“25% of Gay People Were Groomed” – Is LGBTQ a Religion or a Sexual Orientation?

In this short clip, Patrick Bet-David, Frank Rodriguez, Tom Ellsworth and Jedediah Bila discuss whether LGTBQ is a religion or a sexual orientation.

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Frank at what age did you know you were Gay Yeah so um I started thinking about you Know my sexuality probably around 10 Years old and um started talking to my Parents about it and going um down that Journey with him the most concerning Part is if I would have grown up in Today's society Um simply putting on my mom's shoes and Maybe playing around with her makeup Would have deemed me a girl and they Would have sent me to be medically Transitioned and I would no longer be Able to have kids right now so that's Why you see our community pushing back On this because I would have fell victim To this agenda in that video you said Your 31 year old gay man are you 31 or 32 31 31 okay so you're still 31 that's Great when's your birthday you're January oh so we got some time to go so You're gonna celebrate 31 for a minute So here's a question for you I asked it Before you came in and I was wondering What these guys would say Out of a hundred gay men specifically Gay you know how many of the gay men in America you think were born gay how many You think were Recruited baptized indoctrinated innated Into believing their gay or they just Had a really rough life Father Figure Was and there was a mess parents drugs

Whatever what percentage you think they Were born what percentage were like I May be I'm not getting the attention Let Me Maybe be gay what are your thoughts On that yeah so I remember reading a Study that said like the more older Brothers you have the more likelihood You are to be you know homosexual Um if I had to take a best guess I don't Have statistics on this I would say Probably 25 percent of the gay community Was you know sexually assaulted that put Them into this um Community I've seen um You know plenty of that happen and um Probably you know the rest is is the Grooming but a majority of people I Would feel like myself just come to the The being of you know I just I'm Attracted to the sex that I'm attracted To Um so I would say about 25 of his best Guest 20 25 was born no 25 would have Been groomed or you know had some sort Of negative life influence that would Have led them down and you think the Other seven 25 percent ears was born That way yeah like when we say born that Way I would I would argue that it would Be growing up in a generation or in a Journey that Um you didn't have like grooming Happening where it's like you must be Gay like it's happening now you know Throwing it like I believe you mentioned

In a podcast saying it to a child a Thousand times it's gonna you know right You know I'll send it to Adam yeah yeah And so I'm thinking you know 75 are just Simply have great parents and we're just Embraced of who they were and grew up to Be a gay person Can you can you did you see the Bill Maher episode where he talked about what Percentage of different Generations Were Gay did you ever see that clip or no I Think it's doubled I think it went from Like one percent I gotta show this to You so here's here's what he does and he Says if you if you look at the silence Generation 0.8 of the silent generation born in the 40s is gay two point six percent of uh Boomers 4.2 percent of Gen X 10 and a Half percent of millennial 20.8 percent Of Jen uh what is that is that gen uh Z And then 41.6 I don't know if 41.6 is Jen uh Gen Y or gen C okay but but You're seeing the trend going up Obviously the joke for him was by 2080 We're all going to be gay that's kind of What Bill Moore was talking about but When you when you think about a Percentage growth like this all I think About is Is is it really 75 we we don't know I Mean no matter that's not a research That anybody is going to really be able To get right because if there's we all

Have a friend like hey when I was a kid I remember this one guy there were two Brothers and we knew from fourth grade They were this you know hey I remember When I was a kid you know this person Was I remember this girl that was we all Have a story where we look at and say Yeah that makes sense I'm not surprised And we grew up for like 22 years old did You know Johnny was well am I surprised I knew at eight years old this guy was Possibly going to be this I think the Concern that a lot of parents are having Bill Moore is not a parent this guy Chose to live a different life he's also Sitting there saying why are the Percentages of gays keep increasing the Way it does so so then the grooming Concept gets a little bit of credibility Maybe that is happening maybe maybe it Is becoming a religion to be part of the Lgbtq community because if that's the Case and if it's a religion what is Wrong with baptizing others what is Wrong with trying to convince you you Know whether you're gay or not whether You like men or not so that's the Argument where You know if if other religions are Baptized and people can I impose My Religion on you can I impose My Philosophy on you so you do you think They see it that way the groomers see it That way that I'm baptizing your kids

Just like the institution has been Baptized in us and to believe in we're Christians God exists all this other Stuff do you think they see it that way I think um when someone is grooming a Child you know to be a part of the LGBT Community I think they know exactly what They're doing you see a lot of uh people Especially on Tick Tock you know pushing This onto their children as if it's Something some sort of fad we use this This phrase called trans trending and It's because we see like in schools like In in Castro Valley Unified School District they paint it 10 foot uh Pride Flags on their floors in their Elementary schools if you're not putting Gay on a pedestal and popularizing it Um you know then I don't know what is so They're putting these this community as A on a pedestal and everyone wants to Strive for that in school and the Students are messaging us saying that They can't speak out they can't you know Tell people how they feel because They're in fear of judgment they're in Fear of violence and this is happening As young I get these messages from kids In elementary school that they're scared And so I would agree I would agree that Based on these numbers you can Definitely say Um you know grooming is happening at a Wide scale in our school systems and one

Of the things that my site or the woke Side will will push back on is people Are more accepting now people are able To be themselves now and come out of the Closet now and I would argue there is Absolutely no statistics to prove that But there are statistics showing that The more acceptance and the more we push It in our schools the more children are Going to identify that way and if we're Want to play dumb then we cannot Acknowledge that would you would you Tom In in uh jet I want to ask you guys as Parents would you would it bother you if They came out and they got a tax code Like Scientology and it becomes a Religion and it's no longer Um a gender you know where it's not a Gender that you're you're male female oh My God all these other pronouns that I Gotta remember no guess what it is Moving forward lgbtq is a religion we're Non-profit organization we have Preachers we have pastors and we baptize And yes we are converting we are doing It the same way Christians are doing it The same with Muslim are doing it the Same way Catholics are doing the same Way seven day you know Jehovah LDS is Doing it that's what we're doing we are Officially religion would that make you A little bit more comfortable knowing Their motive is now clear well it would Be transparent at least yeah I mean it's

A religion already we can all Acknowledge it is a religion I mean I Always say leftism is a religion Environmentalism these radical agenda These are religions but they they would Want never do that because part of What's Happening Here is you know Indoctrination there's a slyness to it There's a sneakiness to it there's a you Have to normalize The Grooming right in Order to indoctrinate you have to make It like no this is just a new way of Life where this is we're just being Accepting and kind before we were Bigoted and we were harassing people and Now we're just making everything this is What the new normal is and it's healthy They need it to look like that if it Becomes a religion then they're going to Open themselves to a lot of criticism There's going to be people that are Going to be able to say I opt not to be A part of that and just like someone Else can say not to be a part of Christianity or I opt not to be a part Of Judaism that would have to also be Accepted then that you make a choice and You're either going to be part of this Whole grooming system or you're not they Don't want that they want that to be the New normal whereby then everyone has to Adhere or where the Nable wear the label Of being a bigot that's the structure That needs to be in place for the

Grooming to be successful yeah you know I look at it and their goal is is not to Be separate and contrasted they don't Want that because if you say oh you're a Religion now you're a category now You're in a box you draw a box around That and that's not what the movement Wants because that's going to create Contrast that's going to create Separatism oh Jewish people are like This Muslim people like this and this Group over here is like this that's not What they want exactly what she said They want normalcy more importantly this Is just noise what's going on deeper Underneath is a socialist Marxist Trend To split children away from their Parents not on any particular sexual Theme but for the state to control Thought and the state to kind of Indoctrinate kids and that's really what The big root of the tree is and all We're seeing on this is is kind of noise But if they were to just you know it is Religion and she's correct it's an ideal Uh I do understand what I'm I want you To think about the question I'm asking Yeah just hear me out the question I'm Asking what if they flat out came and They said they are a religion okay and You know here's what we believe in we Want to baptize you in the name of the Lesbians the gays the you know whatever The LGBT you know this is what we do and

We think this is a way of life You know then you and I can sit there Because somebody somebody can argue and Say what's wrong with what we're doing You guys are doing that okay when your Kids go to Christian Schools don't you Ask them to read the Bible and do this Isn't that a form of shaping their Mindset isn't that what you're doing Again their argument I'm just thinking About what they're argument with the Club would be very small though because Most people don't want this what happens Is the kids go to these schools they're Groomed they're indoctrinated now those Kids are being changed and transformed Without even realizing it so they need People to be in a system where they Don't realize what's happening to them And it's stealthy and it's Sly and then All of a sudden they're part of the club And everyone has to accept it if it was Something that you that you had to join And actually actively understand what it Was how many parents do you think would Really want their kids to be part of That religion there would be almost no One parents are being dragged into this Because they don't have a choice because Kids go to school all of this happens Without parental consent and before they Know it they're being puppeteered so Without the puppeteering the whole System breaks down and that club would

Actually be it would consist of you know A lot of crazy people and some hard Leftists and it would be very small and It would be isolated they can't have it Be isolated it needs to be media Endorsed it needs to be Hollywood Endorsed it needs to take over Society At large or they're not happy Yeah to answer your question directly it Would at least be intellectually Straightforward and transparent and they Would say okay this is us this is our Box this is where we are but what they Would find what you will find in there Is you would find and maybe there's a Question back for you you would find a Huge percent of people that identify as As gay or lesbian of being equally Concerned you know about their about the The reflection back on them so the more Separate that the the as you would say The religion or the cult of grooming Becomes the more isolate it becomes even From the mainstream you know gay and Lesbian Families and citizens I I would say like the biggest Distinction when you want to like Compare it to like a religion Um you know for the aspect of grooming You're removing those parents from to Groom that child so in this case you Would be removing the parents to groom Them in under this new religion and so

That is a big big red flag for me and I Think that that's absolutely disgusting Because when you take someone when you Take a child like your child to a church Any church of any denomination you were Grooming that child because that is your Child you make that decision as the Parent that is your child but when my Community removes you as a parent and Wants to indoctrinate that child into This religion now you're a predator Frank go to any one of your guys so in The last seven eight years the seven Years the number one Pastor preacher That baptized the most people into the Religion of Christianity 210 million People is Billy Graham okay and the last 15 years one would say it's Joel Osteen He does it at the old Rockets you know Houston Rockets Arena and 80 000 people Come per weekend and he is the current Modern day who is the Billy Graham or The Joel Osteen of the lgbtq community Baptized into most people right now I would say RuPaul You think RuPaul yes his show that he Puts on is hypersexualized it's put on Mainstream TV and they even spoke about Grooming in their most recent uh season Children see this on TV and granted the Things that happen on TV are not going To be as sexual as what you see in Person but that is the gateway to want To explore this industry now when a

Child goes to a place like RuPaul's Drag Con that attracts thousands of people You see children on stage performing for Adults in ways that are very Inappropriate and the only place that That behavior is okay is in platforms And places like what the LGBT community Puts up and if you take a child to a Straight bar and allow them to do these Things it's all of a sudden that's wrong But because you paint Pride flags on the Walls and celebrate sexuality it's now All of a sudden okay who else would you Put on that list outside of RuPaul Um would you put this Jeremy Marsh guy Up there on Tick Tock what he's doing You know what I'm talking about yes Player yeah can you play this one here Real quick I mean this sounds very appropriate the Way he talks just listen to this Obviously sarcastic Hi it's good for children to see lgbtq Lives your parents screwed up If you need a family You can come hang out with me Very appropriate I mean just sounds like A sweetheart of a guy right very creepy Yeah that's what I'm saying but the Whole tone but but the question I'm Asking is you know this is purely Baptism this is nothing more than Baptist this is nothing more than you Know what some of these Cults would

Recruit people over who were some of the Bigger cult leaders that we read about That you know have done documentaries or Movies about right there's a bunch of Them the model works you know you pin Them against parents you you know create An enemy it's not fair you make them Feel welcome you make them feel loved They go to a place they're accepted They're a little bit weird and hey come And be part of our group it is a form of Baptism this is why I think it's a it's Becoming a religion this is not a gender Argument this is purely a religion and They feel their approach right now They're about obviously if you look at Statistically You got to give them credit they're Winning because statistically they're Baptizing a higher percentage of Generation to generation to generation And they're winning so you guys want to Fight against that right what is your Approach to fight against that yeah so Um a lot of people don't hear from you Know our side of the gay community and There are a lot of people on our side That do not agree with this the moment You such as like this gender ideology The moment you say a man is however you Want to identify or a woman is however You want to identify you just eliminated Gays and lesbians that's my whole Sexuality I'm attracted to men not

Someone that identifies as a man and not Someone with a prostate I'm attracted to Men and the moment you change that now You're now I'm no longer here so that's Why a majority of our community Especially on our website that we Mentioned an overwhelming amount of the LGBT community is not okay with what is Happening now with this gender ideology So what we do is we go to school boards And we touch we'd let them know like Ways that they can actually help our Community in ways that they can actually Get involved in a positive way and keep The parents there okay let me ask you a Question on that and I'm going to ask You for an estimate here when we look at Any political party look at the right Wing or left wing so I'm not picking any People will say well there's the core You know Republicans on the right and Then there's this weird Fringe and then Even core Democrats will say well you Know I'm a core Democrat I'm not out There with um AOC I'm not out there with Bernie I'm core right what percent would You say when you just said my community Thinks like you and what percent is this Vocal You know um I want to say Fringe but This vocal group what percent would you Say that is that if you got everybody in The room had a secret ballot how many People that are living gay lesbian lives

Families of their own would say they're With you and what but maybe very nervous About saying anything and what percent Is this vocal vocal group yeah so I Would argue 60 to 70 percent do not Agree with this gender ideology we get Tons of support silently from the LGBT Community and it is because of the Violence that we face every single day Um you know I've had things show up at My door I've had people come to my door And so that alone everything that we Have gone through everything that I have Gone through is enough to get me off of This this journey and say you know what I'm too scared this is this is going to Affect my life this is going to affect My mother's life and my parents life and It has and I tell my family all the time This is a journey that I will I will Happily die on this hill for and lose Everything for because this is my Community I would have fell victim to This so stick sixty percent seventy Percent of my community does not support This and that's why gays against rumors Is so important because we're actually Providing that voice that no one has Heard before just one quick you talked About RuPaul Um I just want to add to that first of All and this guy Jeffrey Marsh is insane Dylan Mulvaney Um is a very key influence particularly

With young people all over Tick Tock so I mean there was just recently a video That came out of him wanting acting like A little girl I mean so and I'm curious When we talk about this from your Perspective you talked about you know Mental illness and not having access to The help you need how much of what's Going on now here with what you see you Know 15 genders plus you know the Pronouns everywhere what are very Clearly grown men that are acting in Very strange ways creepy videos being Targeted toward kids how much of this That's going on now is undiagnosed Mental illness that people are afraid to Call mental illness because they're Afraid of being labeled to bigot or Whatnot and now this is being normalized And infiltrating a movement that really Started when it came to the gay rights Movement as just Live and Let Live You know that's a very good question Um and I'm in a very good spot to be Able to answer something like this and Before I do I just want to I want to let Her know that this comes from love for My community it does not come from hate I know you know leading up to the show People wanted to say that we're just a Far right you know platform pushing Far-right ideologies but this is a Concern I would say that a majority of It is I go down into the lion's den of

The groomer capital of the world in California and I speak to these people And a majority of people in my opinion Are suffering from something and just to Me I overwhelmingly just want to give Them a hug because it's like you guys Are pushing so hard for things that Don't make sense Why this doesn't this doesn't all add up And so I would I would argue a majority Of it is and it's it's really Unfortunate because they paint us as Being these hateful people when we're Really just trying to get them the help That they need so they can live a happy Life so if you like this clip and you Want to watch another one click right Here and if you want to watch the entire Podcast click right here

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