This Is One of the Biggest Medical Malpractice Scandals in History | Michael Shellenberger | EP 435

Michael Shellenberger is a climate activist, journalist, and bestselling author. He has covered climate for over 30 years, as well as AI, emergent technologies, the Twitter Files, and most recently, the WPATH files

This episode was recorded on March 18th, 2024

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(0:00) Coming up
(0:35) Intro
(1:47) The pseudoscience of WPATH
(6:15) PROVEN: doctors are not getting informed consent and they know it
(7:09) All you have to do to become a professional association…
(9:06) Gender and distress explained clinically
(10:51) Gender and identity confusion are the same thing
(11:42) The astounding evidence for effective treatment that is being ignored
(14:07) Enticed into denial, and waking up to the truth
(16:07) Rampant psychopathology, the UK starts banning gender affirming care
(19:38) The doctors involved did “no serious study or followup for adverse outcomes”
(21:55) Sadists are overrepresented among surgeons, profit margins of trans care
(23:19) Selective blindness to the spread of pathology
(25:20) Abigail Shrier, raising the alarm, and the initial sense of hesitancy
(28:43) Why the LGB communities are aiding in their own erasure
(33:40) The reality of transsexualism and autogynephilia
(40:22) Deep narcissism and a need for immediate gratification
(44:38) The pathologization of the Devouring Mother
(49:26) A clear trend of weak fathers in transitioner homes
(50:20) Snow White and the deprivation of growth
(52:15) Barbara Walters helped sell the lie
(54:59) Psychology of hedonism paired with force
(57:45) The shocking rate that totalitarianism is spreading
(1:01:33) Cluster B-Type psychopathy
(1:08:21) How does this end?
(1:12:28) The oppressor/oppressed narrative formula explained
(1:14:11) The monotheistic hypothesis and the end of the Enlightenment
(1:21:07) What lies under the sacrifice of one’s own child
(1:23:13) Is there a secular version of the core transcendent story?
(1:26:41) Civilization isn’t good enough to unite; it must serve something greater
(1:32:15) Invitation over force, attracting the most people to greatest good
(1:37:51) The image of mother and child must remain sacred
(1:41:35) See how many snakes appear in the absence of faith
(1:44:59) “Cult is an objective description” of the WPATH orchestrators

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