WHEN LIFE IS HARD – Best Motivational Video

Success is how high you bounce when you hit bottom.

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Rich Wilkerson Jr

Elliot Hulse

Jody Urquhart

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Hi there welcome to my channel there is So many people who are depressed in Their life and trust me I know how it Feels somebody somewhere has been Through what you're going through it's Going through what you're going through It's going to go through what you go Through and you have to hold on to that Piece of Faith guys because too many Times we depend on happiness we want Happiness but a lot of times we are not Appreciating our life We are so good at focusing on what we Don't have and I get it sometimes we are Going through sickness that sucks we are Experiencing things that are unfair we Are like God why me And I just realized this with my life That doesn't serve you because I know The purpose is greater than the pain I Know the purpose is greater than the Coefficient I know the purpose is Greater than the lost but that's when Your faith is tested that's when your Faith is built and too many times the Reason why we are not happy because we Are dependent on what's happening in our Life to provide the happiness to our Life and if you live a life depending on Happiness I promise you you are going to Live a very depressed life you are going To leave a very up and down life you Have to learn how to create your joy you Have to learn how to create your

Happiness you have to know how to stop Comparing your life and start Appreciating your life Thank you Life is not always easy in fact some of You today are here and you're going Through the toughest season of your life You're going through real pain maybe it Is pain uh relationally maybe right now You are in a relationship problem maybe It's a loved one maybe it's kids that Are running from God and there's this Relational pain that others of you it Could be physical pain this is one of These kind of things that we don't like To talk too much about but man every Week I read our prayer request cards and You'll see people that are going through Real diseases like cancer that are Fighting for their life It's not so easy to be patient when You're fighting cancer others of you Maybe it's a financial problem right now That it doesn't matter what you do it Just doesn't seem like ends meet man You're having a hard time uh getting to That job and financial sufferings taking Place and you're going God wants me to Be patient in this maybe it's emotional Maybe you're going through an emotional Time you're going how on Earth will I be Patient in this [Music] You you get a little warm and you run

Away You know when you're your soul chooses The body that it's going to go on this Journey of life with It knows that there are certain Challenges that are going to help its Progression your soul chooses your body And chooses your parents and chooses the Experiences that are going to be Inherent in the circumstances of your Life and it knows that there are certain Challenges that you're going to face Based on how the Stars lined up based on Your genetic makeup based on the the Time and the place that you're born They're going to be certain challenges It knows this there's an innate part of You That knows this And it shows you because it knows that For its own Fulfillment free to become the strongest Version of yourself if you will That you've got to get through these Challenges they're they're put there Specifically for you Are you having a bad day remember it's Just a bad day it's not a bad life how Perspective you are stronger than you Think whatever is getting you down it Won't get you back up you have to grow Through what you go through when you're Tired rest don't quit not every day is Going to be good but there's something

Good in every day stop looking for Happiness in the place you lost it don't Tell yourself things won't get better They will they have before they will Again don't surrender to worry fear or Doubt they don't own you Transform your pain into your power Steer your day ask for what you want Take a break from the news today it's Too negative it's drowning you like life Yourself up when you feel like giving up Don't there are better days ahead don't Battle negative thoughts inside you just Appreciate [Music] The importance of learning to wait on God even in moments of real suffering Suppose the question is how will you Respond to suffering because I think There's a couple ways that we respond The first way that a lot of people Respond during seasons of suffering is They they kind of take on this attitude That I'm gonna fight through this You've met these people right let me Fight through this as long as I fight Through this I've got enough strength I've got enough willpower I can make it Through this but how many of you know That there's some problems that are too Big for you to fight on your own If it's not fighting a lot of people They go with this next option which is Fright

Have you met this before people they Come up to challenges or to pain or to Suffering and when they get there they Allow fear to overtake them Let me just tell you God has not given You a spirit of fear but rather he's Giving you a spirit of Love of a sound Mind he wants you to operate not in that Type of thinking but rather he wants you To trust in him you can't back down from Every challenge that comes your way I think the other way is is that if it's Not fight if it's not fright it's this Idea of flight that let me just get out Of here You know what the problem is with just Quitting and giving up is that Everywhere you go there you are Meaning if the first marriage didn't Work out your knee-jerk reaction is let Me get out of this marriage the next Marriage will be better guess what the Problem is you're gonna get to the next Marriage and there you are Every time you back away from any of These Challenges these circumstances these Failures there's no such thing as a Failure okay even if you fail and fail And fail if you get knocked in your face 10 times you're not a failure until you Quit You're a failure because you're not Choosing to play life now if you don't

Choose to play Life while you're here And you don't go through the challenges That are inherent in your soul Development you'll probably have come Back put yourself in Desperate Situations just so you can grow that's When you produce your greatest work That's when you become the strongest Version yourself if you have an easy Road towards becoming strongest version Of yourself trust me you haven't gotten Started [Music] Nothing happens by accident stress and Confusion will soon come to an end they Will be replaced by Clarity bad feelings Aren't punishing you they're preparing You forget the mistakes you've made but Remember the lessons when your attitude Is right you will Thrive you will Flourish take care of yourself be Relentless and only allow positive Energy to guide you today lessons are Repeated until they are learned You're down you need to lift yourself up You may be broke but you're not broken Be loyal to your future not your past no Amount of guilt can change the past no Amount of anxiety can alter the future But you have the chance to change your Day you can change your life great Things never come in your comfort zone You are learning something new today be Open remember everything you want

You already are believe in it negative Thoughts aren't helping They're corrupting your normal thoughts Positive thoughts will liberate you from Yourself [Music] At some point you can't just run from Everything and give up The response of faith God has called us To be faithful on this journey he's Called us to be patient in moments of Suffering of moments of real pain of Real heartache he doesn't want you to Give up but he wants you to trust in him He wants to do something awesome in your Life [Music] I want big problems to come my way now This sounds crazy and I've said it in Many videos in many different ways for Many years but I basically like like Sometimes I ask God like what's the next Challenge for me right what do you what Do you want to have happen to me so that I am forced to grow that's what life is About life is engaging in all of those Really difficult situations for your Growth because always on the other end Of that pain Is a stronger version of yourself that's Why that pain is there Foreign [Music] Foreign

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