“We’re Winning” – Trumps Lawyer Updates Hypocrisy of Latisha James & The Judge

Patrick Bet-David, Adam Sosnick, Tom Ellsworth, and Vincent Oshana are joined by attorney Alina Habba!

Alina Saad Habba is an American lawyer and managing partner of Habba, Madaio & Associates LLP, a law firm based in Bedminster, New Jersey, with an office in New York City. Habba is currently a legal spokesperson for former U.S. president Donald Trump, and a senior advisor for MAGA, Inc., Trump’s Super PAC.

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Patrick Bet-David is the founder and CEO of Valuetainment Media. He is the author of the #1 Wall Street Journal Bestseller “Your Next Five Moves” (Simon & Schuster) and a father of 2 boys and 2 girls. He currently resides in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida.

What is the latest with President Trump's case obviously everybody for the Longest time was saying Monday Monday It's going to happen Monday 454 he's going to have to pay if he Doesn't seiz his assets you know the View I can't wait I want to see that you Know seizing his assets and the property I want to see all of that stuff what is The latest what's been happening so We're winning and I've always tell People you know this is the long game Okay we are in a corrupt system there's No question about it so people love to Say look he's gonna get we're gonna go Over there and Tish James is going to Take the keys to Trump Tower I think uh Whoopy Goldberg and all of them got Excited about putting a chain around Trump Tower and literally were were Taunting um it was a really pathetic Site actually and uh it didn't happen Why because the Appel division read our Papers saw that there are reasons for a Stay saw that it absolutely is Ridiculous to have somebody lose an Asset while the Appel division hasn't Had an opportunity to look at the Injustices look at the decision making That was so flawed and frankly the Motivation on this case was flawed she Was motivated to bring this case before She was even in office that's what she Ran on Miss James so that in itself

Selective prosecution happens to be Illegal it shouldn't happen um look they Stay it they dropped it they said we're Not taking assets everything is Frozen Not only and this is one thing that Nobody talks about they didn't just say You're not paying that amount of money Which by the way is almost close to a Billion dollars with a bond because you Have to pay 10% more plus you have to Pay interest the judges said no we're Stopping everything you're not enforcing This you're going to put 175 mil which Is still crazy in a bank but we're also Not enforcing any decision against the Defendants not to be able to work in New York in real estate we're also not Enforcing the decisions against Alan Weiselberg Jeff people that did nothing Wrong that were working for a company And did their job and truly did nothing Wrong nobody did um and every single Part of that decision from judging Goran That Twisted weird decision weird Looking guy he every single thing was Put on hold everything while we have the Opportunity now to say this is what I Was screaming about outside the Courtroom steps every day you know so We're on hold and and I mean we're on Hold for an expensive price but at least We're seeing a little bit of you know Doe process and and sense how do he come Up with the 175 million I don't know um

I I have no idea you know it wasn't in There there wasn't any qualification or Alina are are they starting to figure Out that this tactic that they're using Is not it's like it's done it's not Going to work we could call the DNC and Ask them I'm not sure you know I I don't Understand how they couldn't see that Their overreaching has really hurt them Because Donald Trump has always been Famous he has always been a very smart Businessman which is why I think he's a Very good president he attacks things From a business perspective which I Think some presidents and some Politicians frankly do lack that that Experience right um and because of that They've attacked him so badly that now You've taken a billionaire and made him Sympathetic because you're hurt you're Trying to hurt him it's so obvious that Now we've got people from the left the Middles they're coming to our side and Saying whoa this is just too much you Know they're going to do this to me what Am I going to do I don't have habba Outside screaming you know what are you Going to do and that's been my message Always is um you know they're doing it To him but they'll do it to us they'll Do it to me I'm sure they'll do it to Everybody and that's what scares me so That's that's really it's the motivation Is really not just president Trump it's

America so let me ask you this so This 175 we're talking about okay it has to Be in an account fine he gets puts that Cash no problem if if we size up the Enemy of President Trump as being Deceptive dark divisive uh willing to do Anything to eliminate him as a candidate Going into 2024 November 5th anything They can do right to spin the story and Say look at him now he's part of the Establishment he's going to New York Begging people for money Wall Street all This stuff if if that was the case he Still got a few more cases open is it is It possible that they may come up and Say yeah for this one you have to pay $280 million this one's going to be $73 Million another $128 million another $19 Can they keep doing this between now and October to just really deplete all of His Savings so look the reality is he's an Incredibly wealthy man um he his wealth Like all wealthy individuals that have Intelligence is being put to work it's In buildings it's in real estate it's in Hotels it's in Gulf um they're not you Know whatever they're going to try and Do they forget who they're dealing with Number one but realistically Patrick What we do have in front of us is really Not the civil suits the civil suits uh We're already done and if if you what You're asking I believe already happened

We had the Carol lawsuit he got hit with An inane and that and that was a suit That I obviously did um we had already Lost prior and we have not been heard on Appeal on that first law this is the 83.3 million 83.3 million that was the First one which actually turns out to 91 Million when you look at it with the Bond okay with the 10% you have to put 10% on top people think you put 10% into The court you put the entire amount plus 10% into the Appel division so it's a Number that the Court gives plus 10% Plus the interest on the bond plus Whatever they get in fees it's plus plus Plus so we already got that hit I did That trial two weeks after uh Leticia James trial ended I was on that trial For 4 months The judge and Goran waited to put his Decision until after the jury came out With Carol so we had that happen we had That happen it was 91 million and then Tish James her original complaint if you Look was $250 million in the middle of The trial towards the end she changes it And says now I want more not because the Facts were bad frankly the facts were Good Deutsche Bank came took the stance That he was a whale of the client we Actually wanted him because we wanted His connections Zurich still ures us you Know all these things the judge didn't Care Tish asked for more he gave exactly

What she wanted there was no Consideration for Witnesses or facts or Law it's all crazy andup come so it was 91 then 375 they're out of thin air Their own expert said even if we looked At the what this judge is saying is an Overvalue okay he's also saying maril Lago's 18 million yeah okay so sure if You think Maraga is worth 18 million Well there's about a over a billion Dollars of of over it's ridiculous there Is no way if marog was 18 million we Should all buy it tomorrow and flip it And we'll all be we'll all be worth Hundreds of millions of dollars I mean It's crazy but if you look at it that Way yeah that was already planned Patrick that's what they did they did 91 Then they did 375 375 becomes more like 600 million so they were trying to take It by the way remember Tish asked for His statements asked for financials she Changed the number based on what cash he Had it's dis it's there's 0% question in My mind that's what happened so so Lena If you ask that like the average person That doesn't know about law doesn't know About this and they're looking at from The outside looking in even left or Right and they're saying to themselves How the hell are they getting away with This and nobody's saying anything in the Legal World in government and Congress So somebody should be like all right

Guys time out besides I don't care what The hell who the person is what are you Guys doing this is blatantly obvious That it's a tactic to try to take like Keep them off the ballot it's ridiculous It's ridiculous but I think that I think That we have a problem with Accountability with the Democrat side And I'm not sure we figured out how to Tackle them we have to I think president Trump um would make everything even Stephen when he gets back into office I Think that what we have to deal with is Exactly that we've got we could keep Talking about it I could go on TV every Day and talk about how we have White House logs that came out while I was on Trial I'm sitting in the back room and I Find out that there were White House Logs that Tish James visited the White House Yeah before and after the complaint was Filed what how was that not on the news If I didn't have such a loud mouth People wouldn't hear the truth so so I'm Looking at it and I'm going what how is This possible and it didn't get covered It didn't get covered I mean who is that Public info if I right now wanted to Find out that she's visited the White House that that's public I could see Yeah yeah it's crazy so I I'm looking at It and I'm saying how do we hold them Accountable well these are elected

Officials you know we we had people There we have gag orders being put on us How is that okay gag orders on lawyers Yeah imagine I go to court I'm your Lawyer and the judge says Haba no no you Can't talk about a couple things here What how about the Carol Case the judge Asked me the questions I was going to Ask my client in public in front of the Media before he took the stand and then Asked me what his answers would be I was Like excuse Me nobody talks about it scrip you ask For the trans it's there it's crazy yeah This is judicial activism at its worst Judicial activism is where the judge is Sort of acting as a lobbyist on behalf Of a political side and in civil cases It can run a muck as long as you get a Dirty judge at least at the federal Level you know you have Federal Sentencing guidelines right which was That that a sentence will be this much Might be this much and can be extended To this much on the circumstances that That that the uh you know the the that The basically the AGS first States or Whatever that are participating and Remand things like to this southern District of New York for business and it Looks terrible and they say okay well Then your guidelines here but you're Going to get this but for civil Vinnie Civil can run them uput all you need is

A bad dirty judge he puts a gag order Here he impunes a witness here he Prevents us here he suppresses us here And you're literally a puppet and you Feel like you're in the middle of Congress during a debate for a bill Rather than in the halls of Justice with Rules rules and regulations we're we are Supposed to have you know the executive The judicial and then legislative Legislative is where we run a muck until We figure it out judicial we supposed to Have procedures and laws and standards And things that go in there this didn't Happen they basically decided that the Civil case they were going to run it Like a political campaign and for Everybody listening that's what you Should think about here that that the Trump cases were run like a political Campaign by a filthy corrupt judici yeah They are politically motivated and there Were things that were done that I know Were Meant to make me look stupid and You know uh judges admonishing me Telling me to sit down in front of a Jury um the way they spoke there was Nothing I was doing procedurally or in Evidence rules that was wrong now the Press covered it that way because the Judge made them think and would say Things like you should read the evidence Rules and I'm looking and I'm saying Well I'm trying to be an ethical lawyer

Here and respectful um but I can't I you Can't really talk back to a right Especially when a judge is telling you They're GNA throw you in jail um which Happened on the Carol Case imagine in a Civil case because I objected to a PowerPoint slide that I wanted in and he Said is not coming in the PowerPoint Slide literally proved everything I had Said in the case it said that look if Somebody tweets something and president Trump doesn't acknowledge it for 5 hours But they're getting hate from trolls how Can you blame president Trump for def Inform that slide was taken out I was Not allowed to bring it in and the jury Couldn't see it but the judge the way They do it he did it in front of the Press he didn't do it in Chambers he Does it so that people start to have This narrative oh she's not a good Lawyer oh she's not bright oh she's not This and that is the judge said he's Going to throw you in jail yeah yeah the Weird guy so question was did you guys File any motions against Leticia James For all the all the videos and all the Rhetoric of I'm going to go after Trump How is that not a conf conflict of to Get her Tak off the case so so her being On the case is different than Fanny Willis so Tish James actually doesn't do The cases she's a figurehead effectively Right so she's got a team that we dealt

With for three years and that team tried The case she would show up she would sit In the back she would have her coffee She wasn't really trying the case now She was giving the directives she was Giving the directives much like merri Garland or of them right but does did we Argue selective prosecution a 100 times Did we argue that she persecuted Prosecuted president Trump to get into Office said it before that it was Improper that she was unethical all Those things 100 times was it covered no Just like her at the just like her going To the White House to visit I what I Want to ask is how they come up with These numbers and we'll get no longer Remain in today's Democratic party Tulsi Gabard say she is no longer a Democrat a Potential Tulsi gathered VP where we are Being told that we just have to comply And go along with whatever they say American people people uh are smarter Than this however we must remain Vigilant to recognize their propaganda For what it is pure life unfortunately We live in a time where free speech is Under attack whatever they say goes and We we have to just fall and the people Who suffered under your reign as Prosecutor you owe them an Apology taking on KLA Harris on a debate Stage before I would look forward to Doing that

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