How Disney’s Use of AI Marks the End of Foundational Stories: Insights from Jonathan Pageau | Episode 364 Recap

In this blog post, we delve into the fascinating insights shared by Jonathan Pageau in Episode 364 about Disney’s use of AI technology and its impact on the art of storytelling. As a proficient SEO writer, we will examine how Disney’s strategy signals a significant shift away from traditional, foundational stories and explore the potential implications of this trend on the future of content creation. So grab a cup of coffee and join us as we explore this thought-provoking topic with Jonathan Pageau.

How Disney’s Use of AI Marks the End of Foundational Stories: Insights from Jonathan Pageau


In a recent episode of his podcast, Dr. Jordan B. Peterson invited Jonathan Pageau, a renowned French-Canadian liturgical artist, to discuss the power of traditional fairy tales. They delved into the loss of impact of narratives in contemporary culture and explored the potential of artificial intelligence, which can offer insights into historic and biblical texts. During the discussion, they questioned the effects of postmodernism and cynicism on storytelling and emphasized the importance of preserving foundational storytelling.

The Power of Traditional Fairy Tales

Dr. Jordan B. Peterson and Jonathan Pageau discussed the value of traditional fairy tales as a way to understand and grapple with the complexities of human experience. They offer guidance in navigating the human condition, as well as forming a bridge between contemporary culture and the ancient wisdom of traditional storytelling.

Traditional fairy tales offer us a chance to engage with archetypes and explore the patterns that are present in all human experience. They serve as a powerful tool to understand and explain the world around us.

The Loss of Impact of Narratives in Contemporary Culture

The conversation then shifted to the topic of the loss of impact of narratives in contemporary culture. With the rise of individualism and cynicism, there has been a decline in the power of storytelling.

Today, narratives are often viewed with suspicion, criticized for their ability to manipulate and deceive. Dr. Peterson and Pageau question the impact of this shift on our collective psyche and the way we interpret the world around us.

The Potential of Artificial Intelligence

In exploring the potential of artificial intelligence, the podcast guests mused over how it could help us gain insights into historic and biblical texts. AI has the potential to offer new perspectives and deeper understandings of these foundational stories. However, they also cautioned that relying solely on AI for interpretation could lead to a loss of authenticity and a mechanization of storytelling, altogether.

Critiquing Postmodernism and Its Fostered Cynicism

Dr. Peterson and Pageau also critiqued postmodernism and its fostered cynicism. They argued that postmodernism fails to offer coherent and foundational ideas, reducing all ideas to nothing more than subjective interpretations. This leads to a crisis of meaning and belief in the ability of storytelling to guide us in navigating our lives.

The Importance of Preserving Foundational Storytelling

Despite the challenges associated with storytelling, both Dr. Peterson and Pageau emphasize the importance of preserving foundational storytelling.

They argued that we can use traditional storytelling to develop a shared cultural narrative that provides grounding, meaning, and direction for our lives. This means actively engaging and contributing to traditional storytelling, reading fairy tales to our children, and creating new and authentic stories that reflect our ever-evolving understanding of the world.

Insight from Jonathan Pageau

Jonathan Pageau further adds his insight by pointing out that stories are not just a personal indulgence but a way through which we share experiences and connect with others. Stories of different cultures, although on the surface dissimilar, share a common thread which ties them all together. This thread is narrative patterns that depict human experiences.

Dr. Peterson Working on a New Book

During the discussion, Dr. Peterson talked about his new book on DailyWire+, where he writes fairy tales. He expressed his excitement about the project, seeing it as crucial to our understanding and participation in foundational storytelling in a world that seems to be losing it, fast.

Examining Significance of Storytelling for Shaping Culture and Identity

Finally, the podcast guests explored the significance of storytelling for shaping culture and identity. Storytelling is essential in understanding and interpreting our shared experiences and forming a cohesive society.

Our collective memory and identity depend on preserving and engaging with traditional stories. As long as we continue to value the importance of storytelling, we will continue to honor the power of narrative in shaping our lives and our understanding of the world.


In conclusion, Dr. Jordan B. Peterson and Jonathan Pageau’s discussion on the power of traditional fairy tales is an important conversation to have in today’s cynical and postmodern world. They emphasized the vital role of storytelling in shaping our society and the significance of preserving this foundational storytelling. They acknowledged the impact of artificial intelligence and the potential for insights into historic and biblical texts, but also underscored the importance of engaging with and participating in authentic storytelling.


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