Surprising Kids in Nepal with 3 Brand New Schools

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Foreign [Music] [Music] [Music] That's not important to us for us it's Important to actually be a part of a Real organization to see like we Physically tangibly can see the impact It's having and uh yeah I just want to Say I'm very very grateful for all of You guys I'm very grateful to Alan Um for just making this welcome [Music] It's crazy pokra is a nicer airport than Uh Capital we made it we how is that Max Brutal You know what happened what happened I Fell asleep and I woke up when we landed And I thought like we took off and had To land again and retake off so I saw Your messages I never been so stressed On the flash I'm like and now I'm Stressed no no I'm panicking A leopard a jungle leopard wow and this Little girl like six years old started Talking to him turned out that her Three-year-old brother The week before we got there she was Playing on the edge of the Jungle Leopard came out took him ran off Um thankfully she went in called her mum They ran after the left and he dropped To drop the boy he survived a few weeks

Before that another child had been eaten Oh my God I think at that time Tech told Me that the government had come out and Said that they were given permission for That left to be hunted and shot if You're in the jungle you're in there [Music] So tomorrow we're going to Arthur doing A school opening and then we're staying At benjang and then the day after we Have another school opening after that Another school opening and then on the Seventh we're visiting our next project We're looking at eighth is free day and Also International women's day by the Way it's really like the next three days Are like hectic in terms of school Openings after that it gets relatively Chill how much is a lot of Basics Okay I have a deal for you let's make it A hundred 100. 50 I guess up to you it's a good idea Yeah Expensive shoes yeah for once I guess Yeah That's not the business Okay I can't say no then I will take uh Thank you Yeah Have you ever been a bungee jumping yeah Riddle me then All right well we're trying to update The Vlog we're all trying to survive

This car ride did you ever get a car Sick no Oh I don't think this is a normal car Ride though this is like a turbulent Boat you know what I mean just like Getting rock like crazy I don't Like that it's like you know next month I'll have the road done these rocks will Take it out we're just staring at him This is my third time outside of the United States you know the first thing I'll always say is a little bit of Culture shock because it's not a world That I've ever seen before when we do The work that we do We're in front of computers all day Where you know Talking about money in business and all This stuff that is a lot of fun but Seeing the That part of the business and seeing the Smiles on the kids was just super Fulfilling Well update isn't this is the excavator And I don't it's moving anytime soon [Music] Landslide pending but morale's still hot It's still early on in the trip I left School in 11th grade so you can get me a Certificate here so I can say I finished School You finished I finished school that Would make my mom very happy parents Like the most random things simple like

My mom would be happier that I got a Certificate from the school that I Actually built in school I'm so proud of you man you finally got Your school certificate upload complete Boys [Music] Thank you Thank you [Music] Thank you [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] Thank you very much to you I'm sure one Day children from the school will Achieve so many doctors that's our brain If it success that we would be very much Happy founder of grow your agency Mr Emman garzi Education is freedom education is Liberty education for me personally is Everything and today looking at this Beautiful building it uh fills me with a Sense of fulfillment so I just want to Say a big thank you to all of you so so Finally I just want to thank all of you For your incredible Hospitality Nepal is An incredible country I've been waiting Three years to come back here and uh it Makes me very happy that I'm here today So thank you all of you oh and uh we're Playing football later so if you're good

Make sure you're on my team please thank You Uh how much for a box So you think that there's 140 in there [Music] [Music] Thank you Thank you [Music] What's your name Alex Alex yes We've established two things today yeah We can't play volleyball and we can't Dance yeah we can't do either of those We got no getting out and seeing the School Stand strong Amongst the hill like it was just yeah Awesome it's literally hailing We made it That's legit that's legit Yes I'm taking him [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] It was eye-opening whenever we arrived At the first school and I shook the hand Of the first kid there and I was just a Big grin on their face in a big smile it Just hit me I was like man we really did This you know we we put this kid in the

School and it might change their life Forever and that's that's something that That sits in my heart now like thousands And thousands miles away from these kids Somewhere in Nepal there are kids Sitting in that school learning about Subjects gaining knowledge that might Help them start their careers and Eventually do great things as well Hahaha I don't know you slept in the tent oh Yeah I was lit I'll show you a video I Come in and I scalp the entire tent for Bugs I have to get rid of like seven Bugs and then there was like two I Looked at I was like now you're too Young I can't do it but luckily feel Fresh The beautiful bird above you hey that's A good omen look at that Leave me alone I'm just gonna say Congrats on 2 million oh yeah 115 days ago precisely I calculated it We hit 1 million subscribers Today we woke up to find out that we are At 2 million subscribers So where's the confetti So anyways I just want to say a big Thank you to all you guys and more Importantly I just want to say a big Thank you to Tristan geez I want to say A big thank you too Alex And a big thank you to Tom and Nicola

Who aren't here at the moment they're Actually at home making sure that this Week's upload goes out in a timely Manner yeah this time last year we got 200. yeah I think we're like 220 this Time last year yeah that's wild I don't Think a Channel's ever grown like this In a year like in our space Poor guy he's dinner apparently not poor That's his purpose That's how they can tell how strong [Music] Does it look very strong I did that in Kenya second grade second Grade you get upside down by its legs And then the blood wait for the blood to Drip and then skin it yep driving around You've probably seen the footage of Rocky streets some roads to where They're being paved as we were driving And or on cliffs you'd get to that Location when you're driving three four Hours your head is hurting and we walk In and everyone is saying Tanya but Which at the time we didn't know what it Meant but it means thank you and they Start putting all these flowers and Decorations and everything and these People were just grateful at the fact That we're here and it was an amazing Experience just to be welcomed in just Like that it felt like I was at home Foreign [Laughter]

[Applause] Someone is [Music] Something greater Great of your the only thing that I ask The only three promises is that you wake Up every single day and you work hard You're honest and you're respectful to Your teachers thank you very much Wow [Music] Foreign [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] No okay then that makes sense what do You mean you have to do this bro what do You mean I start off with the second Highest bungee jump on Earth yeah Hmm Get a quick work on it Vibes yeah The Vibes bro do you mind you got us so this Is Ottawa I'll stay for the night [Applause] Amazing This is so nice Tech are you are you feeling very tired At the moment no I'm okay So you have lots of you have lots of Energy yeah yeah okay well you're going To need it Um so we have fifth project confirmed

And then in a few weeks Ellen is going To send me a proposal for sixth project [Laughter] So we'll do Start two more this year build more Amazing schools that's amazing bless you Thank you for everything cheers This type of villages that we were Working on and the type of villages that Would build those schools I would ask Myself like where are these people Coming from because it's such a remote Place for us to get there with cars with Three cars was super difficult and I was Looking around there was no other cars Around maybe some motorcycles every once In a while and then just getting to that School and seeing hundreds of people There it's just you get to to ask Yourself where are all these people Coming from and you see there are houses Around but you're not close to the School which means they have to walk a Lot they have to almost like go through A journey not just to be able to go to Their school and just seeing how happy They are just to get access to that Is something that is even hard to put Into words on how we feel when you Really see the reality and it's very Fulfilling it's just very fulfilling Because it's very easy for us to take For granted everything we do oh we build Schools in the polls in the problem when

You don't go there when you don't Experience that it's very easy to just Go on your day-to-day lives without even Thinking about what that really means Big day Four hours in the car full as in one way Download some YouTube videos some pods Buckling strapping download some Audiobooks it's gonna be a trip Really what we're doing we are checking Uh one of ptm's other projects A quick 10 minute check-in and it's one Of their projects for special needs Children so quick little uh put Something back on the road Thank you [Music] Last year this wasn't even here so we Put a new floor on and renovated the Whole rest of the building and so there Will be children living in the rooms Downstairs School classrooms on the ground floor And this is a community space for them To do training within the community on How to interdict children with Disability within the community Is right all mental and learning Physically as well yeah Huh Trust me you're gonna want to see this Why what is it Oh you can you please I

Was not happy 5 30. [Music] [Music] [Music] [Applause] Too much [Applause] People Lose For making this all possible for those That don't know Iman came from the Village very similar to this and Education was not available He was gifted with the opportunity to Learn and you can tell by us being here That the rest is good in History he's Made the most of that opportunity but he Did it because you didn't waste it you Recognized its value because there's a Gift with this gift also comes a Responsibility The responsibility to give back to give Back to your communities to other Villages to the world And when that responsibility comes up And has to be acted on we have a saying That grow your agency in the end you Help them out so that is the last school The trilogy is complete two more Projects there'll be two more projects Yeah sixth one as well five and six five And six thank you ma'am my pleasure my Pleasure

I'll tell you how really it all started Chandra and Tom day served with each Other for 20 odd years in the Army when Tom retired he asked children what Should we do to repay your friendship he Said you can build a school and then in 91 we opened the first school at Chandra's Village he said you've got to Come out So we went out there while we were out There and this is the Godzilla is Through another school came to us and Said oh look at this school can you Build us one and Tom said to me how much Money do we have left in the bank less Than a pound we had less than in the Background so Tom says what do you think Doesn't be stupid enough to wouldn't it So that's then then in 94 I think we Became registered charity but it's Thanks to people like you that we can Continue doing what we do it just feels So wonderful that you know whatever Happens in the future the Legacy will Always be here without people like you We would never exist and you know thank God we can and I just hope a prayer will Be here been 100 years time somebody Will be study here saying to other People like yourselves thank you I don't Do much actually my team pretty much Does everything so I have them to thank For the position that we're in a little Bit about our company you know our

Mission is to reform the education System and through that do that through Online means so for us we have a full Circle approach We want to give people the best Education possible from our part of the World and do it at the best price Possible but some people are Misfortunate and some people just simply Don't get a c at the table some people Don't have the opportunities that we Have and we're very aware of the Opportunities that are presented to us So that's why for us it's very important That we do take a portion of our profits Every single year and we use that to Contribute in the right places and I Guess We kind of struck gold in 2019 when we Found you guys because for me I we're Not doing this because we just want to Have that check to say we give away That's not important to us for us it's Important to actually be a part of a Real organization to see like we Physically tangibly can see the impact It's having and uh yeah I just want to Say I'm very very grateful for all of You guys I'm very grateful to Alan Um for just making this all come to life So yeah on behalf of myself and the team Um genuinely we're you know we couldn't Be more grateful for you so [Applause]

Thank you

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