“Feels Betrayed” – Did Pippen BACKSTAB Jordan? Stephen A. Smith Reveals Rift

Patrick Bet-David, Adam Sosnick, and Vincent Oshana are joined by Stephen A. Smith as they discuss Michael Jordan’s reaction to Scottie Pippen’s criticism in The Last Dance.


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Patrick Bet-David is the founder and CEO of Valuetainment Media. He is the author of the #1 Wall Street Journal Bestseller “Your Next Five Moves” (Simon & Schuster) and a father of 2 boys and 2 girls. He currently resides in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida.

Last stance yes sir do you think you Know this whole no bull tour Scotty Horus Grant and you know is it Wellington I don't know who the other Guys I think it's one of the centers That they're going around talking about What happened and you know how upset They were and then Scotty comes out with The book and I don't know who he did his Interview with and he said how do you Want to be remembered as Scotty and he Says I want to be remembered as the Greatest of all time Right I watched Scotty doing analysis on TV he's actually really good giv his Analysis I actually enjoy watching his Analysis when he gives you had an Interview with him one time when he says LeBron versus this and he says you said But statistically LeBron but Michael's The greatest of all time how could you Say that Michael at any point could Average triple double and he says no no He says he couldn't no because it's not In his demeanor I'd say the same thing About Kobe and he's kind of giv that Conversation what what do you think Happened to Scotty to all of a sudden Come out thinking he's you know I want To be remembered as the greatest of all Time what what happened after last Dan To I think he wants the world to see him In a different light than he believes Michael Jordan has betrayed him as

Particularly in the Last Dance I would tell you Scotty Pippen is Not accepting enough culpability for how Scotty Pipman Ultimately influenced people to look at Him it was you that signed the contract That Jerry rinor advised you not to sign Because he said you're not going to be Able to come back and renegotiate I'm Telling you this right now don't do it And Michael Jordan and others told him That he wouldn't listen the same Scotty Pippen that is complaining about Jordan When Jordan was retired and was playing Baseball it was Scotti Pippen kicking His sneakers up in the ears for the Camera showing that he was wearing Jordan and asking him to come back and When Scotty Pippen wanted his new Contract it was him that was vacillating Back and forth playing hard not playing Hard playing not playing and whatever Because he was pouting over his contract Etc etc And so you Harbor responsibility it was You that refused to enter the game when Phil Jackson called Tony koo's number That wasn't Michael Jordan and so those Things played the role in Scotty Pippen Being viewed the way that he was viewed But let's talk about how he's been Viewed he's a six-time champion one of The elite defensive players that ever

Played this game of basketball and a Person as Michael Jordan himself who I Know well has said on countless Occasions is the greatest team I would Have never won a championship without Scotti Pippen he's the greatest teammate I've ever had and I owe my six titles to Him so for Scotty it's about the money That you don't have compared to what Jordan has and it's about the lack of Recognition but my response is you want A basketball court with and without Jordan for a decade plus you have had Ample opportunity to be seen as Superior To Michael Jordan you know better you Know better you were phenomenal you a Great you're a Hall of Famer you're an Olympic gold medalist you're a member of The original Dream all of that's true You know good and damn well you were no Michael Jordan stop it that's just how You feel because your frustration is Coming out and you know that's going to Go on the headlines but when you go that Route anybody that knows the game of Basketball knows better you think Michael and Barkley will ever uh unite And we'll see a long form conversation Between the two of them in the next 5 10 Years I don't think so um I think that They'll have conversations I don't think They hate each other um I know Barkley Doesn't hate Michael Jordan um because Barkley doesn't have that in him I mean

Barkley is a really lovable guy he's a Really good guy just very candid um but In the case of Michael Jordan you know Michael Jordan this is what I would tell You about Michael Jordan it's a it's it's a lie it's a Misnomer to think that you can't Criticize him that you can't tell him Where you Stand just don't betray Him don't be somebody that says Something in his Face and then he's shocked by what You're saying when he sees you on Television don't be somebody that says Something to him and that says something Else Later I've gotten calls I should be Telling this he'd probably be upset for Me telling this but I'll do it anyway I've gotten calls over the years from Michael Jordan I know your ass didn't say what The hell I just heard you say blah blah Blah Kobe used to give them to me all The time I mean kobby was much worse Than MJ but MJ is challenging me and I'm Challenging him back if he's right I Have to concede he's right which most of The time is by the way there were times When I disagreed and I said so I ain't Give a damn how he felt and I said it on The air he had no problem with it cuz I Said it and he wasn't surprised he knew

Exactly where I stood and he knew I was Going to say it on the air now there's Many many conversations that we've had Off the air that will never ever be Repeated because I don't violate trust Like that but that's what it comes down To and I think that Michael Jordan is One of those guys you know Kobe was like That too you could do a lot of things Don't ever let them feel like they can Attach the word betrayal to you they Don't come back from that and when it Comes to Scotty Pippen Michael Jordan Feels betrayed when Scotty revealed in His book His feelings for Michael Jordan and how He didn't even give his condolences in Person to Michael Jordan I was on a phone with Michael Jordan that day talking about something Else and then we had heard about what Scot Pippin had said And Michael Jordan was under the Impression that it was just busy it was Chaotic and all of this other stuff and That's why he never thought anything of It but but all of these years later when Scotty pippet had alluded to his father Passing away his father being murdered And how he didn't give his condolences On Purpose Michael Jordan's words were I Hope it's worth it wow I hope it's worth It for him I have nothing and he

Literally said I have nothing else to Say who and I know Michael Jordan well Enough to know what that means why do You think Michael doesn't do lot of Media I mean he did a lot of stuff with Ahmad Rashad back in the days that's his Brother that's that's his brother and Then Isam do a couple things with the Cigar guys and he's done a couple things Here and there you know I think he did Letterman when he was coming up with the Shoes in the 80s but why why doesn't he Do it because this is just my opinion I've never asked him that um but I would Tell you knowing him the way that I do He's incredibly guarded because he has To be and it's not just because he was Such a I mean it was my Micha Jackson And it was Michael Jordan no I mean they Just on another they talk about LeBron And His they were talking about LeBron and His popularity all he want to they don't Even understand what Michael Jordan had To go through okay and so you had that That was that's a big reason the other Reason is the Jordan brand it's similar To Hollywood in this regard the wrong Syllable can cost you at the box Office people misconstrue you're Subjecting yourself to the mercy of Others interpretations of what you say Feel etc etc and Michael Jordan is not Somebody that ever ever wants to give

Himself that headache that's just not The way he is but I can tell you he has A lot to say CU he certainly always has A lot to say to me oh there is and you Know it's funny because when when last Dance came out we were glued to this it Was always Sunday night two episodes it Was five weeks it helped that Co was Going on right now That's right that's a good point on what What came out so he saved us because That's when it wasn't supposed to come Out if I remember correctly it wasn't Supposed to come out until June but once Co halted the NBA Season uh he granted permission for it To be moved up so content could be Provided while the games were not going You made the entire company watch all 10 I rent it out Breakers Hotel I flew all My Executives in we watched the whole Thing in 2 days wow together and we Decipher and we went through every Single issue on every episode we took Breaks and talk about it for two Straight days I did an ABC special on it After Ed on ESPN ESPN had me go on ABC And do a Last Dance special hosting the Show because of it that's how big it was Sick it was sick yeah it was fantas by The way between three names which one do You think will rekindle relationship With Michael okay Scotty Barkley Isaiah barley that's easy cuz it's love

That's easy you know one of my favorite Interviews between the two of them is When when Barkley and and him are on Oprah Winfrey and he's wearing that blue Jumpsuit if you can pull up uh type in Barkley Jordan and Oprah Winfrey no you Have to see cuz what he was wearing I Mean I think I'm getting it right just Go to images right there that's the one Right the blue jump a cotton candy yeah And just look at the way Michael's Dressed just and Michael was uh he was a Guy that he was you know he's very he's Very honest and very forthcoming doesn't Give a damn and you know when I watch The Last Dance when you know you try to Watch things and peel things for your Own fulfillment your own you know life And what have you and um when Michael Jordan was being interviewed to the Last Dance before he was getting te and said Break right before that moment he was Like I understand you might interpret This he said but that's cuz you a you You've never won anything right and he Was talking about he wasn't just talking About his teammates he was talking about The world people people who don't win And aren't committed to winning at at That level don't understand what it is And so think about you and you running Your business I now own you know I got My own production company I got my Podcast and stuff like that I'm quite

Sure there are days you know me being a Boss for the first time really I mean I'm the executive producer of first take But I'm not the boss with Stephen A Smith show and Mr SAS Productions I'm The boss and You sit that there and you see people And some days they ain't happy with you And you're looking at them and you're Like they don't realize how unhappy I am With them on that particular day and the Reason why is because when it's yours There's an ownership that comes with it Internally subliminally not just Literally and your commitment to Winning matters and you want to look Around and you just want to see it one Of my great moment moment there a few Years ago the Steelers they started off Like 0 and four and Mike Tomlin they are Losing this fourth game and it was Really bad and I've never felt as much As I love Mike Tomlin much as I love Mike Tom I never loved him more than I Love this moment because what he did Personify what we were alluding to about Jordan what I just brought up Etc Mike Tomlin people were coming off the field In the fourth quarter and Mike Tomlin Was like he literally would step in Front of each player as they were Walking off the field to look into their Eyes he didn't say a word to them he was Just looking at them he wanted to see

Who was here wow who's still in it who's Still ready to fight because he knew how Easy it would be to quit and to me That's how I look at stuff when I'm at ESPN and stuff like that when I didn't Ask to be the executive producer you Know they made me the executive producer For a reason cuz I'm looking at I'll Leave you alone but when I see ratings When I look at a show and it's not up to My Standard I'm like what the hell was that What happened and all of a sudden we Going to have a phone call we going to Have a meeting and suddenly I'm going to Make people uncomfortable and I'm not Going to give a damn about it because I'm trying to win so if you're a boss And you have somebody that's a Subordinate what do you want to see you Want to see not somebody that mirrors You in terms of your personality or Whatever but you want to see somebody That you can look at and you know is as Committed as you are to winning and That's what I believe in he's a stud Tomlin's a stud yes I can no longer Remain in today's Democratic party Tulsi Gabard say she is no longer a Democrat a Potential tulsy gathered VP where we are Being told that we just have to comply And go along with whatever they say American people uh are smarter than this However we must remain Vigilant to

Recognize their propaganda for what it Is pure life unfortunately we live in a Time where free speech is under attack Whatever they say goes and we we have to Just fall and the people who suffered Under your reign as prosecutor you owe Them an Apology taking on KLA Harris on a debate Stage before I would look forward to Doing that Again so if you like this clip and you Want to watch another one click right Here and if you want to watch the entire Podcast click right here [Music]

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