're thinking and I'm saying no not What I'm seeing I think that he has damn Near a cult following I'm not calling Folks cult as anything like that I'm Just talking I'm just speaking Metaphorically about how these folks are In terms of their love their devotion Their belief in him and they're not Going anywhere and then you got Hispanics who are supporting him now According to the polls you've got more Black folks who are supporting him now According to the polls and even though They're swearing that the overturning of Roie Wade along with some of the charges That have been executed against them That that's going to turn off white Women well we ain't seeing that evidence And so I'm looking at it from that Standpoint and I'm like well wait a Minute now are y'all not paying Attention because let me tell you Something shalag the God said it best When he said Joe Biden is not inspiring At all um you almost get the impression That the Democrats who are pushing for Joe Biden to get four more years because That's what they were chanting at the State of the Union to just four more Years four more years the man's going to Be 82 in November and you you chant for More years but you've got Progressive Leftists on this side chanting for more Years I don't know if they know how

Embarrassing that is okay okay but That's neither here nor there the point Is is that when you're doing that I'm Looking at them and I'm saying to myself Come on now this is utterly Ridiculous you think this is going to Get it done but I tell you what I'm Starting to Suspect they don't know if Joe's going To last four more years And all they care about is that he gets Through election day in the Inauguration and then after that who's The next line in line it's SCA Harris And I think that's how folks are Thinking but my problem with it is again We're capitalist we like competition What happened to competing with him and Winning what's all the laware about one Charge after another you got Leticia James and the New York attorney general In in in in in New York you've got you You you got the folks in Georgia with Fanny Willis and others you've got you Know maralago situation you got a I mean We're really really really going to have A trial about hush money to a former Point star that's what we're doing That's what we doing now I'm like are You kidding me now don't get me wrong I'm not advocating that anybody should Be above the law at any time what I am Saying is he's the president of the United States the former president of

The United States you talk to about Russian collusion you talked to us about A bevy of things over the years man Still running four four indictments 91 Counts and the man gets more campaign Dollars climbing in the polls okay and Last time I checked he still ain't been In cuffs he still ain't been put behind Bars and he's the presumptive GOP Nominee you can't stop him you cannot Stop them and so for me I find myself Ashamed of the Democratic Party for Their lack of a competitive fervor you Had since 2016 to come up with somebody Else and you still can't do it that is Pathetic it is pathetic and there is no Excuse for it whatsoever it is 2024 in eight years you should have been Able to find somebody that can compete With this man Other than a soon to be 82y old Incumbent well let me ask you this Though yes do you want Democrats to Win that's a tough question that's the Question yeah it is it's but it's Totally fair bro I'm not going to that Question it's totally fair Um I have to confess what most folks who Sit before guys like yourself Don't it's hard to figure out like for Example supposedly we got a good economy Unemployment is relatively decent around 4% you know black unemploy a little Under 6% about 5.6% if I remember

Correctly Um but then you listen to the wri and It's like what about Inflation and then you're driving in California and you paying an arm and a Leg for gas you're going to the Supermarket you buying some milk you Buying some bread or whatever because See contrary to what folks believe I Actually do go to the supermarket okay I Do buy my own stuff you know all of this Other St I'm like you're watching and You're seeing all of this stuff and it's Like who's telling the truth do we have A good economy or not is it really a Crisis at the border or not I believe it Is yeah do you you know is inflation a Real thing is it Imaginary you're looking at all of these Different things you're talking about National Security the war in Ukraine Should we support them should we give Them more money than we've already given Them you're looking at the you know Israeli you know Hamas conflict I call It the Israeli Hamas conflict as opposed To Israeli Palestinian conflict you know But I don't touch that cuz I don't know Enough and that's not my Lane but I also Find myself okay well we we we got folks Here saying stop this stop this stop the Bombing stop all of this and then you Have other folks like hell with thatas Has to be eliminated because look at

What they've done October 7th and the Kidnapping and 13 you're hearing all of This and you read the different Publications I'll read The Washington Post one minute I'll read the New York Times the next I read Wall Street Journal the next I'm watching the Channels Fox News MSNBC CNN I'm going Back and forth and literally we've Changed as a Society we can take the same information And put a completely different Twist on It to make it look like who's right Who's wrong somebody as knowledgeable as You guys have proven to be with no more Than me at this moment in time I'm Studying more and more and more of it Every day because I'm fixated on it just Like I am with sports but I'm saying if You tell me what is definitively true That's undeniable I can tell you how I Feel my problem is is that I literally Could be Sitting in front of one person on the Left with the same exact information That I'm sitting in front of somebody 15 Minutes later with on the right and they Have two completely different versions And I think that's why America is so Lost because folks are confused they Don't have the time when you're out There hustling and bustling and trying To take care your family pay mortgages Maintain or elevate your quality of life

You don't have time to study everything That needs to be studied you've got Congressional incentive figures telling You they signed bills they didn't even Read literally I've seen them on tape Doing this and so when you have that Going on it's really really difficult to Say oh I know this but if you tell me These are the facts Stephen beyond the Shadow of a doubt I don't give a damn What it is I can tell you how I feel About it I can do that yeah you know It's it's interesting you say that and And thank you for being you know Straight up with it that's the one thing About you that why I relate and I like Watching you cuz you you're straight up I watching you'll say yeah I'll see You're defending Magic Johnson one time Like this guy's my friend I'm like okay He's sometimes easier to Magic than he Is to somebody else to all this stuff But I love the fact that you're raw and You come out and give you feedback Here's what it makes me think about when When asking about who you want to vote And who do I believe do I go with the Guy on the left or the guy on the right You ever had a guy the NBA or sports That we all criticized MH and the media Went after him so everybody's what a Freaking guy you know piece of this And seven years later dude that guy was Mistreated by everybody right what was

That all about right you're like dude no No no no I'm listen I'm not with you man I'm over here I'm on this guy's side I Don't like what you did you know the Truth is this right so we can we can Look at a couple things with you know 2024 in a few different ways what we Have right not Stephen A that I think is Easy to do is two things M you actually Have for once we haven't had this you Got two people we get to vote for that We got four years to choose from each It's not a what if right it's not a well If he do you want somebody like Hillary Clinton do you want a man like this to Have access to the nuclear button I Don't know if I do well guess what you Know he had it for four years what Happened and you know this guy had it For four years what happened so it's Actually very easy systematically to sit There with data and say they went after This guy I was convinced he was tied to Russia right $ 35 million Hillary Clinton that was a lie and everybody in The mainstream media was behind it Everybody CNN MSNBC guys that's kind of shitty and Then you try to defame character then You went after the girls then egene Carroll $83 million Anderson Cooper asks Was he did he rape you well I think rape Is more of a fantasy what are you Talking about we got to go to break

Right answer the question And the confusing part for me is like I'm a I you know my mom's side all Democrats they were Communists my dad Said they were imperialist so there was A debate between the two where rich People are greedy and poor people are Lazy so I have to kind of figure it out On my own to see where right the reality Was today four years versus four years We got three Afghanistan screw up you Know Ukraine and and and you know Russia Looks like we're going to have to give These guys another Afghanistan of a Couple trillion dollars of taxpayers Money that we keep sending money oh Great right Israel Hamas okay all right Whether we know everything about the History of or not how come this didn't Happen four years ago how come there was Nothing going on four years ago so when You look at it that way what is Happening a lot that I talk to guys who Are celebrities influencers Hollywood TV Somebody that you watch there's a couple Different camps there's the one camp That is like like man I'm still going to Vote left there's the other camp that Says dude I'm not going to tell you who I'm voting for which is kind of like the Middle like if you had that one Interview with Denzel who did you vote For it's none of your business I don't Know if you remember that interview

Toally I totally remember I don't blame Him for that either because Hollywood's Different exactly Hollywood's different And they would to hold him accountable In a ways in ways most others can't nor Would but but here's the feeling I'm Getting with you bro the feeling I'm Getting with you which is why I'm kind Of like enamored with like the journey You're going through I'm just kind of Following it Right um I think you gotta fight and and I think you know moms left certain Values of Pride and Dad and it's like Hey dude you got a job to protect this Country that gave you this life and Right I feel like there is something Going on with you that's kind of like You know you want to talk but you know It's kind of like am I really going to Say this can I really say this it's not That it's not it's just that I want to Be as sure as you are that's what I'm Saying I owe it to the audience I owe it To the people to make sure that if I'm Going to come out with fire and Brimstone I know what the hell I'm Talking about and sometimes when it Comes to these issues I don't so I'm Just being honest about what would Happen if you came out and you said Let's just say in the month of October Stephen A came out let's be real here You came out on your podcast obviously

Not at the network you would put on your Podcast you said guys I'm going to say Something right now you guys are going To be very upset at me what happen if You in the month of October said I'm Voting for Trump would happen I'd be Called a sellout and a by my own Community that would be automatic that's EX EXA what they would say but what I Would tell you is to know something About me I wouldn't give a damn I'm not Scared I'll say what I feel let me tell You let me address the point that you Made Earlier my belief is I'm going to vote For Biden Now you have to Remember it's how you're looking at the Presidential election might be a little Bit different than me for example I'm The kind of person that might vote for The president being and a Democrat and Every other position Republican every Senator every Congressional figure every local in Other words because I view the Presidency I understand it's the Commanderin-chief I get it but I view And and listen I will preface it by Saying I'm open to correction I truly am I view the presidency as more of a Statesmanship position I would if if I Interviewed Trump I would look him in His face and tell him why I would never

I'm not calling you a racist I'm not Saying that all of your policies were Wrong hell the economy was thriving Before Co I remember but you don't know How to act you just I said you don't Care what you say you don't care about How divisive you come across you don't Have any sensitivity whatsoever to how You Scar the living hell out of people With your rhetoric and with your your Aloof I don't know if the word is Aloofness or just a Disregard for the importance of unity I Believe you believe in America I believe In America let me tell you what I Believe in about America I believe that When we're together nothing can stop us Nothing I don't care if it's a bad President I don't care if it's bad People on Capitol Hill I don't care if Corporate America is garbage I don't Care if wall Street's messing up we will Overcome anything when we're together And I remember how I felt this way and This is only time I'm 56 years old and It's the only time in my life I ever Felt this way 9/11 Happens and that first plane goes into The first Tower and I'm laying in my bed I'm at an apartment in South Jersey at The time of where he New Jersey I'm Laying in my bed and I'm on the phone With one of my friends and I'm like see This damn probably probably's probably

Drunk you talk about I mean who the hell Knows this this is why I worry about Flying and that's what I I literally was Reacting that way and then the channel Was on CNN and I saw that second plane coming Around and I said whoa wait a minute and We saw that plane come around and it hit That second tower and the first words Out of my mouth that sced my language is Holy we are under Attack and at that moment it wasn't Black it wasn't white it wasn't The United States of America is under Attack you are after us I didn't see Anybody that was an American citizen and Thought about I didn't think about race I didn't think about divisiveness I Didn't think about hos I didn't think About anything we are under attack I'm 56 years old it's the only time I've Ever felt like that in my life in this Country the only time isn't that sad Though Stephen that it it it has to take Terrorists flying aanes into builds of Amans for us to go I don't care that You're black I don't care that is the Saddest thing to hear and and then Steve Going back if you don't mind Patrick I'm Going to the fact that that Trump's Divisiveness let me ask you Stephen You're going for president you're going To go run for president as you come in You don't even think you're going to win

You find out Stephen that the president Before you was spying on you in your Campaign think about this think about This spying on your campaign then the Chick that you're running against paid All these millions to have this fake Russian thing so by the way your anger's Building I'm I'm getting there then the Two impeachments then this 20120 FBI at Twitter blocking all the stories from Hunter and everything how was your you Stephen A Smith how was your attitude Going to be are you going to be like This guy my attitude is going to be Probably Stink um I'm going to be furious I'm Going to be all of those things Yes but I also know what I signed up For and I sign up to be a president to All the people not to come across as Somebody who's only loyal to my Constituency who put me in that office Because you do have that with some Politicians they think about who got Them there and I understand when you Campaign please don't get me wrong Trying to get off trying to maintain Power I get that part but what I'm Saying is once you're there you got an Obligation to be bigger than that and When you find yourself I remember I saw Cat Williams the comedian joking about This when he was doing a a concert in Jacksonville and he was like Trump trump

Is coming you know he ain't playing Games and who do he go have Kathy Griffin talking about KY Kathy Griff you Know and I'm like you just find yourself It's like there there comes a point in Time where you elevate to a certain Level in life where the pettiness has to Go out the window because you it you got To remember it's not just about what you Do it's about what you're convincing the American citizen you're doing you can't SK to living hell out of people because That Causes Chaos too and what it does Is it cam it distracts us from the very Good that you might be doing because We're caught up in all the noise you've Created and then listen I firmly believe And I've said this Publicly they say 81 million plus people Voted for Joe Biden I don't believe that For one second I believe 81 plus million People voted against Donald Trump they Didn't want him that they couldn't take It anymore because he was so Unsettling and that's the difference big Boy big rules a lot of people might feel Differently yeah that's where I'm at With it no I I respect that and I I Think a part of why why would why would 81 million people feel that way let's Let's go through what is the easiest Emotion to manipulate people with what Is the easiest emotion it's very simple Fear sharpens listening yep if you can

Sell an entire congregation you go to You ever gone to a pastor he gets up and He says if you don't get baptized today You're going to hell and here's what Hell looks like oh my God I'm getting Baptized right now right so they sold Trump as the second coming of the guy From Germany and many Americans who Don't read who don't follow politics who Live a simple life who these guys are Trying to pay their bills they're trying To watch a game on Sunday you know maybe Having a barbecue you're trying to do Basic they don't have time go read all The stuff that's going on and they're Like you know what I don't want to deal With any of this stuff the part that I Give the left a lot of credit to is the Following when covid happened and Everybody knew it came from China us Could have done what they did during 911 And been United against China but us the Democrats became United against Trump And they did such a phenomenal job Putting all the blame on him everything And by the way check this out okay you Said uh vaccine played a big role in Your life right I think in 2022 or 2021 You said if it wasn't for vaccine I Wouldn't been here and all that's what They told me I said that's what the Doctors told me yeah fantastic and and So do you know when the vaccine was Ready do you know when the vaccine was

Announced I think it it was it was while Trump was there no it was two days after Election yeah weird exactly but guess Who got it done he did Trump got it done Yeah but they announced it only two days After election cuz imagine if they would Announc a two days pre-election right Fastest credit for it gone imagine if You know the the New York Post story Would have stayed 50 Intelligence Officers came out signing saying there's Nothing in the laptop and then later on We found out there was plenty of things In the laptop but but but you're Bringing up what what you're you're Talking about when you're talking about Co for Example that wasn't what was scaring a Bunch of people it was the riots in the Streets it was the Mayhem it was the Fact that they went the left as you Pointed out went about the business Great strategy demonizing Demonizing Trump and to get to your Point you have a responsibility to be Big enough to see that coming and to be More Dr drit in your approach towards Resolving issues and making sure you Highlight who you are CNN was one of the Ring leaders one Would say when it came to their Positions against Trump last time I checked they weren't Number one that was Fox yeah but that's

Not no no but you know to to give you The example of of basketball sure okay So uh I don't know how many points uh Did Dominic Wilkins average in a season When he was killing it 35 points game I Think he had a 37 point season Ridiculous what did they do they lost They L and then when the have a team When the Pistons won how who was Averaging the most points on that team 19 points a game Prince or was it who Maybe Shan C bips 21 points but they Didn't have rip Hamilton's post but it Was like a 19 18 20 21 point game they Didn't have a 32 they don't have a 28 They didn't have a the point is this Take a 21 CNN take a 17 MSNBC take a 16 CBS take any of that all of that beats 40 points a game that's Fox News okay so The collective effort of everybody Combined Fox is nothing okay you can say That but here's what I can here what Here's what my rort would be you you Have any idea the size of Mark Lin's Audience you have any idea about the Size of Shan Hann these off audience I Mean I I'm just saying you turn around You and I understand we we we talk about The quote unquote liberal society that That we live in I can't tell you how Many people in my business I know for a Fact ain't liberal they can talk that Nonsense all they want to but when you See that how they conduct themselves

When you see them in the office when you Go oh they Ain they don't have those Views they don't have those views I Think that Trump lost the election more Than the conservatives did I think he Look he alienated people because of his I know I know first of all I know of I Know a lot of Republicans okay and I Know of Republicans who were flat out Exhausted because he didn't know how to Act now listen listen you're a very Successful businessman and I'm saying to You it's perfectly understandable why You would feel different because again The world that you live in you have to Know more than most and because you know More than most the actual substance of His policies how it works for our Society compared to the left and stuff Like that you'll choose that it's Perfectly understandable but I'm saying To you here's what you would know and This is what you're not that's fair this Is what this is what I think you need to Give yourself credit for you're know There's no way on Earth you're this Successful if you don't have an idea What your audience wants and what's to What to give them Trump knew it and did It in 2016 he played the game Hillary Should have gone to Wisconsin she should Have gone to Pennsylvania she should Have gone a couple of place places to Campaign in the last few days I don't

Want to hear about the FBI director Ruining it for her I'm quite I'm quite Sure it had something to do with it but The point is you got to go out there and Campaign Trump was everywhere but I he Was everywhere he knew and then in 2020 He thought hey I'm the man yeah I'm g go Out there and campaign and stuff like That I do what the hell I want to do Because these damn people getting on my Nerves and it cost them because he lost His way and he forgot about governing The whole as opposed to just the people Who guess what Mr Stephen A Smith yes Sir so remember when I said earlier I Said at 41 42 years old yes sir you're Going through that and what was your Answer I didn't know anybody because it Was the first time ever you're going Through that right age doesn't matter so To him this is the first time he's been A president he's delivered an incredible Economy to the country why are they Turning against me I the first time he Was president but it wasn't the first Time he campaigned he campaigned in 2016 So winning in 2016 this is four years Later I know but but but from the Perspect I wrote a couple things down Here so in in a uh uh uh running an Insurance company you know I've been Being in there for 20 some years you Know what it taught me a lot taught me a Lot about human nature and you know

You're like I've never ran a b company This size every year I didn't run a Company that size so every I'm like I've Never run a company this side I've never Run I'm dealing with all these Different states 49 states few hundred Offices 30,000 agents you know I've Never I'm comfortable with 20 agents 50 Agents 100 AG so every time you go into A new place like it's a new level right How do you handled okay and I learned One thing very quickly the guy that were Complaining and bitching and were the Loudest um were able to convert more People into their way of thinking than The quiet guys that went and just got The job done yeah okay so that's if we Have to choose between the left and the Right which ones are more professional Complainers it's the left M complainers I don't think the right has anybody that Is as good as in complaining as AOC is m I don't think the right has anybody That's as good as complaining as you Know Bernie Sanders is I don't Elizabeth Warren professional I can't go on and on And on to like all these rich people and This capitalist and all look should Anybody be worth this kind of money you Know but look at this guy you guys Walmart Amazon you guys should be paying $15 an hour minimum wage how should These billionaires not pay 15 bucks an Hour uh hey bro you you Bernie Sanders

You don't pay your employ 15 bucks in Our oh well you know we're going to make That adjustment oh so you're a hypocrite You want okay I got you no problem You're Millionaires and billionaires and Millionaires and billionaires then you Become a millionaire now it's Billionaires right I'm sorry you're Millionaire now so when when you watch All of that and you're you're going Through it himself credit to the left For making him and painting him out to Be the enemy that he became but by the Way I can no longer remain in today's Democratic party Tulsi gabard say she is No longer a Democrat a potential tulsy Gathered VP where we are being told that We just have to comply and go along with Whatever they say American people uh are Smarter than this however we must remain Vigilant to recognize their propaganda For what it is pure life unfortunately We live in a time where free speech is Under attack whatever they say goes and We we have to just fall and the people Who suffered under your reign as Prosecutor you owe them an Apology taking on KLA Harris on a debate Stage before I would look forward to Doing that again So if you like this clip and you want to Watch another one click right here and If you want to watch the entire podcast Click right


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