DO IT FOR YOURSELF – Motivational Video

If you are not the hero of your own story, then you’re missing the whole point of your humanity.

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Foreign [Music] You can choose to go through the day Without doing anything without trying to Get better repeating the same old Excuses Or you can think about the kind of Person you want to become five to ten Years from now and start taking the Actions that kind of person would take What happens 10 years from now will be Dictated by the actions you take today Do something today That your future self will be proud of Do something today that will make your Family Happy 10 years from now Do something today to become that person You've always wanted to be There's something about the way we Perceive success that results in one of The greatest tragedies of our time And that is the belief that successful People the ones at the top of their game That Talent is what punched in their Ticket That Destiny brought them to the finish Line and that's just wrong it's wrong Because it takes the journey The struggle The scratching and declaring that it Took to get to the top of the mountain And it throws it out the window It completely mitigates what's most Important

In the real world The one we're living in it doesn't Matter who you are You were never entitled to a result Victory is a product of the fight the Biggest favor you could ever do for Yourself as you progress through life's Ups and downs through good and bad When things get rough is know that You're going through it with every Successful person every Champion every Innovator has gone through in the History of mankind Struggle is beautiful It's a sign that you're in the midst of What separates Great from average it's a Necessary step and it's the most Important step you will ever take Because 99 of people can't see past it The world sees trouble It sees hardship as it's time to pack it Up to walk away To be intimidated but the best they look At struggle differently just like you Can't get fit without Blood Sweat and Tears at the gym You can't make deals without the hustle You can't make things happen if you Don't move forward in the face of Adversity When the word no is staring in your eyes It's all part of the process Winners walk on If you want something bad enough you

Know that being uncomfortable is an Ingredient If you want the best your mindset has to Reflect the best let others focus on the Tip of the iceberg Excellence lies in everything underneath The surface and what cannot be seen So take mediocrity and make it excellent Take what's yours and hold it up for the World to see because what hurts now in The present is the very same thing that Will transform your life down the road At the intersection of what is and what Can be Our stories are written It's where decisions are made and lives Are ultimately defined in which way you Go when staring at this fork in the road It can mean everything Ask yourself do you have what it takes [Music] Can you see the big picture when the sky Appears to be falling down around you When all it takes is a back pedal Just to be comfortable again When you're in pain it becomes very easy To forget why you even began People don't give up because they're Cowards They don't quit because they don't have What it takes they give up because they Can no longer see the big picture and They forget why they even started when All you see is directly in front of you

You lose the ability to see your Finish Line what are you going to say to Yourself when you want to give up What are you going to think about when You're in pain Remember why you started when you are in Doubt about whether you want to keep Going make the world respect your Greatness Don't depend on anybody else to care About what you do more than you Don't expect other people to see your Vision Stop spending so much time trying to Convince people how great you are trying To convince people of your plan Stop talking and just start doing go do What you've been called to do Go do what's in your heart to do Go do it what you have dreamed to do Go do what you have envisioned to do and Make it happen for your life because Nobody's going to make it happen for you But you yourself you know what helped me In my life the most It is my failures my setbacks because Those setbacks set me up to find the Greatest version of myself And a great version of yourself it Doesn't look like greatness along the Journey It looks like embarrassment sometimes It looks like mistakes sometimes It looks like flaws sometimes

It looks like tears sometimes And it looks like depression sometimes It looks like broken pieces sometimes But I know we serve a fateful guy and I Know God will take those broken pieces And turn those broken pieces into a Masterpiece Which is you The Masterpiece aren't made of perfect Pieces it's made of a lot of different Types of pieces So know the greatest version of yourself Is that masterpiece Don't think you have it all figured out It's your race You gotta run your race and sometimes That race seems unfair Sometimes that race seems hard in utters But I do know this The hardest battles are often given to The strongest soldiers [Music]

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