Uber’s Marketing Secrets 🤫 #shorts

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There's a wonderful model by David Rock A neuroscientist called the scarf models Stands for status certainty autonomy Relatedness and fairness and there are Five things which matter hugely to Humans on an emotional level but which Economics doesn't understand and which We can't really quantify and I always Joke that the Uber map also has a small Status Dimension which is that I like to Time my departure from the building onto The sidewalk to coincide exactly with The card drawing up because it makes me Feel like Kaiser Soze at the end of The Usual Suspects it makes you feel like Louis XIV walking out of a building and Having a car draw up feels really cool Standing in the rain going I wonder Which of these is my car or maybe none Of them right so there are other details And I think there's a little bit of Affiliate when you just get out of the Car without having to do any Transactions thanks very much feels like A chauffeur rather than a taxi foreign

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