Why 90% of Sales People Quit During Recessions

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In today’s video, Patrick Bet-David talks about how you can stand out as an entrepreneur, salesperson, or small business owner.

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If you're an entrepreneur small business Owner or salesperson today's video is For you last week I'm giving a keynote In La Granada Hills California to about Two 300 loan officers and Realtors and I Open it up with asking the question What's keeping you up at night one of The ladies on this side raises her hand And she says Pat my phone is no longer Ringing the way it was six to 12 months Ago and my answer to her shocked the Entire crowd but it's exactly what I Needed to hear so if you get value out Of today's video give it a thumbs up and Subscribe to the channel let me get Right into it today's sponsor is Aura What Aura does is protect you against Identity theft which today it is the Fastest growing crime in all of America Just last year 1.5 million Americans Experience identity theft for you know How much money ready not one billion not 5 billion not 10 billion 52 billion Dollars just last year every 14 seconds Somebody's identity is stolen which Means during this video four to five People's identity will be stolen and the Reason why this is important to me is I've been in the financial industry for A long time Insurance Finance we spend a Lot of money every year to protect Against cyber security attacks just a Fun fact one of our employees Aaron went On their website and he tested to see

How many times his identity had been Stolen his passport over 40 times on the Dark web you may want to find out how Many times your identity has been stolen So if you want to protect yourself from The fastest growing crime in America Visit aura.com forward slash value Timing to start your 14-day trial one More time Aura Aura.com forward slash valuetainment to Start your 14-day free trial with aura Try Aura free for two weeks to find that If any of your personal information or Your family's personal information has Been compromised I'm in La I asked this Question she says Pat my phone's no Longer rinking the moment she says that To me I went back to the 21 year old pbd Selling at Valley Total Fitness in Culver City visually I'm there I'm Sitting in a corner with a couple Thousand names of people that have come Into the gym before for me to call Francisco Davis is sitting here Dexter McClendon you know Danny Molino Joey Reyes Sylvia Reyes Ruben rimmer Lemo Watt Donna Barney I got everybody that I'm looking I knew I remember everything About this place one month I'm like how come no one's coming to buy A membership from me how come I'm not Getting any walk-ins how come I'm not Getting any telephone inquiries no one Was buying from me and I go to Cisco I

Said I don't think the sales thing's for Me he said listen you got to know one Thing here I said what's that he says no One's going to call you Because you're not big yet You're going to do a lot of calling Until people call you it says don't Worry about People calling you dial I told her I Said you don't have a people calling you Problem you have a dialing out problem The people that make it in sales no Matter what the economy is good bad and Ugly are the ones that if we were to Pull up their report on their phones And you see the report on their phones They call out more than people call in Do you know why because you control your Destiny I'm calling out I'm dying I'm Prospecting I'm calling how you doing John Mary what do you think about the Current economy what's keeping you up at Night what do you think about what's Going on with real estate did you see What John Powell did with the raids Another half a point went up how do you Process this what do you think about This I'm calling them let me tell you What I'm hearing from the experts here's What we know we don't know anything Anybody that tells you anything they Don't know anything whatever I tell you In regards to this I also don't know Anything all I can tell you is here's

What seven experts have said Buffett Said this this person said this Bloomberg said this B of A said the city Said this Goldman Sachs said this Morgan Stanley said this so the truth is Probably somewhere right there based on That here's what I suggest we do but I'm Calling here's the reality if I call and My competitors are probably not going to Call guess who wins I'm at Morgan Stanley Dean Witter 911 happens prior to That if you walked into Morgan Stanley Dean Withers Glendale often his ninth Floor I believe it was so loud Everyone's on the phone that said Looking sharp three-piece suit boom Calling talking 9 11 happened silence no One's calling silence the next day no One's calling the following day 9 13 no One's calling 9 14. no one was calling Anybody they were frightened until one Day they sat us down and they said hey Guys the guy in the corner frightened of The phone he says look here's two issues You got some of you are afraid customers Are calling in the stock Brokers were Not answering the phones they were Afraid to answer the phones because they Knew the client's gonna say I just lost Eight hundred thousand dollars I just Lost 300 000 I just lost 2.8 million Dollars what are we going to do with my Money they were so afraid but the people That made it long term were the ones

That made the calls and they said before You call me Johnny I wanted to be Proactive and I wanted to call you Here's what's going on the industry Right now most people are not answering Their calls by their clients and most People are not making the calls to their Clients I just want to tell you I'm in This business long term and I'm here to Call you and tell you what I think is Going on this is a scary site for a lot Of different people but we're going to Go through this together do you know What that phone say you got two people One makes that phone call the other one Doesn't make that phone call who do you Think is winning long term they got Making a phone call this is the season Of those who are proactive this is the Season of those who are building Relationship this is the season of those Who play offense and go talk to the Clients make the calls not waiting for Everybody to call them if you only DM if You only text if you only send emails Today that's the season of the cowards If you call or do Zoom or face to face That's the season of leaders and Everybody in the marketplace is going to Reward leaders in today's economy Especially In 2023 so if you Want to stand out In 2023 be proactive pick up the phone

Make the call Make the zoom and even better Go see them face to face they're going To respect your courage and they're Going to say babe there's one thing I Know about Johnny Larry Mary He or she's in Atlanta we're working With the right person fantastic glad to Hear while everybody else like Cockroaches disappears from the industry You become a leader that's all of a Sudden a person goes from making 120 per Year to 890 from a small business doing 1.8 million year to 7.2 in times like 2022 2023. having said that I got Another video I want you to watch Specifically if you're in real estate And Loans it's a video about seven Things you can do to stand out during This scary times in the real estate Industry if you've never seen a click Here to watch it if you got value from This video give it a thumbs up and Subscribe to the channel take care Everybody bye

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