“$30K A Minute” – Ronna McDaniel Expects HUGE Pay Day Following NBC Firing

Patrick Bet-David, Adam Sosnick, Tom Ellsworth, and Vincent Oshana are joined by attorney Alina Habba as they discuss Ronna McDaniel being fired from MSNBC and expecting a $600,000 pay day for a 20 minute appearance on Meet the Press.


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Patrick Bet-David is the founder and CEO of Valuetainment Media. He is the author of the #1 Wall Street Journal Bestseller “Your Next Five Moves” (Simon & Schuster) and a father of 2 boys and 2 girls. He currently resides in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida.

Interesting things going on there with r McDaniel um obviously she's a sweetheart A lot of people are uh Um uh what what VI did with her was U Legendary at one of these of the so she Comes in NBC gives her a contract I Think it's 200 it's what is it Tom 300 300 for two years and let me let me read The contract so you you kind of get an Idea and then you'll see what some People are talking about it the the People at NBC Lost their minds coming together saying We got to get rid of her there's no way She should have a job here Ron mcdonal Expected to be paid out for her $600,000 NBC contract wow uh fully to be paid by NBC for being dropped after just four Days of announcing uh she was joining The network as a political contributor The xrn C chair's contract was $300,000 A year for two years political reported With her loan appearance on NBC's Meet The Press on Sunday that lasted less Than 20 minutes that amounts to $30,000 A minute she made $500 a second McDaniel Has not spoken publicly about her Shortlived tenure since the announcement On Tuesday evening from NBC that she was Being dropped but political reports that She is lawyering up and spoke with Brian Fredman on Tuesday about her legal Options even Beyond recording the money From her original contract Rob do you

Have a couple new videos based on some Of the reactions people are having goad And play this one here's Joy Reed and Rachel matow our chairman of the the NBC Universal News Group Cesar K uh who we Both know very well um he sent a memo That we all got as employees here uh Resending the hiring of R Romney McDaniel and I know I felt very strongly About it I know you felt very strongly About it I think everyone from four o' On from Nicole all the way to midnight We all felt very strongly and said so on Our respective shows uh yesterday and I I just have to say when somebody does The right thing I feel like it should be Acknowledged as publicly as we Acknowledged our outrage and so I I know How I feel about it I am F to Caesar for Actually making the right decision I Think it was the right decision but I Want to get your take as well oh thank You for asking me about it I I still Feel like I still I still feel like a Little it it always feels wrong to talk About things you know in the company as If it's news and I you know it's just This it's not the way either you or I or W I know but I I will just say that Journalists are a fractious bunch and in Our big company with all sorts of Different journalistic entities you have All sorts of different people working in This business doing all sorts of

Different kinds of work and to see the Essentially Unanimous feeling among all the Journalists in this building and all Senior staff and all the producers and Everybody in this building about this Was one thing but then to see the Executives and the leadership hear that And respond to it and be willing to Change course based on it based On called cou and you should be ashamed Of yourself if you run that company That's why you're an Eber exactly the That's also why you're rating yeah and By the way like listen Ronald McDaniel I Can care less I mean just going up V Said and we were there I'm sick and Tired of this Republican establishment That has made us the party of losers all Right where's the accountability Ron McDaniel since she was in he wases Losing 2018 2020 2022 2023 it almost Seems like to me I'm always that guy Looking you know from a different angle It's almost as if they wanted a Leen I Know Adam we talked about this last week Like they were like Alina they like hey R go in there and just lose your ass off Make them lose lose and when done we'll Give you a job we'll give you a job at MSNBC we'll give you $600,000 and guess What happened the employee said whoa you Guys didn't run that [ __ ] by us because At the end of the day anything different

Than these two or Chuck Todd I would Love to see that it would have been a Change but they're threatened by that 1,00% I want to hear another person at Least give us a new face like have you Be honest have you ever sat and heard uh Rachel mat for her whole segment it's Excruciate I try to 5 days a week that's It's called mental toughness that's How you can do it you're going to be Mentally tough oh my God wait me you Know and I heard this like you know the Terrorists that we catch and we want to Find out if they have information the Hell with torturing them just tie them Up play MSNBC Rachel modal they will Spill all the they'll be like just don't Yeah but they like that stuff cuz that's How they got in and they got a check Yeah no sh the the reality is stand There Ronald McDaniel is now the poster Child for being politically homeless Adam first of all your voice is already Bad and you're distancing yourself from The mic like get closer to the got Trying to respect the mic get close to Mic R McDaniel is the poster child for Being politically homeless at this point She's got nowhere to go she's not going To go to the left she's not going to the Right it used to be Liz Cheney it used To be Adam kinger she she in nowhere She's in nowhere exactly now and that's Just that's sort of symbolic of where

We're at in politics you're either far Left in the Bernie camp or on the right With Maga with Trump or you're done yeah So what is she like what do you what Like cuz obviously she wants to work she Want what do you do now she does nothing At this what do you do now she becomes a Lobbyist yeah probably that's it I mean She just made 600 Grand bro for how long Was she on there for half an hour 20 Minutes 30 grand well if she got paid Out well look there's a well-worn path The well-worn path is at the end of an Administration or when you leave your Job in government and it doesn't matter Whether you're working for Republicans Or Or democrats there's a path that's a Well-worn path that goes to New York and You either go to book publishers or you Become a commentator it's there Jen Saki's got her show they all go there to Continue to spout you know their their Their Dil or to write a book that's got To tell all some juicy encounters with And then have to be sexual about some Lobbyists did this we did this Legislation was this and that's the game That's played and Caesar con is the guy That was running the nonprofit inside of A cable company called MSNBC and he was Attempting to hire somebody to Diversifying to get um something that he Doesn't have right now ratings and guess What it backfired because the inmates

Are running the Asylum and now the Employees are saying no no no no you Don't get to hire that guy we're all Upset about it and I think most of them I think the word that was used here was Threatened I think they were threatened They don't they know the conservative Views or anything that's on the Conservative side tends to get ratings So it is it is a threat to them Despite but it's both sides Tom but it's Both sides let me explain to you the Right is the same way as Well some of the podcasters when we Announc Cuomo was joining the crew right Oh my God you know you I can't believe It the biggest huge you know I'm Unsubscribing and totally and guess what Happened the next live would was the Biggest ever and the next live and the Next live and just us how home team you Know this Tuesday was the biggest Live On YouTube worldwide and the next one And the next one and the next one so Sometimes when you make a decision you Make a decision knowing there's going to Be some back Backlash you're a leader stand up for Yourself you you're worried about people Bitching about so guess who's running The what's that saying the the inmate Inmates are running right I mean that's NBC right now NBC is being ran by the Inmates and you're afraid because you

Brought in R McDaniel by the way it's The perfect person they brought in she Was ready to throw Trump under the bus Like it's the ideal Republican you were Bringing in and I'm not saying she was Going to throw the view the view girl That they brought in but point being is It was a perfect person for them I think So it's an establishment Republican that Was coming in keep her it's going to be Very hard to find you know somebody like That that's coming in from being the RNC Chair but that's I actually think this Is a loss for NBC and it's a bad look For the leaders at the top of NBC I Think so and who's who's the CEO of uh MSNBC rashita Jones who is it who's the Who's the CEO she said it's Caesar K is The guy who leads the whole thing but Who's the who's the CEO I I've heard That name I think she may be the news Division ex vice president or something So basic so can you that Tom that's like Think about this that's like Patrick Bringing Cuomo me you and Adam going on Our own podcast and going what the hell Is wrong your Own I should have done one of those hi Guys break what the f is Patrick doing He got Quomo what I Pat's head would just come Into the scene Patrick like and you Nailed it like what kind of what kind of CEO are you and the next day and the

Next day you're at Starbucks talking to Someone saying would you like non-fat Milk yeah yeah and I'm like no I look Like the guy that was on there that's Not me I'm Starbucks now well guy guy uh Pulls me aside I'm in St Augustine he Says are you do people ever tell you you Look like Patrick but David all the time Do do anybody ever tell you you look Like Trump's lawyer I go oh my God I Hear that all the time By the way half the time I'm in like a HomeGoods and I don't want people to Know of course you know what I can't Stand her did you see what she did the Other day with yeah what a you want me To tell you what happened to me Yesterday I was in a store and somebody Said to me um I Heard the girls over in The corner saying you're on on the news A lot what news station and I said if You asking me that you're not want to Know that's so funny and she goes what News I said Fox and she goes oh you're Right and I like bye now byebye bye bye Go watch The View go watch the fairness I go on CNN I do I do I go I not afraid Of the other I like I think that's by The way where we need to be heard would You would you love to be on The View for An episode like if they were just like Hey I mean they would never ever on National Television they've played clips Of them talking about me and I've said

This on I think I was on Hannity or Somebody and they played a clip and I Was like where's my invite yeah I would Love to see their audience I wish the Camera flipped once just to see the Audience of the view oh my God imagine What that Bunch Rael mad's never invited Me no of course not and you want what a Great Point kayen Collins has she has And I've gone on with her and we had a Really respectful conversation and you Know and then of course she invites you Know an ex Trumper to talk about me and Be nasty but I I think that that's What's missing in our country I think so Too ful age why can't you just talk you Know stop talking about me talk to me I'm clearly available sit there talk to Me and talk about it let's talk about it We don't have to be on the same side but We don't have to bash yeah Chambers are Killing our because if you notice this I Think Pat you did a shout out for for Somebody you challenged somebody when When have you ever seen a Rachel madow Joy Reed um uh Whoopi Goldberg Joy bhar Have they ever left their little room Their little audience and come to talk To somebody different how about get the Hell out of there respect you capable They can't do it they would never do it Because guess what they don't have Audience that's told when to applaud Told when to oo because they they would

Have no argument cuz by the way I Watched the clip Joy Bahar is talking to The guest but she's reading a Teleprompter or something on the side It's not you you're just a mouthpiece And you nailed it if we can't have that Conversation that dialogue you're just There cuz Joy Reed got caught through Remember that time where they cut two And she's like another effing War she Doesn't she doesn't even believe it She's doing it for the money and what's Your price they they figured it out Vinnie they figured it out because if You go back 12 years ago they used to Invite an cther on and Anne couter would Kick people's asses and so they sat back There okay strong educated woman who's Highly Professional maybe we don't want this Girl on here kicking the ass of our host I can no longer remain in today's Democratic party Tulsi gabard says she Is no longer a Democrat a potential toy GED VP where we are being told that we Just have to comply and go along with Whatever they say American people are Smarter than this however we must remain Vigilant to recognize their propaganda For what it is pure life unfortunately We live in a time where free speech is Under attack whatever they say goes and We we have to just fall and the people Who suffered under your reign as

Prosecutor you owe them an Apology taking on KLA Harris on a debate Stage before I would look forward to Doing that Again so if you like this clip and you Want to watch another one click right Here and if you want to watch the entire Podcast click right Here

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