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01:49 Who is Matt Gray
05:20 Systemising the business
41:50 The importance of sales
58:20 Customer success metrics
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Matt Gray is a very successful coach and entrepreneur who has built numerous profitable companies and created a community of over 14 million people. He is known for helping founders scale from 100k to 1 million a month. In this episode I tap into his expertise by having him analyse my business and systems, identifying weaknesses and actions that we need to take to level up. I hope you enjoy it!

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Hello Matt welcome to the podcast how You doing good to see you I was really Hoping we could have this conversation As a bit of a mini coaching session Where you help me understand what it Takes to get from let's say 10 to 100K a Month and then 100K to a million a month Let's do it looking forward to it let's Just say it's an hour team meeting and About 45 minutes of it is dedicated to Issues opportunities and awarenesses if You're not coming with any of these Things I literally don't know what You're doing that is a good point all You've basically done is just like name Systems for each step of the process and Already just feel feel like I have way More clarity inevitably like the best People to sell are people that are Referred by an existing customer and Your best leads your hotess leads are Your referred leads this is just like Like mind-blowing to me and I think for You too one of your big models when you Think about anything new is can I do This for the long term and the answer to That is hell yes you can If hello Matt welcome to the podcast how You doing welcome to Dubai Holly good to See you good to see you man um okay so We have done lots of episodes on this Podcast so far sort of about the Starting point of Entrepreneurship like How to go from zero to for example 10K a

Month with like you know your concept And your audience and your avatar and Your offer and all that and sales system And all that kind of Stuff you seem to specialize from Previous conversations that we've had And you know me being on your podcast And the stuff you post on socials you Seem to specialize in helping people get Beyond the 10K a month Point um our Business at the moment is you know we Did like 5 million last year and we want To get it to 10 million and so I was Really hoping we could have this Conversation as a bit of a mini coaching Session where you help me understand What it takes to get from let's say you Know 10 to 100K a month and then 100K to A million a month which is the sort of Kind of scaling that you seem to help Help founders with let's do it I'm Looking forward to it um before we dive Into that can we summarize your Backstory for people who might not be Familiar with who you are yeah so Started four different profitable Businesses over the last decade first Business was called bitmaker we trained Full stack software Engineers got them Jobs at Shopify meta Google Trained over 2,000 Engineers over a few Years and the company was acquired by General Assembly when they came north of The border to Canada which is where I'm

From um since then started a couple Other businesses uh one more recently It's called founder OS uh we help Founders with proven systems to scale Their audience brand and community and So yeah the general Mission I have in Life is to really help 100 million Founders accomplish their dreams through Proven systems been through the ups and Downs the valleys and the mountains you Know involved in building businesses Understand how hard and yeah just Difficult it can be and over the years I've learned that there's you know There's systems and that success is Really an OS and there's ways to build An audience monetize build a team hire On board there's these are all systems And the tighter those systems I think The stronger your business and so um Yeah excited to dive into some of those Today I'm sure to help you get to that Million A- month Milestone nice okay so Um I first read the e- myth Revisited in Like 2019 this was 2 years into starting My YouTube channel and that was the book That really gave me the first like like The terminology of systems where I was Like like I I'd had a business when I Was in med school sort of 2012 to 2019 And knew nothing about hiring I was Doing all the admin myself and getting Super overwhelmed and I just I didn't Even have the it's it's like in in my

Brain there wasn't even a room for like Systems or like business or anything Like that and I never really thought to Read any books about it and then 7 years Later I discovered the emth Revisited And I was like oh my God like I've I've I've been missing out on so Much valuable Insight by not having read Books about this stuff already and that Was the book that really told me that oh [ __ ] I can delegate and I can hire and I Can sort of build a sort of franchise Model around my business so that if Someone else were to try and replicate It it's like what are the systems and The standard operating procedures and Stuff and so really that was my first Introduction to the world of systems how How did you how did you get get into the World of like system like business as a System Yeah so like you I'm an Avid Reader Whether it's books like you know Systemology emth Revisited Traction uh you know Rockefeller habits The list goes On I'd be lying if I said it was just Some like linear process you know just From kind of being in the mix of Building businesses going through the Struggles inevitably anytime something Went wrong I realized it was because we Didn't have it documented properly we Didn't actually know what the smooth

Process for that thing was who the owner Was who was accountable for it and so After kind of you know running into These blocks making these mistakes you Know I eventually started to realize if I could just have you know from the Starting point of a customer's Journey All the way through to the promise that We're looking to deliver on um and then Through to referral all sort of Systemized all processed um selfishly it Would just lead to a lot less headaches And I think one thing that we're both Into is like aside from building Businesses I think we love living Vibrant lives we love to travel we have Different Hobbies I enjoy playing paddle Tennis and hanging out with friends and Traveling around and so you know the More my business is systemized the more It's just like a calm company the more Sustainable it is long term and the more I can selfishly just go do other things In my life that I enjoy doing so yeah That's been a bit of my journey sick Okay so um let's say I were to you know We we were to somehow end up doing like A one-on-one coaching session where I Was like hey Matt can you help me grow My business mhm how how would we how how Would we go from there yeah So what business do you want to start With I guess I guess kind of my I think Of my business as uh my content and

Courses kind of thing sure so we've got Kind of the YouTube channel we've got Social media we've got the podcast we've Got my email list and then the course That we sell right now is our YouTuber Academy where we've got a $1 product Which is like a self-paced very quick Course on how to start a YouTube channel That upsells people into $1,000 product Which is a self-paced course on how to Kickstart and grow your YouTube channel And then we have a YouTube accelerator Which is a more higher ticket like at The moment 5K a year but we're upping The prices depending on when people hear This and that's like a 12 Monon program That has support from my team and weekly Office hours from my team and I do a Monthly Q&A and we have like account Managers and we're working with ethical Scaling to build custom success for that Uh we have so we have that vertical for Products I.E helping people start grow And monetize YouTube channels but we are About to launch a productivity thing at The moment it's tentatively titled Productivity lab and we want it to be Like a sort of 1 to 2K a year like Community type thing where the pitch is Sort of like pelaton for productivity a Community for ambitious entrepreneurs Creators and professionals looking to Double their productivity focus and Consistency so they can do more of what

Matters to them in work and in life Where the idea is like it would There there would be like a life cohort Element where I would teach a course on Productivity for the first four weeks uh Probably just as a one-off and then make That Evergreen and then we would have 12 Months where every day there are Zoom Co-working sessions every week There's a Facilitated weekly review a monthly Reflection a quarterly planning session Uh regular workshops on like vision and Goal setting for your personal and Professional life just something that Can that so sort of Target it add like Yeah entrepreneurs professionals and Creators who want to I guess double Their produc ity we're in the process of Like building that up to launch it Probably end of q1 2024 um at the moment most of the Business Revenue comes from the YouTuber Stuff um we do we'll probably do about a Million from our content arm million Pound to like .3 million and probably Around 2.5 million from the YouTuber Stuff MH and we're hoping to do the do At least 2.5 million from the Productivity thing or stuff and that's Just sort of The that's the sort of back of the Envelope math that I'm doing to get try And get us to 10 million okay if any of That makes sense yeah makes a lot of

Sense so appreciate all the context and Yeah just your vulnerability too over The years of just being open with your Numbers and allowing others to learn From sort of the specifics a lot of People I think are nervous to just like Divulge the in and out so appreciate That so first things first I think when We started about think you know Systemizing a business it can feel a Little bit like daunting and Overwhelming right and so I like to use A couple principles to start off with Which is like number one the 8020 rule Like what's like the 20% of the business We can systemize to reduce like 80% of The headaches and make this thing run Pretty damn smooth and then the second Aspect is before moving on to anything New let's make sure that just the Existing Foundation is running like a Welled machine so that we almost afford Ourselves the ability the time the Freedom to yeah either do it doing Things we love or building that next Business arm to get yourself to say a Million a month because the last thing That we want is to start up this whole Productivity lab side of your business And then right while that's getting up And going the other side of the business Just starts falling apart yeah and now You're just burning it on both ends and Going crazy and you know I think it's

Oftentimes a recipe for Burnout and so I Think to start with let's just talk About sort of that core Journey that Someone in your existing business would Go through so if put yourself in the Actual customer's shoes y right so I'm Someone that maybe has first arrived on Ali's YouTube channel because it showed Up on my homepage of YouTube and I Clicked on a video what's that Journey That that person goes through from oh This Ali AB doll gu is really Interesting and I love this productivity Video I've seen all the way through to You know the end of that Journey what's That kind of what's one examp example of Where someone would go nice that is That's just a really a really good Question which I've never once thought About so thank you for that I'm just Like thinking damn I I should really Think about this more um okay so what's One example of the journey one example Of the journey they see one of my videos Pop up on the homepage they're like Watch the video maybe they'll I don't Know watch some percentage of the video And then they'll like okay cool close YouTube forget about it move on to Something else and then because they've Watched a bit of my video the next time They go on YouTube maybe the algorithm Recommends them another video and so now They're in the sort of the Ali abdal

Ecosystem as it relates to the YouTube Algorithm and they're watching a handful Of my videos at some point one of two Things will happen um most likely uh They'll just continue on as a a regular Viewer or whatever but they might see a Plug for my email list which is like hey I you know send emails every now and Then every week sign up to my newsletter Or something unlikely they might sign up To one of for they might sign up for one Of our lead magnets so we have a video That's gone viral this year called how I Manage my time with the Trident calendar Method this year last year whatever um Where people enter their email and then There's a little tick box would you also Like to sign up to the email list um and Then I think they get the template and It asks them a few questions hey are you Interested in like productivity are you Interested in this are you interested in Growing a YouTube channel kind of thing Um or they'll happen happen to stumble Across one of my videos around how to Start and grow a YouTube channel and Within those videos there'll be a link To our YouTuber Academy and they might Click on that to be like oo this kind of Interesting So either they'll end up directly going To the YouTuber Academy website or They'll end up on the email list or They'll end up signing up to one of our

Lead magnets some of which are Productivity related some of which are YouTube related some of which are like Random like journaling stuff just cuz we Thought hey might as well they'll end up On the email list somehow and then in Theory they will be post signup Segmented into based on their interests Into they like productivity they like YouTube they like both they like Entrepreneurship I think we have a few Buckets which as I say I'm like unsure Of so into and if they end up in the YouTube thing then we send them I think Some nurturing emails that have a pitch Then hey would you like to sign up for One of the courses and then hopefully if They're a complete beginner to YouTube And they're like oh I actually have want To start a YouTube channel they sign up To $1 course which gives them the option To upsell into the $ th000 course um and Along the way hopefully they'll see an Apply Now button for our YouTube Accelerator where they if if they are an Adult with money they might be like oh Actually you know it's really quite Useful to have like Ali's team holding My hand through the whole process and Then they might apply for our Accelerator program perfect yeah so as I'm hearing you say all this right it's Easy to kind of pull out from that like The core client journey and maybe like

Nine of the core systems that matter There that if you can nail those like 80% of the battle is won right so Starting off you have your YouTube System right which you know very well I Think your competive advantage is right There right so like thumbnails Everything that you teach in part-time YouTuber Academy like that side you got Down the question two is like where's That documented right I think it's a Notion which is I think typically your Knowing you that's kind of like one of Your hubs and then who owns that so that Down the road you're working on Something new and something blows up on YouTube or something goes wrong you know To go to that owner y maybe that's Angus On your team Maybe YouTube producer That's a six system that's like dialed Well well it's not dialed we keep on Trying to and trying to improve it but It's our bread and butter and I'm very Happy with YouTube system cool so tin Owns that that's documented in ocean That one's down second aspect then it You talk a lot about lead magnets right So each one of these different videos You have oftentimes leads to something Like a score app page or a different Landing page maybe in convert kit where You're driving people then to that Unique lead magnet if it's the castle Method you drive them to a castle method

For free if it's a trident method you're Driving them to that for free if it's a Different personality quiz or something Around product activity quizzes you're Driving that on the score app so you've Got a bunch of these and it can sound a Little bit of morphous and sort of like Wow there's a lot of these going on but The truth is like it's just a lead Magnet system y that okay the YouTube Video's been made are we driving them to An existing lead Magnet or are we Creating a new lead magnet for this Thing so what is our lead magnet system Where is that documented Y and who's the Owner of the lead magnet system yeah so It's so funny that you say that cuz Literally as of about a month ago we Moved one of our team members who was Previously on the podcast and had been Working on the podcast for like two plus Years to become the owner of the lead Magnet system great cuz we we were like Hey Amber we we need to take em the Email list really like super seriously Amber didn't have much experience but She absolutely smashed it with the Podcast over the last two years Super Detail oriented like super quick learner So we're just like all right take these Courses read these books talk to these People and get up to speed on how email Works and now she owns our lead magnet System and has documented it in notion

Where we have we now have for the first Time a database of all of our lead Magnets and she's leading the charge to Be like okay guys what are the new lead Magnets we want to create and why do we Want to create them and like what's the Goal of the lead magnets and all this Sort of stuff cool so we have or in or In the process of building out a lead Magnet system great and then the one Aspect there too that I think is useful Is so all that's amazing is then what is The One Core metric that would determine That person's success so as an example With lead magnets you're plugging these Into YouTube videos you may know that Okay traditionally when we've plugged That lead magnet in two strategic spots In a 15minute video we drive Approximately you know 10% of viewers to Signups for that lead magnet we want you To improve that metric and get it to 133% let's just say right and so you may Know what is your steady state lead Magnet conversion from YouTube video Yeah and try and give them now a stretch Goal of now that you're solely focused On this area we'd like to see that 10% Improve to 133% which over a year that You know that could equal you know Hundreds of thousands of yeah newsletter Signups Absolutely that's a really good point What is the metric yeah a question I've

Been thinking about a lot with a lot of Areas of our business is what is the Metric that matters here M CU for Example for lead magnet stuff and for The email list we were thinking so we Have like a weekly scorecard which Actually I might bring up the laptop and Just do a screen share so we can we can Bring it up but uh so we have like a Weekly scorecard where um based on the Traction principles y uh we track all These metrics week on week and one thing We don't really track yet which we are Now starting to is uh Like how many emails how many email Subs Came from which lead magnets and which Sources we have all of those in like Some combination of Google analytics Looker Studio convertkit analytics They're all over the all over the place But just getting them all in one place Is like the job for the next like we for The team yeah and then UTM linking all These lead magnets because our social Media people are also driving traffic to Some of these lead magnets cuz one thing That we've thought about is That actually I'm I'm curious to get Your take on this someone who subscribes To Sunday Snippets my email newsletter Versus someone who is an actual lead I Was speaking to um Eric partaker I think You know about this and he was like he He his his view on this was that a lead

Is someone who has Expressed explicit educational intent For a in in the vertical of a product That you actually have yes so for us It's like if they sign up to our YouTube Crash course or our grow your YouTube Channel scorecard all that kind of stuff Makes them a lead for our YouTuber stuff But if they're just the people who sign Up to Ali's newsletter or if they've Signed up to for example the castle Method which is a business thing and we Don't yet have a business product then Do they count as a lead do they just Count as a subscriber what's the metric That matters here M I've just thrown This at you any any thoughts yeah so Let's get that actually at the end okay Um because I think we can talk to that More in like the dashboard system which Will be like the final one okay sick so The next aspect um after nailing the Lead magnet system which we talked about Again having what's the source of Truth And for you I think it's notion the Second aspect is then who's the owner And then what's the core metrics of Success keep it simple right if we have Those three things for each of these Systems like we're we're moving in a Nice dire we are maget system it would Be sort of weekly leads and we can I Think from there it goes like newsletter System oh okay CU they're signing up now

To like the newsletter they're in there And we'll keep going down the flow so Then it becomes okay well who's the Owner of the newsletter yep who's owning The newsletter calendar over the next Bit because you've also got the brand Side that gets integrated so it can't Just be this thing where week to week You're just scrambling per newsletter Oftentimes you need to have a level of Planning there uh so that yeah things Are organized and you can kind of see in The future okay hey these are the next Like 12 weeks of newsletters coming out Yep so who's the owner there and like What would you say is the core metric Often times it's something around like Say clickthrough rate M nice yeah so at The moment the owner is Nadia uh and she sorts out the upload Calendar puts the sponsorship in the Thing sends me a slack message each week Being like hey La here's the convert kit Template ready for you to populate and Then every Sunday usually every Sunday I Sit down and write the newsletter I Didn't do it yesterday cuz I was here And busy with stuff and so I need to do That today at some point uh so sometimes It becomes not really a Sunday email but A Monday or Tuesday email depending on How like busy I am and we're always like You know it would be nice if we were a Few weeks ahead but then I don't write

Things that are a few weeks ahead and I Think the team have written some sort of Backup options if like Ali really Doesn't want to do a newsletter one week But Nadia owns that system the metric I Mean we Track subscribers on Sunday snpp it's a Newsletter we track open rate we track Clickthrough rate but we don't think to Like none of these really have a Target As such because it's also like my Personal newsletter and so How should I be thinking about Like Yeah metrica sizing the newsletter if That makes sense yeah so I just think With any of these you know it's part art Part science right so there's not like Oh my gosh this is the way it has to be And I've been missing out all over these Years right I think my personal approach To this stuff is you know if you have The data great if you don't like let's Back and AFK in it like how many Newsletter subscribers have we gotten Each of the last say 3 months and then What is a reasonable growth rate of that To hit on a monthly basis you know for The next year yeah right so that we have Kind of targets and actuals yep over the Next year and we know okay like we're Looking to hit 12,000 in February 13,000 In March so on and like where do we get To um because the success of um you know

The lead magnets the newsletters and You're obviously growing a lot on YouTube too so we should be funneling More people to the newsletter over time It shouldn't stay stagnant yeah yeah That's a good point Um yeah so I gu I guess a metric for Nadia could be newsletter growth mhm but Nadia doesn't really she's more involved In like the system for newsletter Creation which is different to I think I Would they think it would be Amber who's On the lead magnet system which would be More new of growth y so maybe for Nadia It's like hey let's just keep open rate At like 50% if we can yeah or something Like that and then there's that and then There's also things like it could just Be like I like that you're thinking About like smart goals like specific Meable actionable realistic and time Bound the other side too is yeah maybe It's just that at all times there's a 12we schedule in calendar that is made And they are the source of Truth to Always know that like there's 12 weeks Organized like they're ahead of the ball So that you know as we're planning Different launches and everything it's Very easy to know that like oh the Newsletter stuff it's on some scrambling Thing we know exactly where we want to Plug these things into so it could be Something like that yeah it could be

Open rates it could be a combination of These things Okay cool so we've got YouTube system into lead magnet system Into newsletter system yeah um and so Work shopping this with you I think the Next stage that you may consider off the Top is now your like lead system or like It could be cou a couple things your Lead system it could be called like your Low ticket product system your funnel System y any one of these you know we Could Workshop around this is where now Someone's seeing the newsletter or Seeing your content and now kind of Raising their hand and becoming a lead And getting now into one of the streams Of products you have whether it's the $1 $100 $1,000 whatever it may be and now As Eric had mentioned to you like that's Where we start like these now people are Leads so we're taking people from the Broad audience of YouTube they've been In the newsletter which is still a Pretty massive audience of people that Just may be interesting in all these Thoughts week to week and now they're Sort of raising their hand going no I Actually want to potentially purchase Something from you and so it's that Person that that's managing things like What are those low ticket products what Are those email sequences what are the Text message sequences if there are any Eventually I don't think you do that yet

And what updates need to be made to the Existing low ticket products and what Potentially new low ticket products need To be launched or are we considering Launching which we don't need to get Into that too too much but follow follow Me so far this episode of Deep dive is Very kindly sponsored by wab which Stands for you need a budget now for Many people money is a cause of guilt And anxiety you're never entirely sure Where all your money goes and you're Left feeling guilty about purchases big Or small money is often associated with Restriction fear and uncertainty but Your money is an extension of you in Many ways and it's obviously not ideal To feel so bad about it now wab is an App that's helping millions of people Change their mindset around money it's Built on four simple habits which could Transform the way you think about money These habits are firstly give every Dollar a job two embrace your true Expenses three roll with the punches and Four age your money now these habits are Actually really simple giving every Dollar a job basically just means that You plan out the different things you Want to spend your money on after you've Been paid then all you have to do is Stick to the plan knowing that you Already have enough to cover everything Your true expenses refers to those big

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People to use that link you'll also Al Get 20% off the annual premium Subscription so thank you so much Brilliant for sponsoring this episode This is just like like mind-blowing to Me because like all you've basically Done is just like name systems for each Step of the process and already it just Feels like I have way more clarity the Fact that you were just like oh yeah There's these nine systems I'm like are There and like yeah there's the YouTube System I'm like yeah that's a system There's you know the lead mag system Yeah it's a system you know the system For the lead them like oh just thinking Of it as a System like a sort of a a system that's Strung together with other systems just Makes the whole thing feel a lot less Black boxy a lot more manageable good um So that's just like nice on a on a sort Of meta level I guess okay so for our Leads system this is where it starts to Get a bit muddy because we have like Yakob our marketing guy we have Gareth Our product guy we have saf who is Helping who's building out our CRM he's Like our sales and marketing rev Ops Kind of guy we've just transferred to HubSpot as of like a month ago and are Trying to use that to track leads and Stuff but now we're running into the Issue of like well we don't want to

Bring every newsletter subscriber into HubSpot because that's freaking Expensive and like what if we bring Everyone who's put their hand up into HubSpot that's still really expensive hm Should we pay so for HubSpot and we we Start to get into these R calculations My instinct is that we should just bring All Leads official leads into hopspot um And I'm yeah between gathon product Yakob on marketing generally and saf on Like sales and marketing revops I'm not Like I I wouldn't be able to say who is The owner of the lead system system okay Do you have a sense yeah yeah So it's a great you know this this comes Up right like this is natural where as We get in some of them are super clear Like YouTube Tintin obviously is our guy Yeah and now we're into um more like the Funnel and we're a little bit confused There as to who the person that's Actually a great part of this whole sort Of thinking exercise right is like oh Damn like who actually is owning that Thing and maybe what we have right now Is like a few different stakeholders That are generally aligned but also sort Of sometimes swimming in different Directions yes and are not totally lined In their thinking exactly so you know That may be caused to like hey we need To create a bit of a funnel system here Let's get everyone in the room let's

Determine who's the core owner of this And then almost like the sub owners Maybe of the more minute parts of it Yeah right so let's decide on what is The core metric there in terms of maybe Leads per month y right let's determine Who's like the overarching like when One guy is saying hey we should do this And another guy is saying no no like We're not using HubSpot and piping those Leads in there yet it's too expensive We're doing this yeah who's the one that Can just say no we're doing this and It's not you yeah right it's like that Owner needs to be able to say hey I Respect both these directions but we're Doing this nice right yeah that would be So nice that would be a breath of fresh Air yeah yeah so we need to kind of we Don't need to solve that right now right But I think in a room you you've got a Great team and you guys are all super Close and you guys go on like team trips Every quarter so maybe this is a good Topic for the next team trip you guys Run uh so figuring out who is owning This sort of like funnel system right I'm just going to think out loud here so Lead lead Magnets get some people onto Sunday Snippets the newsletter but also get Some people to become leads mhm uh by Raising their hand for like a YouTube Product or a productivity product or

Whatever um to what extent then would Amber who is our lead magnet system Owner And responsible for growing the email List Generally should to to what extent would She be also then in charge of like the Leads system like what is what is the Point of the lead system the or the Where what I'm categorizing let's just Call it the funnel system to be clear System those people are then taking the You know people that have raised their Hands and are now leads and now they are Now directing them to the different Products in our product Suite so some of These people are determined to be like For the $1 product and they help Facilitate that through email sequences Some people are determined that they're Right for the $100 the ,000 the new Productivity lab product you have coming Out right there's this whole sort of Architecture of different email Sequences hand raisers yeah you know Just kind of nurturing that goes on There that people are responsible for on Your team and that someone now it's like Okay I've brought you that individual Now you need to now filter them to the Correct product that we have and that's A whole other be of a thing yeah okay Fine so Amber's job would be to put the Leads into the system and once they are

In the system once they're in let's say Hub spot yes then someone else on the Team takes over and it's like all right I got this and that person is building Out like the email flows and the if then Automations and all that stuff exactly To funnel them into the right place all Those convert kit automations that I Think you likely have the owner of Convert kit yeah yob is our owner of Convert kit he owns all those things He's absolutely absolutely sick at that So he would own like the funnel system Exactly exactly and then you said Determine the metc that matters so Presumably it's not like number of leads Generated per week because that would be Amber's lead metric so it would be Something else what what what could that Metric be I mean inevitably I think that If they're doing a good job there's a Level of like how many of these leads Are we converting to paying customers oh Yeah nice right um because inevitably if They're doing a good job these email Sequences filter people into the right Product for them Y and those people Convert yeah and they whether it's a Conversion rate from lead to product Could be one um second it could just be Straight Revenue y right like if they're Just you know doing a good job and their Sequences are correct yeah they're Ideally just getting people monetized

From lead to transaction nice yeah so in Our case two metrics come to mind one is Just straight Revenue uh but straight Revenue from uh products that people Could have just just like purchased with A credit card but also number of sales Calls booked for our High ticket thing Which or or number of applications Received for our high ticket thing yeah Which would also be like uh an at at the End point of the finnal system I guess Yeah so either they make either they Convert into revenue or they apply for The thing yeah and what you could have To is just like an overall like Revenue Number but then be able to like double Click into that and see like okay Where's this coming from right so it's Like oh like how much of this is the Dollar product $100 the Thousand so on And so forth right yeah funnel man this Good [ __ ] okay yeah so the I think we're On number six I hope is the sales system Yep right so now you have people that Are now been piped into HubSpot um some People have converted to a low ticket Product which is handled in the funnel System by your convert kit owner some of Them now are moving on to a high ticket You know close and are being passed to a Salesperson or whatever you may call it In your business to then have a Conversation with people and convert Them to sale yep so who's the owner of

The s system a sales system in your case May consist of things like who owns the Sales script um who's ultimately in Charge of the pricing of that product Potentially who's in charge of hiring More people on that team who's in charge Of the Setters people that may be Setting leads in other areas that we Haven't discussed which not to confuse Us but you know you get it and also the Person that's like neverly responsible For like running a well-oiled sales Machine nice okay oh this is good so at The moment it is we it is unclear who Owns the sales system so we have this Amazing guy called Kevin who works for Us as a freelancer as a as a uh sort of Sales closer he took our YouTuber Academy years ago and like you know Enjoys working with our team and he's Amazing and we also have saf who is our Kind of HubSpot guy on the sales and Marketing side who is sort of working With Kevin to build be like Hey Kevin You know what what are the fields that You need to be populated um and then Kevin's giving feedback to be like oh Actually you know some sometimes oh you Know we've got a bunch of unqualified Leads so how do we qualify them more More before they hit the sales call and You know all that kind of stuff but if I Were to ask you know who would be Responsible for hiring another closer or

For setting pricing and stuff it would Be like uh I don't really know sort of Angus sort of Aly sort of everyone it it Doesn't the sales system does not have a Clear owner right now cool yeah So what I would say is you know this Isn't that uncommon right um often times I Think people like ourselves that are Very like we're creative we're into Building like beautiful things and Serving people and um often times we're Into like the content side of things I Think at heart like me and you are both Artists it's often times like that sales End of the business that it's like like A little bit of an afterthought what's Going go there yeah exactly right it's Not like our innate sort of default to Go and be like Oh I'm going to build a Badass sales team yeah so I've been There in my own career um years ago you Know I had every other part of the Business running just beautifully but That piece I just couldn't figure out And for me at least what I realized was Best like I had to get a good handle on That myself inevitably one of the core Metrics it sounds like as a overall Business you're looking to get to in 2024 is to a million a month yeah and so A million a month like it's largely a Sales thing right like you're great at Product you're insanely good at cont

Content you've got the YouTube system The lead magnet system all these things Like I'm very confident you guys got Down this sales one right inevitably That's going to be really damn important If we're going to get to a million a Month yeah right number two like we got To have a badass owner of that I think You need to have an understanding of it Y Angus needs to have a strong handle of That who's your general manager because And every Le someone on the leadership Team needs to like really know that in And out so that they're not just being Told some BS by the sales organization And then believing it to be true when Sometimes like you dive deeper into the Numbers and you realize oh it's not that We need more leads our close rate is an Abomination right or it's not that we Need a more closers we have the worst Show rate ever only 20% of people are Showing up to calls yeah we need to fix The show rate I'm not just hiring more And throwing more closers at a problem That you know that's not the problem Right so you need to have someone on the Team on the leadership team that can Understand like the root causes and be Able to be a bit of a sparring partner With whoever that sales leader is from My perspective or else you really risk Like the organization kind of running Away from you uh and I you see this a

Lot like I think in terms of the stage That you're at and that not all that Different than the stage that even I'm At in some of my businesses is that You're not going to die because you Don't have enough business you will die Because you get too much business and The whole thing just collapses in itself Either the sales team just becomes a Mess and they're closing the wrong People or they scale too fast and then The next stage which you'll get to Customer success in delivery that just Falls flat on its face because you have More customers than you know what to Deal with and it can be a reputation Ruiner and everything can just fall flat Yeah so that sales piece you think you Have a couple options Either Angus learns that piece puts his Gets his own hands dirty and starts Building that up himself or he just gets More of an understanding and then Promotes someone from within to own that Piece of your business maybe it's the Closer in sales guy that's been there For a little bit and it's now time for Him to be a sales lead yeah um or you Bring someone from the outside which has Its pros and cons to then own that Area this is very good yeah so I Realized a couple of months ago that I Had zero handle on what sales even meant And at the time we had access to Cole

Gordon's closers course we took last Year and so I just sort of blitzed Through a lot of that and I was like oh Okay I feel I I I sort of get it a Little bit more now um watched a bunch Of YouTube videos about it haven't read Any books about Sales Systems yet Although I know that there are some on The market um so yeah in my own head That's like a whole a bit of a hole of Knowledge where I I know for example What a Setter is and a closer is and Speaking to some creators on this in Here in Dubai it's like oh you can do DM Closes as well and DM seters interesting H we're not really doing that like you Know all this all this sort of stuff Yeah definitely needs an owner um do you Think so for example saf who is our Hopspot uh sales and marketing revops Guy at the moment doesn't really have Experience with like building a sales Team as such but has a lot of experience With like kind of the revops side of of Of things do you think he would be Reasonable to promote into sales lead or Is it for this sort of thing just better To get someone with experience or either Promote Kevin if he wants to join our Team uh like fulltime or bringing Someone in from the outside yeah so There's a lot of ways to slice the pie Here I think that I've seen both work Successfully both like getting an

Existing a player and then elevating Them which I think is generally my Default um or if you feel like you don't Have the right person internally for That then looking to get someone from The outside I think the benefit from Promoting people within is number one It's just a great culture Builder Realize hey wherever you start in this Company isn't where you're going to end Up over time like look at you know Angus Started as a writer here in scripting With me in my apartment 5 years ago and Now he's running the whole operation and I'm sure that's a great sort of thing That a lot of people are like oh yeah Wherever I start like man there's so Much career Mobility here so I generally Like that and I know you're about that As well and so I would say that's where You'd probably want a default to if you Determine that the gentleman that you Would consider isn't then fit for it Then yeah need to look for someone from The outside I would still say that no Matter what route you go there Angus Your general manager still needs to get A hell of an understanding over that System because again if the core metric Of the companies get to a million a Month like we need to make sure that That s system is down pat um and really Strong and it's I don't think it's Something that you are going to want to

Dive too into yourself just knowing you Like as friends and so I'd say like Angus needs to get a good understanding Go through some of Cole Gordon stuff Really get a good understanding of like How the stuff all works as if he was Almost running it he should be on the Sales calls he should be part of making The projections it should almost be as If Angus is running it and so is this Other gentleman so you almost get like a Couple people on what is probably one of The bottlenecks right now in the company As we look to scale it ni Nice um just for a bit of a sort of Context for people and also for me Actually this is helpful it it it's only Recently become apparent to me that like Sales is a thing cuz before I was always Just like oh you just I don't know as a Creator you have a big audience you just Make a product people buy the product Like what like hop on a call what the [ __ ] why would anyone need to hop on a Call to to buy anything dot dot dot Like why why do you think why do you Feel that sales is like like firstly What does sales refer to and why is it So important getting to a million a Month yeah so There's no one- siiz fits-all sales Model first off right you could run your Business whereby there is a very limited Sales function yeah and all sales are

Just made through the funnel system we Talked about and the sales system Actually is almost in many senses Eliminated whereby just all sales are Happening online without ever speaking To anyone yeah in your existing system Right now you have some more High ticket Products that are over a couple Thousand and you've determined that Having you know someone that people can Talk to as it's a big investment in Their life would be useful yep um I tend To agree with that General approach and So yeah there I think it's as follows It's like you're looking to have a more High tick product with those products we Know that often times people want to Speak to someone because they have Questions and The salesperson I don't think in either Of our cases and what we're running Needs to be like a sales salesperson and I think maybe whether it's us or others In the audience when they hear sales Oftentimes they think it's like oh my God this person is super aggressive just Trying to persuade me maybe that Person's unethical like just telling me Lies when really I think especially in What we're Doing a lot of the people that you're Selling are people that have followed Your journey for years they know you They know what you're about they trust

You they even know what they're about to Buy they just need someone to kind of Answer some questions help them get a Little bit of a deeper understanding on How the community works and uh what the Process will be from kind of start to Finish and then make the purchase right And so I think why sales is important is Because you know you've got all of these Warm leads that you've generated through The lead magnet system and you funneled Them to the right product now through The funnel system and now they're at That final step And we want to make sure that all that Investment that you've made in your Content which I believe is like upwards Of 150k or so a month that we need to Make sure that that investment pays off In Spades not just so that you know Ali Can live the lifestyle he's hoping for But because you've got a team of 12 People that we've got to feed we've got Other products that we want to launch we Want to continue to invest in these Existing products that you've made and We can't do that unless those sales and That area are carried through from hot Lead through to close so that's how I See it as important not just for the End Customer so that their questions are Handled and they can find themselves in The right product that's meant for them It's also important for us as a business

To make sure that we're then able to use The profits from those sales to reinvest Into people the product and back into The processes and systems of the Business to make sure this thing runs Like a welled machine nice that's great Yeah the other thing that I found really Nice about having sales as being like a Thing and yeah a I think I I I Immediately had that like kind of gag Response to the word sales just because The word sales feels a bit like a dirty Word yeah and then I sort of realized oh Actually it doesn't it doesn't have to Be like like that you can have kind of Salesman that sales people that are Pushy or you can have sales people that Are really nice and very kind of Educational and very like non- pushy Like yeah that kind of thing it's also Been really helpful in terms of just Like expectation setting cuz previously We were we we were allowing people to Buy the 5K product just on the website And so some people would buy it through The website but then they would because They hadn't actually spoken to someone They would have a slightly wrong Expectation around what to expect from The thing and we realized actually Making everyone apply apply to join the Accelerator and then we allows us to Kind of say no to people because there Were some people who just had wildly

Unrealistic expectations like I'm a Total beginner I'm 50 years old I've Never used a computer in my life and I Want to be able to quit my job job Within 3 months by starting a YouTube Channel you guys are going to help me It's like basically never going to Happen so like either we have a Conversation to realign expectations or We just say sorry I don't think I don't Think this is the right fit for you Whereas previously we would have got Those people in just through the the Checkout link on the website and now They're in and now our customer success Girls are like ah okay Alice has wildly Unrealistic expectations but she's Already in and like now it's a bit Awkward and so we found actually that Expectation setting is also a really Useful part of the sales for Yeah no exactly I think a lot of these Sales folks are actually more like kind Of product Specialists or strategists Right making sure that the right people Get to the right product and if Someone's not right for this or they Have the wrong expectations either get To a common understanding as to whether It's right for them or not or just turn Them away if it just doesn't make sense And it's not the right fit because we Don't want someone you know coming into Anything that we're creating that just

Doesn't seem aligned with the general Mission the general kind of flow of what We're trying to create M so yeah the Next system then after that is your Delivery system right now you've sold Something to someone and you've made Generally some sort of Promise as to What they can expect from joining the Product that you've created and so now We need to make sure that the actual Customer success side of things and the Delivery is down pat so that now when They're in they want to stay in and They're super happy by the end of that Experience that they want to be upsold Maybe to something else you have or when You release productivity lab this new Thing that you're about to you know drop Soon they're eager buyers for that Because when they signed up for the Existing thing that you sold them they Were blown away in terms of the value And so you know anything new you launch Must also be worth joining as well You've kind of kept that promise and Then some for them nice cool so we've Got Allison who's in charge of our Customer success system um she has an Amazing team underneath her working on That uh are like rate of clients are Super happy we have a tiny tiny refund Rate we've got like ridiculously happy Customers which is which is all amazing And we're working with your friends at

Ethical scaling to help systemize the Customer success side of the business And figure out like you know depending On is someone a complete Beginner a a non-complete beginner Intermediate or Advanced YouTuber like Which path they need to be taken down What are the key touch points and Milestones along that path a big Realization from this whole process is That we have way more beginners than I Thought we did and therefore actually You know where I was where I'm thinking Hey we're talking about systems to scale A YouTube channel actually a lot of our People have not even started because They're held back by limiting beliefs And imposter syndrome and fear of Talking to the camera and so we were Like ah okay we actually need to zoom Into the beginner end of the the thing To really dial that out cuz I'm very Experienced with like helping someone Scale a YouTube channel but like for a Complete beginner struggling with Emotional issues I'm Pro I'm actually Not the right person to be talking to Them um but whereas our customer success Girls I'm amazing at that like they love That [ __ ] accountability the support so We're like zooming into that and really Like dialing in the customer success System question on this front Um we have for example our ,000

Self-paced course and our $1 self-paced Foundations course and our like $27 like Templates and stuff at the moment Improving on a self-paced product feels Like it doesn't have a clear owner Because customer success feels like it's For the accelerator which is our high Ticket thing that has loads of things But like that more like product side of Things like just like improving the core Things that are part of the funnel System the end products of the funnel System we've got Gareth who's a head of Product I guess that he could sort of be In charge of like where does improving On existing self-paced stuff fit into This system yeah I in my own brain see That as part of the funnel system a bit So you have the owner of the funnel System they're driving people to either Leads for high ticket or selling them Direct to these low ticket offerings and The product guy that you just mentioned Would sit that person likely so this Person's orchestrating convert kits Sending them to the right things and Then with those low ticket offerings the Improvements of those or creating new Ones that product gu sits under the Funnel guy perfect cool yeah that is Sort of what we have at the moment yeah Nice and so yeah that makes a lot of Sense on the customer success side it Makes sense that you have a couple

Different Journeys it doesn't surprise Me that you have more beginners than you Thought the reason being is that well You're creating this massive audience on YouTube which is your primary lead Funnel to all of your products and it's Just natural that there be more Beginners in something than Advanced People so it makes a l physics there are There there are more beginners more People haven't started YouTube than People that have so it just makes sense That yeah hey there's quite a lot of Leads on that side so yeah you're right You could have um you should have a Couple Pathways there in terms of the Product to make sure that there's people That are you know not started YouTube Yet are getting certain experiences and Then those that are starting and scaling YouTube get sort of different experience And maybe probably skip a couple of the Intro modules as an example yeah and so From there yeah that area very similar To how we just mapped out your overall Business system it's almost like the Customer success Journey has its own Journey yeah and system to it so as a Customer now of you when I'm in the Program what are all of the different Touch points I get along that Journey Right now when you map it out it could Actually surprise you that there's maybe Like 80 yeah right between like the

Intro email the onboarding call the First module then this exercise they Complete and so on and so forth and then The question is okay now that this thing Is mapped out whether it's on a Whiteboard Miro notion Google Docs Doesn't matter just wherever how do we Kind of simplify that so that maybe There's a lot of touch points and it Gets a little confusing and we maybe Want to just like condense it slightly Because obviously the value oftentimes Of these educational resources like You're building is getting people from Where they're at to where they're Looking to go as quickly as possible and So if we can kind of reduce and simplify Those steps and then make them more Delightful we've created a great product What do you mean by more delightful so I Think say you get those 75 80 steps down To 60 right and we're like okay these Are the core parts of the Journey you Know the power of moments is a book by Chip and Dan Heath uh the same authors As made to stick and they talk about you Know when someone looks back on a Experience in their life it's oftentimes These sort of peak moments that they Really remember and so after we've gone And shown those maybe 60 core steps that Make up an amazing part-time YouTuber Academy or amazing YouTube

Accelerator we want to go and then look At like maybe that journey and go okay What are maybe a few of like the key Moments that we're going to kind of Break the script we're going to double Down on that when they look back on Their experience inside of this Container this product this educational Experience Whatever they are just like wow that was Something else so you know maybe it was Um getting their first YouTube video Reviewed by a customer success person in A really cool way or maybe it was a a Graduation call they were on that was a Great celebration or maybe when they Published their first three YouTube Videos they got a surprise in the mail From you guys Or I don't know something but you can Start to then look at those things and Go okay we're going to like spice up These key moments a little bit and go From you know maybe this being like an 8 Out of 10 to an 11 out of 10 in terms of Just Delight um and also then just going And filtering those touch points too Like one thing that I think is really Really important to think about is a lot Of the time when people purchase Something and I'm sure you've been there In your life you buy that thing and There's a slight sense of buyer remorse I personally like for some reason why I

Buy clothes afterwards I'm like o did I Want to buy this these clothes I don't Know like did I make the wrong decision Luckily I have a girlfriend with great Style that's like no no no Mt you Definitely made the right decision I'm Like all right all right all right thank You thank you um but it's a natural Thing in humans just to feel like that a Little bit of uncertainty and so I like To think of that onboarding call that They have as the goal of the onboarding Call is to Deliver a 2X Roi on their initial Investment in the program yeah so say They invested 5,000 how in the initial Call do you deliver $110,000 of value so Instantly they're like oh my God this Intro call itself just paid for this Entire program not to mention whatever Else all's got planned here for the rest Of this experience yeah so we just Completely smash any possibility of People being like this wasn't worth it Right and so that would be an example of Kind of like you know with that customer Success system once we get the initial Part down pat we've simplified the System we have an owner of it it's Documented then giving it another scrub Way through to delight and add some Peak Moments and then maybe giving that intro Sequence another scrub through to make Sure that the onboarding call in it is

Just an absolute Banger and people are Blown away nice oh that's super Inspiring I love that um yeah I can I Can already think of a lot of different Things that we can do just on that call That would help people get that Experience of of delight of like oh [ __ ] This you know the this is already really Good um one thing that I'm I'm kind of Thinking as we're talking through all This stuff is that on the one hand I'm Like damn this is a lot of work but on The other hand I'm like it's so good That this is a lot of work because we Are actively doing a lot of this work And actively finding ways to do this and Like the more time that passes as long As we're just focused on improving these Systems over time the more of a Mot we Build around our own business where for Someone to compete with us on this Bloody hell that's going to be hard like My goodness yeah I imagine someone Listening to this and thinking you know I this idea of starting like a YouTube 12 accelerator 12 month program seems Kind of funky like let's make it happen And I'm like okay good luck yeah when we Talk about too with folks like yourself That are looking to get from you know Say 500k per month to a million a month Yeah there's a couple frames that I Often have experienced when I do this Exercise in my own businesses number one

Is you've got amazing people in your Business folks like Tintin Angus and um Yeah the other folks met on your team Like are just next level right so while This may seem a little bit overwhelming To you I think this Clarity the Structure may actually feel very Enlightening and just really yeah nice For them right because now they're like Oh I own this area yeah I've already got Most these things around me I just need To kind of package it up yeah which lead To the second thing which is you've been Running this for quite some time when I'm building these out I generally try To default to copy and paste versus Building something net New Y like this Process that you're about to implement And systemizing this it's probably more Of a process of simplifying and Eliminating than it is like creating Some new stuff yeah maybe there's a Couple things like in the sales system You mentioned like there's some stuff There potentially but most of those Other areas it's just like oh yeah let's Just amalgamate what we got and you know Sequence it all right and and just put It all there and clean it up but it's Not anything like net new you really got To build right so yeah getting back to The customer success side I think there Are generally Three core metrics there Uh to consider number one um is if and

When you have something that can be Upsold to someone that team is almost Like a backend sales team so if they're Doing a really good job the people that Join the YouTube accelerator would be Super stoked to then join the Productivity lab you start as an example So customer success becomes a profit Center rather than a call center exactly It should be a massive profit Center if You're doing it right um often times if That division is working properly um They are doubling your revenue and more Than doubling your profit w u because You already have this whole Infrastructure and then they're just Adding more Revenue to that existing Infrastructure without adding much more Costs so upsells number one the second Aspect um is testimonials yep so just Keeping those testimonials great your Landing pages I'm always inspired by the Testimonals you have there uh you Know yeah it's awesome to see like where People start and then you got the cool Graphs as to like where they are now They should be responsible for getting Say each of them say 15 of those a month So if they're doing a good job you know People they're recording where people Started at and then they're like Tracking their growth over time whether It's people that they're working with Now or the alumni of the program and

Making sure that we constantly have a Fresh batch so when I scroll through Your landing pages it's almost just this Endless Scroll of graphs at the bottom Of just like overwhelming social proof That you can also be using in your Funnel emails as well so they're Constantly getting all these new fresh Ones versus people constantly seeing Oh I keep seeing the same testimonials over And over again say two years down the Road it's like no we want a fresh batch Constant because that stuff is the best Content possible for things like your Lead magnets and your funnel system nice Yeah cool and then the last thing there Not to overwhelm you but just things I've learned so just sharing it in case It's useful is your referrals yeah right So inevitably like the best people to Sell are people that are referred by an Existing customer and your best leads Your hotest leads are your referred Leads right so making sure that these This customer success team in the Interest of making them a profit Center Are ideally asking people at strategic Moments in time which you should map out Inside of that client Journey map where They're going to ask them right and so That each month whether they're on a on Toone call or maybe they're on a group Call and at the end they're just saying Hey you guys got a lot out of this we'd

Really appreciate it if you could just Dump an email in to the chat of someone That you think would get a lot out of This we'd love to go and them a free Resource that we've just created and see If they're interested in hopping on Board like the rest of you assuming You've got a lot out of this we'd Appreciate It yeah one as as you're saying this I'm Thinking one of the things that hold a Lot of beginner YouTubers back and Actually Pro YouTubers back is the fact That no one around them is doing the Thing and I think everyone has a at Least one friend who they think you know This person should probably start a YouTube channel and so like I think an Individual's chances of success are way Higher if they can also bring in a Friend and have a friend to go through The process with because now it becomes A social activity and not just an Individual thing you do on your own Computer so I think there's something Around there similarly with productivity Lab yeah referrals I think is something I haven't really thought about just yet But definitely something to think about Yeah and so I think we're on the final Two systems now uh so let's roll up Our Sleeve so the next one is your Finance System right there it's things like Making sure that we're collecting the

Cash um if you have things like payment Terms for what you're doing we want to Make sure that we're modeling out the Business over the next year so if our Goal is to hit a million a month we need To forecast you know when are we going To hit that and then each month be able To review are we on track off track what Were our actuals versus our forecasted Revenue the home run that I've learned Over time is again I think we're similar We're artists things like sales and like Finance sometimes can take a bit of a Backseat because we're just bu busy Creating and and doing that side of Things so I think that's okay and you Can actually kind of turn that into a Strength what I do is I require any CFO In any of my businesses to text me a CEO Scorecard on to my phone every Friday oh So I get a text message from the Different CFOs of the portfolio Companies I run and they send me what's Our monthly profit this month which What's our monthly Revenue what are the Monthly expenses as in month to date Yeah okay Y what were we at last month In those areas um what are we at based On projections so what percentage to Target what does it look like we're Going to make this month like based on What you're seeing so far and if you Were to give me say three to five Implications of the financials what do

You think I need to be most focused on Over the next week and so they are then Looking like I don't need someone just a Bubble up numbers to me that's one part Of it because I can then discern Implications of things it's also Important that like you are owning the Finances as a CFO and I need you to then Look at these numbers and let me know What are you seeing that I should be Aware of so an example of what they may Be seeing is they're looking at the Metrics and they're like oh 63% of People are showing up to a call we Agreed that there should be an 80% show Rate for Calls and so so they're looking not just At the p&l metrics but also at like the All the metrics everything oh yeah Interesting yeah and so everything they Should be able to see everything and so There then what may have happened there Is that you looked at end this examp Like Revenue wasn't right and then was Able to then go a layer deeper and vers Just saying Matt make more Revenue right It's like no what's going on here okay I'm able to then look at the metrics and Dissect what's happening with Revenue Okay there's enough calls being booked There's enough leads coming in oh the Show rate looks off yeah okay Matt the Show rate's off we want to get it to This I know we're implementing these

Things right now yeah you know again It's not necessary that the CFO has all The context on what we're EX Doing in the business to impact show Rate but now can at least point me in The right direction to say hey this Revenue thing is important to us this Show right thing looks like it's the Bottleneck right now go and look at that And go fix that area and now at least I'm like okay over the next week when I Get that on say a Friday afternoon my Personal goal generally is like before I Sign off before the weekend I instigate And start the action plans and let the Owners know that hey I've seen this area That I think is a bottleneck right now And I want you to go into next week Knowing that like we got to fix that Thing so basically I know right away What something's stuck and I've been had It fed to me like just hey these are the Areas I'm seeing and before I sign off For that weekend I know okay those Owners that I trust are aware of this Being a bottleneck in the business and Next week Monday morning maybe even over The weekend depending on the kind of Weapon you bring on board they are Executing that thing with full force and Eliminating that as a bottleneck of the Business SI That's great so yeah so someone owning The finances owning projections owning

Cash in bank and added bonus is owning That CEO scorecard text message I think Folks like me and you should be getting Yeah so Angus definitely owns that System and works with our fractional CFO And also our accountants and stuff great Um and has recently started sending me Like a weekly slack message at the end Of the week that has like all the Different areas of the business with Like red Amber Green in terms of concern Level and just a quick Description but month toate finances is Not on that list right now and so the Only handle I ever get on finances is Every month when the management accounts Come through and just gives a little bit Bit of a loom presentation on it kind of Thing but they were for the previous Month and so I always feel like I don't Really have a handle on what our Finances are looking at right now mhm Because it's always like a month out of Date based on based on management Accounts so I love this idea of like a Weekly as part of the weekly message Just like hey what are the key what are The key fin metrics and what does that Tell us about what we need to do yeah Exactly and so yeah I like the idea of Like red yellow green sort of going on The next step to that would be so what Do I need to do yeah like if you were in My shoes you were the CEO of the

Business like what do I do now that this Is a yellow or this is a red like what Do we need to do and if they can then Serve that to you too and also like what They are going to do so that you're Almost just like yeah looks good yeah Sounds good yeah exactly so that's what Ang does at the moment he'll be like you Know this area is a yellow but actually Fine because we're in the process of Hiring this person or this are is a red Uh and what we are doing about it is We're having a meeting on Monday with This person this person this person to Get together and figure out why it's red And blah blah blah blah blah blah so Often I'm just like cool I'll just keep Making videos you you guys carry on cuz It's under control doesn't surprise me Because Angus is a beast so that's great So yeah the next and the final system um And I want to just caveat this with Saying I'm sure there's a lot of people That are looking at all this and going Well what about this system and what About that and what about that that's Probably the case I'm sure there are Some things that are missed here right But I do think that when we've outlaid This thing we've caught about 80 Anything that we missed here I'm like This is 100% of our trying we haven't Already talked about our social media System but we can yeah but I kind put

That under the YouTube system more less And then yeah that's like your pillar Content that would be filtered to your Other platforms so exactly though like There's these little minute things we Can get to those let's just at least if We really got this nailed all that just Becomes yeah like a little bit of you Know stuff that we just also got to fine Tune but we've got a good amount of like Structure in place here that that's not Going to become overwhelming and like The core of the business isn't going to Fall apart y so the last one that I see For you which is cool that your team's Working on this over the next week or Two is your dashboard system yeah right And So all of these areas have owners and Have metrics maybe one metric sometimes A few and we need to have a core source Of Truth whereby we can measure their Performance and that we can easily in a Snapshot see the health of the business So that when we're looking at that you Could just be on your phone on a Friday On a beach chair in Thailand and just Sort of like look at your phone scroll Through these metrics get your CEO Scorecard and understand okay my finance Team or Angus is telling me hey these Are the things you need to be focused on And this is what we're doing about it You're like cool go go go for it and

Then you're also able to see a snapshot Of the core metrics across this entire System and go okay cool we got cash in Bank things are moving nice we're above Projections for the month awesome and You can sleep at night knowing that like You have a nice picture of the business Yeah and I think between you know having The good team in place that's owning Their areas getting your CEO scorecard And having your CEO snapshot we've kind Of got a well oiled machine and so the Core thing now that we've outlined each Of these steps of the system is that we Know now the core metrics that determine The success of those pieces and let's Just make sure that's all captured in The dashboard sick this is Our Yes actually I wonder if we can yeah you Just want to have a look and scroll Through yeah so the idea here is that we Have a um Big E sheet which is sort of Like the big numbers that I I think I Care about which seem it's it's on 6.0 Because we've had so many iterations of Me trying to figure out what are the Metrics that matter to me and then for Each person or each area of the business We have their own sheet where they input The metrics for that week and some of Them feed into the bigger score the sort Of my my view score card which is like The Big

E Uh I think at the moment I don't know like it's it's it's very Rare to actually get feedback on this Because like I like no one ever shows What their internal score card looks Like so I don't know if we're doing a Good job or like what are the what are The quick wins what are the what are the Areas where like at at the moment I do Feel like there are too many numbers at Least at least for me I feel like I have To scroll through a bunch of different Sheets to see what I really care about But then I think well we could just make A master sheet where I can see what I Really care about then I don't really Know what I really care about and so There's a lot like circular thing of we Have all this data that we're tracking Week on week I'm not really sure what Are the core metrics that matter the Ones if I think of well let's let's make YouTube weekly views the the thing then I'm like oh but it doesn't cover all of It like subscribers is important but Also watch time's important then I start To get into bit of oh I might as well Just look at the whole YouTube scorecard Then I look at it and it's all these Numbers and I'm like [ __ ] it I can't be Bother to look at the whole YouTube Scorecard if that makes sense yeah okay So yeah there's so first off I think

This is a like a solid state like it's Certain it's it's pretty obvious that This is on like a V6 like it's it's Solid uh given that it's a V6 I have Like some more like nuanced feedback to It um that is nothing overly drastic um So yeah the the couple things I'd say is So you got this tab the biggie 6.0 yeah Which I love uh minor change that I Would personally make maybe it's just How my brain works is I would invert it So I would make the dates The Columns so I could easily see a row and see like You know is it going up or down sure you Know so I just like look across the Sheet and I can see that pattern yep Versus looking down it's kind of and Then that way the rows could be eight Metrics or it could be 50 and it's just Easy to like kind of scroll down and see Okay these are the rows versus like Scrolling to the side of a sheet and It's like you know massively long and I'm scrolling left and right to try oh What was this over there and what was That over there it's kind of I would Personally how I make these generally is Just invert those interesting cuz they Know big is 1.0 we in our version one we Had had them that way but then it it Sort of felt like we had to do a lot of Horizontal scrolling to see the pattern Okay but as I'm saying that like that Would have been solved by just having a

Graph yeah or just or just like hide Some uh columns over time so it's like Oh okay like we have like all of 2023 And 24 now oh but it's a new year we'll Just hide 2023 for now now so we can Just see 2024 and if we so need to we Can unfreeze those columns and look okay Interesting yeah yeah that's just how my Brain works it's not like the biggest Thing ever but I think it kind of leads Into number two which is it sounds like You're still in this stage of Understanding what are the metrics that Matter we just went through all of these Core systems and so I think it's about Now going into those core systems and Understanding you know YouTube it's Subscribers and watch time lead magnets It's you know uh conversion rate and Email signups lead system is conversion Rate and uh you know Revenue y you know Sales is revenue customer success is Upsells reviews and um referrals so on And so forth right so then we kind of Look at it and it's like okay well what Else is missing oh I'm a bit weird and I Also love to see views per week cool add That in there um oh I actually just also Love to see Team size sure add that in There too and so now you kind of have All these rows of all these metric that You want to see in the bigie 7.0 And I think then like most things in

Life you Know sometimes we want like a quick like Light bulb moment for things like this I Think it's very similar to like people That want a product idea to come out of The blue or are hoping to figure out Their Niche out of the blue I personally Believe that things like this are more Of a process of refinement over time Hence why this is the Big E 6.0 right so Hopefully on your row now you've got Like a good amount of metrics that like This feels good it might be too much but It's pretty easy to see it like you know Maybe there's between 15 and 20 Max and Then over time you're looking at this Every week maybe a couple times a week Just to feel like get into it a bit feel Out biggie 7.0 and how it resonates with Your brain and then if you're like okay You know this metric actually don't need This or this don't then just delete Those rows yeah and then suddenly you Get to like hey maybe like the 10 core Metrics that are needed to understand The health of the nine core areas of Your business business and you're in a Good spot that's how I would do it Personally and I don't think and the Good news is like I don't think you're Far off of that at all I think you have The metrics here just like you need to Refine the systems you just need to kind Of double check that you are measuring

The right thing per area and you're Welcome to send me this over when you Completed it and I can just give you my Sense on like the documentation the Metrics all that good stuff and then uh And then from there when you've agreed On it just input those core metrics into The rows um the date week by week into The columns And and then yeah and then you can also If you really want to like with each of The metrics label like who is the owner Of each of those so that if you see for Some week it's off you know if you Really wanted to you could ping that Person or I think in your case it's much Better just prob ping Angus exactly yeah Yeah already people like the people who Own the metric are putting a comment in The Google sheet anytime a metric is off Either either very positively off or Very like uh negatively off they're just Leaving a comment to be like this is Because blah blah blah oh great yeah um Question should every metric have a Target I think so yeah uh whether that's In like the main dashboard like the Big E 7.0 I'll leave that to you um I think That you could have an area at the Bottom of it which is just like forecast So you have like actuals y you know this Eight metrics and then below that you Just have a section that just is like Your forecast for the year so if you

Really wanted to you could just like Scroll below see how we're doing Yeah so the like for our YouTube like Like for example we have like a weekly Target and with conditional formatting That makes it go red anytime it's that Yeah that's great um I would do that and Then we can just sort of see at a glance Be like weekly shorts views is under Target do we care well no because we're Not really doing we're not really caring We're carrying my shorts cool whatever That kind of thing but also huh email Open rate was like 10% lower this week And last week compared to normal what's Going on there that's require some Zooming into you know that kind of vibe Well it's interesting right like I think That you know you bring up your YouTube Metrics there You know not knowing a lot about you but Know a decent is like I bet you that Area of your business is probably one of The strongest yeah right so if like your Color coding and that works well and That gives you a lot of data to then Look into things like imagine you could Have that level of detail with every Single part of your business it would All be insane yeah that would be you Know so yeah I think if that's working For you the color coding I would double Down on it nice um and then one thing That traction says for example is

Anytime a metric is off for like two Weeks in a row it automatically becomes An issue in like the weekly team meeting And stuff like what's your take on that Approach yeah I think that's a good way Of doing it I think yeah your team Meeting Cadence having a weekly team Standup ideally with like the core Owners like the core leadership team Don't want it to be too big want it to Be I don't know I just kind of like that Jeff Bezos two Pizza rule uh like to Keep it to that and so yeah maybe have Six people in that meeting you know you Start off with maybe going over wins From the past week that people want to Share and then ideally leaving like Around 45 minutes or so to the meeting To awareness issues opportunities right And ideally people after maybe having The team go through the score card and Just see what's well what's not going Well we just yeah pulling any of these Red or yellow areas into the sort of Opportunities section of that meeting so That the majority of the meeting is Solving the bottlenecks that we're Seeing and working through it together Awareness issues and opportunities That's like a can you kind of zoom into That and yeah how how do you think of The difference between these three Things yeah So in terms of awareness I think it's

Spending time as a team making sure that Hey maybe there's something that we have Coming up in four months that's not Really an issue it's not an opportunity But it's like something that we should Start talking about and be aware of Because it's coming down the pipeline Soon maybe Aldi's taking a month off for His wedding and we should be planning For that now because it's coming up Quite soon or uh you know there's a Launch of this new product and we got to Kind of like start thinking about that Now right so it's good for that kind of Thing uh issues are just like yeah we're Looking at the metrics there's something That has been read now for two weeks We've got to address this and so that Would be an issue yeah and then an Opportunity could be hey something's Been in the green for four weeks it's Growing like crazy who knew it but as Fast as YouTube's growing or LinkedIn is Blowing up and we're barely doing Anything there it seems like a big Opportunity that if we pay more Attention to LinkedIn we can 10x that Platform as an example and so Opportunities is kind of like hey are People seeing any big things that we Should be paying attention to because I Think if you pay attention to any one of These things you're missing out if You're only paying attention to

Opportunities well what if something's Blowing up in the business right if you Just pay attention to issues your Leadership meetings quite tend to be Quite kind of negative and just problem Solving the whole time and there's Where's like the positivity and the Optimism to them and then awareness is Like okay yeah maybe we've dealt with Issues and we've seen some opportunities But like where's like the broader Awareness maybe the bird's eye view of Like what's coming down the Horizon that We should just also be aware of man like Just those three words is ridiculously Helpful and the reason it's is Ridiculously helpful is because traction Uses the word issues and so we were Using the word issues for like two years And then we were finding that everyone Was like well it's not really an issue So I don't really want to bring it up And it's not really an issue it's small Thing you I don't want to call it an Issue and then our issues list would be Like basically zero because people Didn't want to bring things up because It's technically not an issue and then We were like all right no one's bringing Up issues so let's rename issues to Awarenesses so now we then over the last Year we've been calling them awarenesses And now Angus are still like guys please Fill out the awarenesses before the

Meeting crickets all right we've been Through aw any any other awarenesses Crickets no one speaks up because it's Like oh is it is it really awareness Well we talk about the awareness but Just framing it as awarenesses and Issues and opportunities where the Metrics are automatically issued issu Ified just opportunities gives me a Chance to be like hey I just spent two Days in Dubai with Matt and with Erica And like oh my God there's real Opportunity for us to use many chat to Set up Instagram closer DMS kind of Things like let's talk about that like That gives me an outlet to do that Whereas it's not really an awareness and It's not really an issue and so I Wouldn't normally bring it up and it Would just sort of be in my mind of like Ah someone should be thinking about this But like I don't want to bring it up to The marketing guys because they're Already busy and I don't want to say h He's already busy just gives me a nice L Outlet so I just love that framing of Awareness is issues and opportunities Yeah totally no I yeah it's something I'm in the same position over the years Like yeah it it was issues opportunities And I heard awarenesses through Daniel Priestley oh yeah yeah he's the one who Told us about awarenesses we were like Oh sick yeah but but of itself it didn't

Feel like enough so I was like all right Let's just smush all these things Together and at least you can't nothing Can get missed I feel like if you got All those three into it a io's yeah just Need a e i you yeah exactly much no and I think the other thing too is I mean Everyone has their own on Style on Things my style is Just My Style but you Know on those meetings because let's Just say it's an hour team meeting and And about 45 minutes of it is dedicated To issues opportunities and awarenesses If you're not coming with any of these Things I literally don't know what You're doing like because if you are Working at the company and you don't see Any issues anywhere you don't see any Opportunities anywhere and you're not Aware of anything that we need to know About yeah like are you working yeah Right and I don't need to be an [ __ ] Or anything like that a just like you Know with all due respect like you know We're all weapons here we're like a Players we have we are here for a reason Leaders for a reason and so as a leader If you're not seeing anything we can Improve anything that others should be Aware of or any opportunities on the Horizon guys like come on we're better Than this you know and so I think it's Just that kind of like guys like let's Do this thing like we have big Ambitions

Here and this is not a million A- month Team a million a month team doesn't sit Here with crickets for an hour wondering Hey is there anything anyone should be Aware of or any opportunity in this Business so like let's let's do this Thing like we got some big goals here We're all all jamming we got our big Meeting in Morocco or wherever you guys Are going next on your corly meeting and It's like let's the same level of Camaraderie we have when we're in person Let's bring that to these meetings and Come with some real implications of Stuff everyone should be aware of and Let's get after it mate I'm going to Clip this and send it to Angus because Angusa has this frustration every week Where he's like I keep telling people to Fill out the awarenesses and no one's Doing it like what the hell is going on Yeah I would tell them not to show up if They don't fill it up yeah nice yeah I Mean yeah just straight up it's just Like we're not this isn't a spectator Sport this is like this is a sport You're on the court yeah be active right We're not showing up to the basketball Game just to sit on the sidelines this Is the leadership meeting and the Leaders of the business should be being Active in these meetings and actively Bringing up stuff and if anything Hopefully you and Angus can kind of sit

Back there while other departments are Sort of sorting through things they need To be aware of and you guys are just Kind of moderating a conversation versus The ones just feeling like you got to Pull stuff out of others and I've been There before in companies and it's no Fun as a leader because you feel like You're just kind of putting on this like Charade every week and kind of like it's Very performative cuz you then just Sometimes feel like you've brought your Two issues or opportunities and now you Just have to pull more out of the Hat Because no one else has anything to say Right so yeah nice um one thing I'd love To get you take on so at the moment Mondays are sort of our meetings day in That we have a team an all hands team Meeting which is like all 14 of us and Then we also have a commercial team Meeting which is like the six or so People who are in the commercial team Plus Angus plus occasionally me and then We have a Content Squad meeting which is Like the six or so people in the content Team and me so it's like and like each In each of these in like the team Meeting there's like team wide Awarenesses and issues and stuff and the Commercial meeting it's more stuff Related to the commercial side of the Business content team more stuff related To the content side of the

Business and it feels like a lot of Meetings because all of Monday is Basically taken up with meetings and we We also do like a nday fortnite so every Other Friday is off and so what a couple Of team members have recently been Saying that yeah so like all of our Mondays are meetings and then Wednesday Afternoon we like have 2 hours set aside For like a thinking block just where Everyone just gets on a zoom call with a Pen and paper and just thinks with like A few journaling prompts about the area Of the business and a level up hour Where it's like the the objective of That hour is to take a course or read a Book about something whatever so it's Like Mondays are gone Wednesday Afternoons are gone uh every other Friday is gone H that lives leaves us Like two days a week to actually do the Work and then some people have like Office hours with the accelerator Students and like Tintin films with me Every Tuesday so he's like I've Basically just got Thursdays to do my Work like what's what's going on here What's your what's your take yeah so First off it's great that you're just Like aware and like have the yeah Self-awareness and you've obviously you Got a good relationship with your team To kind of understand like what feedback Is being bubbled up here right people

Saying oo I only have like a day or half A day to really like get into what I got To get into and you may actually be Seeing some like sort of side effects of This in those leadership meetings where People aren't bringing up much maybe Because they're not actually getting Really into things enough to then have Much to bring up Potentially I would personally make the Following changes number one my only Meeting day would be on Tuesdays I like Tuesdays because people are coming Fresh Off Their weekend and Mondays are sacred You're like fresh that is scientifically Your most productive day of the week Youve just like been able to like rest Your brain and chill don't slam people Into meetings let them just work because They got all this pent up motivation and Juices and they're ready to go let them Just rip right leave like a Tuesday Afternoon for like the meetings right And I would sandwich all of your Meetings as the CEO into just my Tuesday As best I can right and So the team huddle the leadership Meeting your commercial meeting whatever That's like Tuesday afternoon so all of Your team now has the first day of the Week to slam through stuff all that First half day on Tuesday to also get Through it and then they sync on Tuesday Now that they've you know had a lot of

Stuff they could churn through and then Are able to kind of like discuss with The squad I would try to look at okay Tuesday afternoon let's say that's from Noon till 5:00 p.m. back in abkin There's like 5 hours there anything that Can't fit into those five hours we're g To try like two months of deleting It you know you don't need to be that Strict per se but like what would that Look like and what stuff then gets Removed level up hour you know there's One world where it's like your culture Values this stuff you only bring on People that are sell you know constant Learners all that you don't need to Designate an hour for these people to do That potentially they just do it Naturally they read before bed or they Learn they're going through a course on The side or whatever so maybe you just Determine like we're going to just Remove that there's some other Items there that you may determine are Not like the core meetings that like We're like okay we're going to try two Months off these and let's all revisit Guys you know from March 1 to May 1 We're going to delete 50% of our Meetings and let's revisit what ones we Then want to put back if any come May One and if there's none that need to be Put back then why put them back yeah Nice and at least now things are

Simplified you don't need to be on as Many people hate meetings right and I Think too it's like hey in Li of Removing meetings if you feel like There's things that people need to go or Need to know sorry we have a squad Channel or a team Channel inside of Slack yeah and just send a loom to People and ideally people are just using Asynchronous platforms like Loom to Avoid having to have everyone all in one Room CU meetings are pricey as well not Only on your time on your energy but Like if you literally look at the people That you have in that meeting and you Give them all an hourly rate of say 250 Bucks an hour you know you're maybe Spending like 3 four grand on a meeting Where you're just trying to pull stuff Out of people and you know they could Just be doing a lot especially if your Team's saying like hey I feel like I Don't have a lot of time like you can Imagine the things that they want to get Through if they weren't on meetings they Clearly want to crank on some stuff that Is kind of quickly like piling up so I Would just give them the space just to Get that stuff done give them the mental Peace the ability to kind of get through That and keep it all kind of minimalist In terms of meetings so that the ones That they are on it's like this is very Important and it's important that you

Come prepared cuz we only have have two A week yeah that's good um what's your Take on like a weekly syn meeting and Then a weekly wrap-up of the week Meeting type thing or do you just do Like one one meeting a week with like The team or whatever yeah yeah um so in All the companies I run I like to have a Writing first Culture a lot of that is selfish like I Just don't want to be on a lot of Meetings if I can be on one meeting with The leadership team a week for 45 Minutes to an hour that's good m Assuming that everyone's a players there And they know what they're doing like There's no need for us to be meeting a Lot you know Jeff Bezos said you know Communication is chaos if people are Always having to communicate with one Another and be on so many meetings like Something's wrong yeah right you Probably don't have clear systems people Don't know what area they own they don't Actually know what they're doing so They're just trying to communicate all The time and be on a million meetings Because at the core they have no idea What they're doing right so if people Have core metrics they know what they're Doing it's piped into a dashboard like All that area that we started talking About is nailed yep people should then Just be able to go do deep work each day

Just to make sure that the issues and The opportunities they're seeing in Their area are taken care of and so how I approach things is you have that yeah You could have your Tuesday leadership Meeting from there I personally don't See a need for like a team-wide meeting Every week um I know that uh Brian uh From the co-founder of HubSpot I think He talked about as they were building HubSpot which is now a multi-billion Dollar company they would have like one Team wide meeting a month so I Personally think you can leave those Kind of all hands meetings to like once A month I don't think you need them Every week because what will happen too Is it's redundant with the leadership Meeting like the leadership meeting Should be like we're on the same page Now go and in their respective areas They could run like a department meeting That you don't need to be on because They're aligned with the general thesis Of what's going on in the company to Yeah so I would delete that um and then In terms of the end of week I personally Like to just see and this is something You could help create or andus create For everyone is like I want everyone to Give me a thorough end of week update so I want to know if you're say customer Success give me a detailed breakdown of Who are the key people you spoke to this

Week who did you upsell this week who Got you know what were the testimonials You got this week give us like five of The best ones um what are some Opportunities that you're seeing what Are you working on next week I don't Need to have a meeting with you I don't Need to whatever just like give me a Detailed thing so that on Friday or Maybe on Sunday because I got really Tired on Friday I just take an hour over Breakfast and I'm just like scrolling Through or maybe I'm in the back of an Uber I'm just scrolling through the end Of week update Channel and slack and I'm Just able to see everyone's end of week And if I want to I can comment under it Or if not I don't and it's not by the Time I'm even seeing that their manager Has seen that so it's gone through a Couple filters and I feel like it's much More thorough if someone's writing their Update than just updating on a meeting Like you've really had to think about it You've had the time and space to write What's on your mind and now I'm just Kind of reading through them whenever I Want yeah so I think we do a good job of End of week update dates um in like a Nice notion database and blah blah blah Um at the moment the end of week meeting Is like either on a Friday or on a Thursday depending if it's a 9ay Fortnite and it's like kind of more of a

Viby personal and professional wins and Like someone in the team is giving a Presentation on something they've Learned and stuff and I've been in those A handful of times and I've always felt Like I'm not sure how valuable this is But also now that we we used to be Hybrid and now we're like fully remote Like does the team actually like getting On a call each week and talking about What's going on the personal lives and Stuff yeah yeah what do you reckon yeah So I mean I think at the end of the day There's an opportunity for you to just Ask the team right like maybe send out a Bit of a team-wide survey of just like Hey you know maybe the purpose of the Survey is that we've noticed that There's a little bit too many meetings And we're trying to simplify the company Uh these are the core meetings that we Believe must be there yeah like and you Know you name that say three or four That you think must be there is there Anything you think we're missing you Know is there any other meetings you Think should be still inlo You know how can we still ensure that The culture is maintained with the Removed meetings and then just see what People Bubble Up in a survey and then You know again like just experiment Maybe with reducing a bunch of them for Two months see how that goes survey them

Again at the end hey is there anything That you feel like we're missing in this Two-month period that you'd like to see Us bring back and then also just make Some executive decisions you're not Going to make everyone happy the same Way if like someone goes through your Education program some people love it Some people are like this was solid and Some people are like oh these things Could be improved and you just got to Make some executive decisions around Some stuff but I think the area where People get mistaken I think sometimes is When you have a great team it's not like You're having a meeting or they're doing Nothing it's they're either you're on a Meeting with them or they are in deep Focus working on core areas that they Know need to move forward in their Collective you know workload to push the Business forward and so them being in Their flow is one of the most valuable Things you can get out of anyone so Breaking that flow for a meeting like You better have a damn good reason to do That because a 1our meeting is not 1 Hours it's 3 hours right it's the one Hour getting ready for it prepped then Getting to the meeting for an hour then Kind of getting back situated after and Getting back into the flow and so it's Just very costly and more than anything I think it's better to just free up

People's time and allow them just to Focus what are your thoughts on so at The moment Angus Does every other week one-on on with Everyone in the team basically Um what are your thoughts on like Manager one-on ones and Cadence of those And stuff yeah I think that's good That's a good Cadence like I don't see Any issue with that and yeah like you Know in your book right like Feelgood Productivity and in a lot of my own sort Of trial and air with this stuff I don't Know how you see it I think we see it Very similar though which is like I know In my life my greatest happiness comes And it's proportionate to the amount of Flow I get in my life yeah right the Amount of time I just like get to do my Thing I get to work I get to be creative I don't have a lot of distractions I get To just like live a nice open calendar Day and do my thing and your team's no Different right and so the more that we Can just allow people to embrace Whatever flow looks like for them Without interrupting them too much you Know I think you're just going to get a Better place and there's a culture Oriented with that as well right like Just happy people in flow working on What they believe is important is I a Good healthy culture too nice while We're here one other thing I mean one of

Many things I want to get your take on So currently as part of our YouTube Accelerator which is our 5K a year 12-month program thing um we have like Everyone all of our students are in a Slack Channel where we've offered like Unlimited support and so they ask Questions and we've basically said to Everyone in the team that hey everyone In the team spend 15 minutes a day in The accelerator slack like responding to Questions and stuff which students find Super valuable because now all these Team is responding to them every 24 Hours in slack everyone in the team also Has their own weekly office hour for the Accelerat students so we have one that Tinton does for YouTube one that saf Does for video One Dand website and so So we end up with like sort of 10 Potential office hours a week that Students can join basically unlimited For the whole year but one thing we're Finding is that it seems like not a lot But getting everyone on the team to Spend 15 minutes a day just looking at The accelerated slack and replying to Questions is a thing that takes them Away from like their core thing and it's Like it's always a thing we it feels Like guys come on let's you know respond To the accelerator slack and I've I've Been kind of thinking that like is there A better way to be able to deliver good

Customer success have the students Questions be answered but without our Team having to go into the slack every Single day to answer the questions right Any thoughts come to mind around that so Here here's what I'll give you a quick Thought experiment yeah if I told you That you know you're making a YouTube Video like you got to make a YouTube Video a week and you're spending 15 Minutes on that YouTube video every day What do you think you should change what Would you change about that process oh I Would do it all in one go like once a Week yeah that's the same thing batching B it right so what I would do is I would Um assign say I have 10 team members I Would give each of them each of them get A day a week just one day a week y so Tintin and Angus are Mondays and you Know so on and so on like Tuesdays Wednesdays Thursday they each just get a Day yeah ni and they're not answering it All day they just go in there for 20 Minutes 30 minutes that day they have a Little calendar thing and oh this is my Day so I spend 20 30 minutes that day Answering my sort of questions that are In there and whatever and just answering The general stuff coming through and and Then hey if some question comes through Through the community that's relevant to Them yeah maybe it doesn't get answered Till the next Monday but that's just

Like the sustainable way to do this Right um Because inevitably to I think what all Of the students in the program are Paying for is beyond having their Question questions answered timely which This would still allow you to answer Most of them timely I think they also Need to make they're also paying for Your team to progress very fast in your Given area of Mastery and then to share Those lessons with them and it's hard to Become a master in what you're doing if You don't have time to focus and to be In flow and so if the team's constantly Feeling oh I'm in meetings oh and then I Need to go into the slack oh and then as An afterthought maybe I get to keep on Perfecting my craft then they never Really get to go as deep in their craft As they get to go or they could go and Thereby they don't have as much insane Deep learnings to share with the Community as they could if they had tons Of time to go really deep and then yeah Just a couple times a week they are Assigned to answer some stuff in slack And they're there as well so I would Just kind of batch it the same way you Would do anything and I think everyone In the community will understand that Because you're teaching them batching With YouTube and then you're also Applying that level of thinking and

Psychology to how you guys are dealing With the community as well nice that's Great it's a great idea yeah um anything Else that comes to mind around things That we should be thinking about in our Quest to go from 5 million to 10 million Yeah so I think that uh one mental model That's useful when you do this stuff So you know you may start going through This system and you're implementing this Whole flow and everything that we spoke About and some sometimes it may come up Like damn this is so much work like why Are we even doing this thing like I just Want to move on to this productivity Product that we want to launch as an Example I think that when you're Building this stuff out a useful mental Exercise to consider is you are building That product now when you do this Because you are basically going to Replicate this entire flow for that Product you're just going to change some Minor things so like one of the most Complicated things we brought up I think That were like the stickiest for you Were like the funnel system and the Sales system once we nail those Perfectly for what you're already doing Then just kind of you know changing the Sales script for the new product it's Not that much work and making sure that That owner is also ready for it's not That bad once we take that funnel system

And we then okay this is the existing One oh we just got to add in two more Flows now for productivity stuff okay That's not that bad so it's kind of like You already are building probably like 70% of that new product Lay and I just think that's a Ental model to about so that the truth Is you are building that product now and By getting this thing right and making This thing strong now you've built like 70% of that new thing and it will be That much more sturdy sustainable and I Think for you too one of your big models When you think about anything new is can I do this for the long term and the Answer to that is hell yes you can if All of this stuff is formidable and Strong yeah Yeah weirdly like I I guess it's another Weird but since finishing the book and Since like that's kind of been off my Off my shoulders I have felt like a new Found like interest in diving in and Like building and perfecting the systems And stuff because I think before even Like up until up until a few months ago While while book mode was still was Still going on it it really felt Like every month for the last like seven Years of doing this thing I've sort of Been running a little bit faster than I Can than is comfortable mhm because it's Sort of it when you're starting a

YouTube channel it's sort of like oh [ __ ] like you know we need to get this Thing working and then the thing starts Working and it's like oh [ __ ] like got To stay on top of it for it to keep Working and then it keeps working and It's like okay cool got to make money Now got to hire the team and it's a sort Of like frantic thing because my mental Model was I am I am a YouTuber and YouTubers don't last very long whereas I Think what I've realized now is no I'm I'm an entrepreneur I have a business The business generates results for Clients broadly without my input and YouTube is just one aspect of the system And I can see myself doing this Literally forever and it's it's now hard To Fathom a world in which like Previously I would have said oh but like What if I what if the YouTube channel Dies over time it's like I mean if it's If it's at risk of dying over time we we Will see that based on the numbers we'll Pivot we'll have the strategy we know Everyone in the world who is good at YouTube like it's we'd have to really Screw things up royally for a serious a Major area of the business to just to Die suddenly yeah and even if it does Like we've got the systems for Everything else to be able to have Another system for leg gen and now it Feels like oh we're actually building a

Business that can survive years if not Decades rather than oh [ __ ] I need to Make the next video for the algorithm Otherwise my Channel's going to die yeah And just that sort of reframing from I'm A YouTuber to I'm an entrepreneur and This is a business yeah yeah no I think That's I mean yeah profound I mean I Think we can go and work on all the Systems in all this area right but if we Don't have like a core identity for Oursel that matches like what we're Trying to create it can lead to a lot of Like disarray right and so just thinking That you're a Creator and yeah at any Moment this whole thing could collapse It's terrifying yeah it gets you into Really short-term thinking like [ __ ] I Need to maximize all my sponsorship Revenue because what if I can't make Money in the future yeah exactly versus Like you know no you're you're a Founder You're an entrepreneur and yeah right Now the lead source and is the YouTube System we have and we have all this Other areas of the business and um yeah Being able to view yourself as like yeah This is this is a business and like this Will operate for the long term and I Think then being able to focus on like The systems right the stronger the Systems the stronger your business the Last thing is like you're looking to Build something for the long term I

Think that the sort of fear mindset can Be just super destructive right and but It happens to all of us right we get Scared about oh well what if this goes Wrong what if that goes wrong that's Where I've always come back to the Systems of the business right if you Have strong systems your business is Antifragile I've built businesses and I Currently have a couple businesses that Are in industries that are cold as hell Every business in that industry is dying Right now but our business has never Grown faster because like we have this System mapped out correctly we have a Strong funnel any leads we do get we Convert them the sales system is Incredibly strong we're feeding back in Bottlenecks to the respective area so The is aware and they're fixing them Within a few days and because that whole Business and system is strong it can Weather any storm and so I think if you Can focus like on that aspect of things You know you build a business that Doesn't matter what happens on YouTube You'll be okay you know because yeah Maybe YouTube in the worst case sure it Dives a bit and your leads aren't going As strong as they were then we just make Sure that you know X or LinkedIn or one Of these other platforms that you're Also big on that we start for making Sure that the lead magnet system is

Dialed in correctly on those platforms And plug it in right there and it's no Big deal you'll figure out a away yeah Hey thank you so much this has been Incredibly helpful uh where can people Learn more about you and and what you do Yeah and the last thing I'll say too is If there's anything you ever need help With this stuff and if I need to fly out To the team in the UK or do whatever you Know you got a friend in your corner Here to help you guys and um yeah Enjoyed your journey over the years yeah For those that are looking to check out What I'm doing you can find me on you Know Matt Gray on any platform YouTube X LinkedIn and uh anything I'm doing with Founder you can find on Founder And yeah appreciate you man thanks for Having me on thank you so much all right So that's it for this week's episode of Deep dive thank you so much for watching Or listening all the links and resources That we mentioned in the podcast are Going to be linked down in the video Description or in the show notes Depending on where you're watching or Listening to this if you're listening to This on a podcast platform then do Please leave us a review on the iTunes Store it really helps other people Discover the podcast or if you're Watching this in full HD or 4k on YouTube then you can leave a comment

Down below and ask any questions or any Insights or any thoughts about the Episode that would be awesome and if you Enjoyed this episode you might like to Check out this episode here as well Which links in with some of the stuff That we talked about in the episode so Thanks for watching uh do hit the Subscribe button if you aren't already And I'll see you next time bye-bye

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